Ametrine: 25 Best Uses and Benefits of Natural Ametrine Crystal

Ametrine 25 Best Uses and Benefits of Natural Ametrine Crystal

Ametrine is a combination of both Citrine & Amethyst containing properties of both crystals. Ametrine abrupt color transition reflects a slight fluctuation in temperature & pressure during its formation.

It is fast and effective in its action. It brings clarity, harmonizing, perception, and action. Ametrine easily finds out from Brazil, Bolivia and South America, and Uruguay.

If you wear or mimic the healing stone Ametrine’s energy with the help of VIBBES KADA then it gives many health-related and other benefits. Let’s check some of them here…

Benefits of Healing Stone Ametrine

  1. It strengthens concentration to make you more creative.
  2. It enhances compatibility and acceptance towards others.
  3. Ametrine supports taking control of one’s own life by accepting their own hindrance and then creating a new dimension with that.
  4. Healing stone Ametrine helps to attract wealth and prosperity with ease as it helps to eradicate all fears which stop one to take action for achieving goals & dreams. Healing Stone Diamond also helps to increase wealth.
  5. The Stone Ametrine helps to connect with our higher self, even helps to reach in a meditative state easily.
  6. It also helps to release negative programming from the subconscious mind.
  7. Ametrine helps to release blockages from the Solar Plexus Chakra, Crown Chakra, and Third Eye chakra and makes them perfectly balanced. Must know that Solar Plexus Chakras help to take action and make you fearless. Third Eye Chakra can increase imagination and intuitions. Whereas the Crown Chakra helps to get more blessings and increase spirituality. The Stone Abalone is also good to release fears.
  8. One can place Ametrine on the respective chakra with intention of cleansing that particular chakra along with balancing that very chakra. If you are a VIBBES KADA (VK) user then you can place your VK on the chakra and do the same process.
  9. It helps to live a stress-free life.
  10. It also helps with insomnia thus inducing deep sleep.
  11. Gemstone Ametrine works on the deepest level, either physically or emotionally, helps to take out toxins from one’s body.
  12. It regenerates the physical body and strengthens the immune system.
  13. It can heal chronic fatigue syndrome, burning sensation, gastric issues, ulcers, tension, headache, and many other stress-related issues.
  14. This healing stone helps to release all negative energy from our aura.
  15. Ametrine also helps to heal a wound faster and receive positive energy more.
  16. It helps to blend masculine/feminine energy, yin/yang, and sun/moon in one’s energy system as citrine is masculine and Amethyst is feminine.
  17. This stone is very beneficial stone for sexuality.
  18. It is good for infertility too.
  19. This gemstone also helps to balance a personal or professional relationship.
  20. It is a good healing stone to balance between spirituality and daily life chores.
  21. Those who wish to do astral travel use Ametrine.
  22. It is a good stone to relieve physical attacks.
  23. You can easily place it under the bed for better results.
  24. It brings mental clarity to work more calmly.
  25. It also harmonizes mental perception and action.

Uses Benefits Natural Ametrine Crystal

Some Experiences with Ametrine Healing Stone

Experience 1: One family visited me with a lot of issues, almost in every sphere of life they were facing obstacles and life is not moving ahead. After an hour or so long conversation comes to the conclusion that the husband has a lot of old patterns.

Which unknowingly creates obstacles in his own life. So to this male, I suggested Ametrine and within a short period of time, he started feeling better and relaxed. In a few months, things were going on track for them. Now, this couple is staying happily with 2 kids.

Experience 2: One more experience, a 14-15 years old boy suffering from a lot of issues in school and at home with his parents. Actually, he himself was going through a lot inside so couldn’t understand what is wrong and right. I suggested Ametrine, though it’s not recommended for kids, But in this case, a requirement was more. Within some time, he was absolutely fine.

It is good to use Ametrine whenever you are a need.