What are Benker Grid Cubes & Water Veins with an Experiment by Sharat Sir

What are Benker Grid Cubes Water Veins with an Experiment by Sharat Sir

Most of the people get into a new house or business premises, just checking some directional and Feng Shui compliance. But there is something more to it.

There are some Natural energies from Earth which arise in the form of radiations as well as water bodies.

Let’s know about two such variables that affect a home or a workplace.


Named after Anton Benker, it is a spatial system with rows and columns of cubes with all sides measuring 10 meters so-referred to as the 10 METER SYSTEM or the Benker Cubical System.

Each cube is electrically charged and the polarity changes in every cube. It has alternating positive and negatively charged rows and columns. A positively charged cube supports or encourages life processes, but may have an opposite effect with excessive exposure. Similarly, negatively charged cubes generally have a calming effect, but can also extract energy from the body with excessive exposure.

A Benker’s Cube is also believed to attract negative energies which are toxic.BENKER’s GRIDS/CUBES Effects

When people stay for a longer time in the positively charged spaces of Benker’s Cubes, it can affect their health to cause overstimulation, inflammation, nervousness, and general restlessness.

When people stay for a longer time in the negatively charged spaces of Benker’s Cubes, it can affect their health to suck out the energy out of their body and result in a weakly functioning body. It may also result in a lowering of immune system’s defense mechanism attracting more illness.

Anton’s experiments on Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis patients revealed a connection with Benker’s grid.

The Benker grid does not immediately emit harmful radiation, but when there are lengthy stays near Benker lines or even shorter stays at points where grid lines cross faults or water veins and other grids, the effect is more intense and harmful. Benker Grid Cubes Water Veins


These are water bodies running underground between the layers of rocks. Their sizes vary in number and in width from place to place. Water veins are believed to provide good health and energy in small doses.

If it runs in excess, below a home or a habitat, it’s detrimental to all living beings. It can cause spiral growth and proliferation in trees, scoliosis, and cancer in humans.

At the intersection point, the effect of the water veins on the Earth’s surface highly increases. The human skeleton system may get affected manifesting in spinal problems, headaches, migraine, bad dreams, feeling drained of energy in the morning progressing to depression, cancer, kidney and lung disorders, circulatory diseases, infertility, or miscarriages.

If there is a Water vein running even a few hundred meters away from a building, there may be a connected stream below the constructed building. In either way, it may cause moisture attack in homes spoiling eatables in a home at a faster rate than it would be expected to.

Foods such as biscuits and baked, fried or dry snacks may get soggy even if it is packed in moisture-resistant containers, salt and sugar packets may turn watery in spite of storing them well. There may be moisture cracking of paints on the walls, growth of moss or plants inside the building structures. And this becomes worst in rainy seasons.Water Veins system effects


A lady contacted us saying that nothing at her home stays fresh or crisp. This was in a few weeks of shifting in her new home. The sugar packets became watery in spite of storing well. The salt was getting moist in spite of taking care to close the lid well after every use.

She used to get biscuits and dry snacks items in bulk and store them well. When biscuits were served to the guests, it was an embarrassing situation for the family as no one liked to eat soft or soggy biscuits, even when the packet was just opened.

The floor seemed wet in the month of Sep 2017, even though it was striking hot outside.

Water Veins effects litairianShe was also fond of gardening. The plants in pots kept in the flowerbed area (which she shifted from the old house) died within 2 weeks of shifting into the new home. She thought is there something related to too much sunlight exposure to the plants?

She was sending GOLDEN SUNRISE to the plants with VK every day even to the empty pots. After 3 months she saw a small green shoot coming up.

Her place became a part of the experiments by Sharat Sir and resulted in a new invention by Sir.

Sir asked her few questions and it was revealed that she was staying near a water creek, which was around 500 meters from her place. And from old sources, it was inferred that this creek would be even flowing beneath the building structure where she stayed.

Sharat Sir checked the energy of the house, there were electromagnetic radiation effects from Earth which pierced her home from the flower bed area.

Sir started the experiments by the sending of specific powerful energies to her home. She got new packets of salt, sugar, biscuits to test if there is a change. After a few weeks, the salt remained as it was bought from the market, the sugar remained solid, the biscuits retained its crispness for a longer time. The floor was getting normal.

The plant showed fast growth. She planted new plants of Tulsi and Aloe Vera, all started growing well.

So friends what do you think about this article and real-life experiment by Sharat Sir and Sharat Sir’s new invention taking care of Geopathic stress in just a few days and significant changes in a few weeks !!!

GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts Sharat Sir changing homes without the need to change anything in the home !!!

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  1. Amazing is not the word to describe your article about Sharat Sir’s invention. Kudos to all his efforts. Waiting with bated breath for the day this invention would be launched. Thanks so much Rakhi for this very comprehensive and informative article.

    • Thank you Anitaji

      Sharat Sirs new invention is beyond words for expressions. Attempted to put few of the points under his guidance and experiences during the experiments !!

      Thanks to Sharat Sir for this opportunity !!

  2. WOW!!!! This is sooo exciting to hear!! I so can sense the awesome energy coming from this information !!! I can’t wait to learn more and see this new invention as well!! Thank you for sharing the information Rakhi and Thank you Sharat Sir for all that you do!!!

  3. Golden Sunrise,
    Wow & Thanks to Sharat Sir for his new invention.
    I was eagerly waiting for this time. Let us know more about this new invention.

    Thanks Rakhi ji, you were also part of that experiment.

      Thank you for your thanks. Sharat Sirs new invention is indeed a WOW invention.

      Blessed to be part of the journey of Divine mission.
      I say thanks to Sir , but its beyond words to express what we receive in this journey with him.

      GOLDEN SUNRISE to all his efforts in changing lives. The countdown has begin for launch of Sir’s mind blowing 2nd invention.


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