Why We Tend To Lose Faith In Universe & Think All Blessings Are Fake

Have Faith in the Universe and be a master when you ask the Universe.
Have Faith in the Universe and know what are you asking for.

This is a real mystery that what you ask you don’t realize. Realization occurs when you see the manifestation in front of you. Then if the outcome is not in your favor you blame the Universe and lose your faith in the Universe.

Yes! Of course, you don’t realize what you are asking for, as you ask for a loving relationship but with a particular person, what if that person is not capable of performing well as you want.

They might have other perceptions and understanding of care love and support, you might want them to care for you as a friend but they might give you more freedom to live life your way, which can make you think that they don’t care for you.

Their knowledge, circumstances, and situation might be different than what you had, so that logical difference is always there.

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Do you think anyone is at fault?

No, it is simple that you need to understand what you are asking for. Are you asking for that particular person or for that love, care, and support you need in your way?

What happens when you don’t realize what you are asking for, you tend to lose faith in Universe and you consider all blessings are fake. You stop feeling that you deserve that happiness and start complaining, which in turn creates illness and a negative impact on your life.

The simple thing was your inability and lack of awareness about asking in the correct manner. Before asking just be clear about your desire to be as specific as possible. You desire many positive things in various areas of life like in a job you wish for a certain position, which you are an expert in, at a certain place, say…

Anywhere near your friend’s office with a handful of salary…

Where is your belief system says that this particular job which you seek will give you a little less salary. But in mind, you wish your job at a place near your home with a handsome income.

Why We Lose Faith In Universe (Think All Blessings Are Fake)What do you think Universe will deliver?

Is your focus mostly on the workplace near home or that great amount of salary? 

Your limited belief system or your friend’s office nearby.

Suppose you want to lose some weight, you plan to start the workout and a little diet. Fill yourself up with full enthusiasm for completing the process, in two days… Max three days all goes well, the fourth day you find weight loss pills and you switch to those, 7th day some friend comes over and suggests you about the diet of some particular person who had given great results to your friend, again…You switch to that dietician. 10th day you fail again to follow the diet and stop all things at all related to weight loss, thinking that nothing works and lose faith in the Universe.

You end up eating and no exercise at all. 

Now understand who was at fault, your thousand wrong efforts for one goal, or what Universe has delivered you. 

If you stick to one way and know exactly what to do, Universe delivers you your wish for sure and that fair practice increases your faith in the Universe.

Don’t Blame! Just Ask With The Right Wisdom


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