Few Experiences of Golden Sunrise: Start A New Beginning

ew Experiences of Golden Sunrise Start A New Beginning

In December 2016, when I was exploring master switch words, I came across Litairian.com and the most attention-catching was “GOLDEN SUNRISE”. After going through a couple of articles and testimonies, I started feeling connected with GOLDEN SUNRISE.

I would chant GOLDEN SUNRISE frequently until I received Divine VK which became my guide through Sharat Sir. However, still, somewhere inside me I felt that GOLDEN SUNRISE has immense energy which is yet to be tapped. That is when I felt to share it with my near and dear ones!!!

Here I am sharing some Wonderful Experience of GOLDEN SUNRISE

Experience of my Sister-in-law (SIL): My SIL moved to Germany with 4 years old kid in Dec 2016. It was the first time to post her marriage that she moved out. She had a real-time issue with managing household chores along with managing her kid.

We were living in a joint family and it was easily manageable but after she moved, day by day things were getting frustrated for her. This frustration was taken out on her husband and kid, which created a tense environment. Her nature was not of that kind, whereas she was “happy go lucky” and moved on very easily.

Then I suggested her to write “GOLDEN SUNRISE RAINBOW JOY” which was mentioned in Litairian.com for instance happiness. The first thing she noticed was her disturbed mind was getting to settle.

As she started writing from day one itself and as days passed, her original nature (Happy Go Lucky) started to restore. Her relationship with her husband and kid started becoming happier. She has almost completed 4 books of 60 pages writing.

I also shared a GOLDEN SUNRISE image which is energized by Sharat Sir. After placing the image in their bedroom, their usual quarrel which used to often happen in their bedroom began to reduce and now they are planning to place in living and kid’s bedroom.

Experience of my mother: My parents had planned for the Char Dham trip of 15 days. It was the first time, my mother was going for a 15 days trip and that too through a travel agent. She was really paranoid about the trip due to some reasons.

Just a couple of years back she went through multiple operations and she is very specific about washrooms and food. Above all, she doubts whether her health will support the entire trip or not. So, I suggested her to write “GOLDEN SUNRISE REACH NOW” based on reading from Litairian.com and with the intention for good health and stamina.

It was 45-60 days prior to her trip, she started to write which encouraged her for regular walks and a healthy diet. It uplifted her confidence and started to feel more positive and excited about the trip.

Finally, the day came and she completed the entire trip with lots of enthusiasm. Not even one day on phone she mentioned that it was tiring or health was not good.

It was really surprising for us, as earlier after a journey of 4-5 hours in the car, she used to feel exhausted. But this time, most of the journey was through the bus and only a few hours’ sleep in hotels.

Moreover, the travel agent’s service was truly awesome and especially the meals provided by them which my mother was more concerned about. Overall, it was a great journey of her life which would be truly cherished.

Golden Sunrise Synonyms Divine Energy ExperiencesExperience of my cousin’s sister: My cousin’s sister’s marriage was planned and she was really excited about it. Due to marriage arrangements, she had often taken the vacation from her office and there was a chance of reliving her. As the marriage date was near, her prospective fiancé became arrogant and verbally abusive which caused a concern for her future.

Since it was already officially announced to all the family members, she was hesitating to open up. But a couple of days prior to her marriage, she took a firm decision to call it off. Everyone was sad and to avoid any further conflict, she was taken to her native for a few days. Her PAN and Marks cards were held-up in the prospective fiancé’s place and also, she was relieved from her office due to uninformed absences.

One side, she was completely broken due to marriage being called-off and another side, her job was gone plus her crucial documents were held up. Through my mother, I suggested her to write “GOLDEN SUNRISE RAINBOW JOY”. Since it was important for her to come out of the heartbreak, she started writing regularly.

Within 15 days of writing, she started feeling better and was feeling good about her decision. As days passed, the groom’s mother voluntarily returned back PAN and Marks card, which were very much required for her to attend interviews in other places. Meanwhile, she got a call back from her previous company’s manager for the same job opportunity. Within a span of 3 months, everything got back to normal in her life.

A most depressing incident happened that her prospective fiancé met with an accident and lost his life. So, she and her family got a sign of relief thinking about what would have happened in-case she got married. She still continues to write “GOLDEN SUNRISE RAINBOW JOY” and things around her seem to be very smooth.

Experience of my cousin brother: My cousin’s brother was brought up by a single parent (father) and his father expired a couple of years ago. From that time onwards, his life had become miserable. He did not have a permanent job and hardly any support from his relatives.

Also, he is aged around 35 years and yet to get married because of no permanent job. He had approached many astrologers for relief but it was of no avail. After reading about “GOLDEN SUNRISE REACH NOW” in Litairian.com for the job opportunity, I asked my mother to advise him to write regularly.

As he started writing, the first thing which everyone was concerned about him started to change. He was very confused in life about the field of job, since he was doing all kinds of jobs for his living.

He was done a diploma in electrical engineering, so he decided to stay in this career path. He also got a call from his previous company which he left 2-3 years back and that job was related to his education.

It’s been six months, he has a permanent job. His company is sponsoring multiple pieces of training which would help him grow up soon in his career. We are waiting for the next good news, that is his marriage for which everyone is in search now.

Experience of GOLDEN SUNRISE Image: I wanted to place the above image in our residence for health and prosperity. So, I placed the order to get it done with glass but it did not happen for some reason.

Then, I planned to get it printed on the A3 sheet. When I took the print out, it was not so clear. Still, I did not hesitate and took two sheets of print out and placed on the first and second floors.

While thinking for a good print for the ground floor, I noticed a considerable difference. Whenever we were on the first/second floor, there was some kind-of calmness in our mind but on the ground floor, the situation was different.

Even if we have a fight and go to the first or second floor, our minds will start to settle down. We start thinking clearly what went wrong instead of who was wrong. So, now I am actually planning to get it down in the glass and place it on the ground floor for overall calmness around the house.

A big thanks to Sharat Sir and his wonderful team for guiding us in our day to day life. Sharat Sir’s selfless service to everyone is truly amazing. GOLDEN SUNRISE has such immense divine energy. Still, it has been provided to us by Sharat Sir at free of cost during the time when most people try to make money out of every possible solution.

Blessed are we to have such a Divine Soul in our life and ever ready to guide and help us in every possible way. All the above credits from my near and dear ones belong to Sharat Sir for his divine service. Must check this GOLDEN SUNRISE SWITCHWORD MANTRA CHANTING MEDITATION BY SHARAT SIR & DJ KIMOZAVE.