How to Choose Make & Find Right Powerful Personal Switch Words for You

How to Choose Make Find Right Powerful Personal Switch Words for You
In this article, I am going to teach you how to choose a personal switch word. After using this way, you will understand and be able to create your switch word because it is effortless to find switch words that suit you best. Here are a few steps:

Know What You Desire

Knowing your desire means you must be clear about what you want to achieve. It can be money, relationship, getting married, going abroad for studies, re-location, visa application, winning a scholarship, etc.

Make A List 

Making a list of what you want would make it easy for you to sort out your life and goals. 

Choose Your Priority

You may have one or many goals and desires to achieve at one time, so you need to select your goals according to your priority. So, make a list and work on choosing the right switchword according to your priority.  

Clear Intention

Think clearly about your intention and goal. After a clear and detailed thought process, it will be easy for you to decide what you want in life. Either you want to change something or manifest someone in your life.

Now, Raise Your Energy

You feel happier, more relaxed, and lighter when your vibration is greater. When the energy rises, manifestation happens super fast and attracts more happiness. To raise your energy you can do the following things: 

Remember Happy Moments Of Past

You can look into your past and try to remember the time, date, or event when you were happy, felt joyful, and were in a positive mood. When you think about happy moments in the past, your energy rises.  

And, because it has already happened, you have no doubts in your mind. Thus making manifestation easy, quick, and doubt-free. Remember all and only good moments. It can be similar or any other event in the past in which you were happy.


Meditation is also a  way of raising your energy. Your nervous system will be calmed, your mood will be lifted, and you’ll feel more at ease as a result of meditation and attentive breathing. These are all high vibrational effects that will enhance your state of being. Read How To Make Meditation Successful


GOLDEN SUNRISE is a powerful switchword mantra that helps you to live your life happily, joyfully, and completely with abundance. 

Chant A Mantra

Chant any mantra of your choice. Any powerful positive mantra can raise your energy to attract love, money, and health and help you stay away from negative energy and people and raise your energy.

Practice Gratitude

One of the quickest ways to raise your vibration is through gratitude. Make being thankful a habit, and you’ll notice a change in your perspective as you begin to gain a sense of spiritual awareness and appreciation for the little things.


Forgive the past events which are painful, people who hurt, painful moments. Let go which is not serving good. Forgetting the past and forgiving people will help you feel light and powerful. Save your present energy for a better future. Hold the power of feeling happiness on your own, in your own way, and as you like.

Do What You Love To Do The Most

Witness a baby or a pet playing, cuddling, or laughing. Paint, sing, dance, love, sketch, drive, etc. Plan a trip, cuddle, play with a baby, or walk with a pet. 

Think Of The Person

  • Think of a person that is simple to adore and keep in your heart. Consider them to be seated in front of you and pay attention to your emotions.
  • Listen to the piece of music which you use to play when you were together. 
  • Wear the perfume which you once wore with them.
  • Have that drink that you once had with them on some outing or a get-together.
  • This can be any person. A close relative, a friend, a family member, a child, parents, or officials at your workplace.
  • Also, stay at a distance from the person who is pulling your energy out. Save your present energy.

Words That Raise Your Frequency 

You can also find the word which raised your energy system instantly in the past. For Example:

  • Maybe in the past, your spouse called you “Honey” and you blushed a lot then HONEY is your secret switch word to attract more similar moments in your life.
  • Maybe your mother called you your NickName “Angel” and you smiled a lot so your nickname ANGEL is your switch word to get Divine Blessings.
  • Sometimes your father motivated you by addressing you “My Einstein” then EINSTEIN is your switch word to accomplish any task with ease again.
  • Think of a time when your grandfather gave you a buck or coin and you felt like a billionaire, if this happened in your past then the name of your Grandfather is your switch word to attract more money NOW.
  • Maybe having a good time with your friends in school or college made you Giggle. So now GIGGLE can be your switch word if you are sad.

Food That Raises Your Frequency

Sometimes eating some particular food raises energy. Like ice cream or chocolate. If anytime in the past, eating a bar of chocolate pulled you out of a sad moment then CHOCOLATE can raise your energy and is your switch word now if you are sad.

Remember The Similar Events 

  • Remembering the past events which are similar to the future event which you want to manifest, also helps. How?
  • Perhaps your child always got good grades, so he came home shouting at the top of his voice to tell you the news. When he steps into financial growth, those emotions can raise/ switch his energy in creating a bright future again.
  • If you want to manifest a trip, remember the best trip you already had. Thinking of the past trip, the fun you had on that trip can raise your energy for the next trip also. For example, you danced, sang, traveled, etc. and the happiness you felt at that time can help you raise your energy now and manifest a new trip. 
  • Thinking about the people who were there on your last trip and the happiness you felt with them can help you manifest new events. 

Movies /Songs

  • Maybe you have watched a movie that is related to your dreams now. Watching that movie again can raise your energy now too.
  • Motivational, devotional songs/ videos can raise your energy to your desire.


VIBBES KADA – VK is my intention to raise the energy of a person with a simple request. You can raise your energy anytime, for anyone, for any task, to achieve any goal. It’s God’s gift to humanity through me to achieve any positive goal. As you raise your energy, you attract more good events and your life improves. 

Above, in this article, I have shared some ways to find your personal switch word. If you still aren’t able to find and select your personal switch word then take a look into the world’s biggest switch word list by (me) Sharat Sir. Choose a switch word from the list, use it, and get the results.


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