How to Choose Make & Find Right Powerful Personal Switch Words for You

How to Choose Make Find Right Powerful Personal Switch Words for You
In this article, I am going to teach you how to choose a personal switch word for you. After using this way, you understand and are able to create your own switch word because it is very easy to find switch words that suit you best. Here are a few steps:
  1. Know what you desire. First, you have to understand what you want in your life. 
  2. Make a list of them.
  3. Choose your priority out of your wish list.
  4. Decide what you want to change or manifest in your life.
  5. Now look into your past and try to remember the time, date, or event when you were happy, feeling joyful, and in a positive mood.
  6. Remember all and only good moments.
  7. It can be similar or any other event in the past in which you were happy.
  8. Find the word which changed your energy system instantly in the past For Example:
  • Maybe in the past, your spouse called you “Honey” and you blushed a lot then HONEY is your personal switch word to attract more and similar moments in your life.
  • Maybe your mother called you with your NickName “Angel” and you smiled a lot so your nickname ANGEL is your switch word to get Divine Blessings.
  • Sometimes your father motivated you by addressing you “My Einstein” then EINSTEIN is your switch word to accomplish any task with ease again.
  • Think of a time when your grandfather gave you a buck or coin and you felt like a billionaire, if this happened in your past then the name of your Grandfather is your switch word to attract more money NOW.
  • Maybe having a good time with your friends in school or college made you Giggle. So now GIGGLE can be your switch word if you are sad.
  • Sometimes eating chocolate pulled you out of your sad moment then CHOCOLATE is your switch word now if you are sad.
  • Maybe your child had always had good results in the past, he came home shouting at the top of his voice and excited to share his result. Now those emotions can switch your energy in creating his bright future again in life when he steps into financial growth.
  • Maybe you have watched a movie that is related to your dreams now. Watching that movie again can switch your energy now too.
  • Motivational songs/ videos too can switch your energy to your desire.

Above in this article, I have shared some ways to find your own personal switch word. If you still aren’t able to find your personal switch word then take a look into the world’s biggest switch word list by me. Choose a switch word from the list, use it and get the results.


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