How To Make Meditation Successful

How To Make Meditation Successful

When you begin to feel overwhelmed or your thoughts begin to run wild, take a few deep breaths. Meditation is one of the few activities that does not require any prior experience. There is only success. A promising trend among business executives who achieve remarkable success is meditation.

You know every meditation practice is different. Meditation doesn’t have to be this hard thing that you can only do once. You’ve read thousands of books and spent years studying religions but only meditation can change your overall life. Meditation can be a simple, easy process that you can do almost anywhere at any time, and it will still benefit you.

How to make meditation successful

  • Some people suggest a sattvic diet is very important to be successful in meditation but it is not essential.
  • Always avoid gossip, pessimistic social media, and negative talk about others.
  • Witness your emotions and thoughts without getting attached to them.
  • Try to accept everything without rejecting them, and let life flow via you, the more effortless flow always makes your life better.
  • Never compel your views, ideas, theories, and opinions on others. Be polite and humble.
  • Maintain the boldness to say YES and NO. Be yourself and no need to be a people pleaser.
  • Do service as per your strength. Try to help needy ones and bring smiles to their faces.
  • Never feel sad with criticism. Accept it and work on it.
  • Never be extra happy with compliments. Those who get extra happy by compliments are infallible to lose their calmness during complaints.

People engage with mistakes practically every day like hatred, lust, enviousness, getting angry, losing patience, etc. People committed the worst and most irreparable mistakes that have damaged them so deeply that they have to live with them for the rest of their life. They knew that it was a huge mistake before engaging with it but was visionless and powerless at that moment. They got so moved away by their emotions that they lost their insight into what is good and what is sinful.

All their tough actions to create their life more useful and more beautiful got rotten because of that visionless moment. Someone who is well-established in meditation, their understanding will never have such blind moments and commit such blunders. Meditation is like a best friend to guide you and a torch to show you the light. It will push you to fall in love with yourself and guide you on how lovely and fabulous you are.

Earlier people used to blame others for their imperfections, flaws, weaknesses, and imperfections. After meditation they got to know the reason behind their growth and downfall, everybody comes into their life to love them or to teach some beautiful lessons.

In the beginning, I believed I learned everything in spite of having very little knowledge. Meditation has assembled me to acknowledge that I know Zero! But this understanding of nothing and living empty has its own magnificence and pleasure.

The whole crisis in the globe is because we act as if know everything and we are engaged in correcting everyone. If everyone accepted the commitment of fixing just one person “themselves” and stop disturbing others and taking others as they are; the earth would be a delightful place and paradise.

andhaÌ tamaÕ praviÙanti ye'vidyÀmupÀsate,
tato bhÓya iva te tamo ya u vidyÀyÀÌ ratÀÕ.
Isa Upanishad- Para 9

Meaning: They who worship ignorance enter into darkness
They who worship knowledge alone enter into greater darkness.

Great Master Ramana Maharishi rightly said, “Illiteracy is ignorance, and education is learned ignorance”. Yoga Meditation needs to be an important part of our present curriculum for a bright and beautiful future.

Humans are born ignorant, not stupid. They are made stupid by education but they can be made smart by true knowledge.

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