Learn How to Create Powerful Energy Circles for Different Issues Part-2

How To Create Powerful Energy Circle For Different Issues Part-2

Creating Powerful Energy Circles

Energy Circles Case Study 3 For Example:

A friend of mine complained about an acute stomach ache, he was also suffering from constipation, he could not eat anything outside the home he was only eating boiled vegetables, he was very upset and spent a lot of money on finding out the real cause. No medical test was left out and no Hakeem or Baba was missed but the problem was not known. The other day he met me and we were talking about his problem I came to know it was just a simple mental blockage. Just repeating again and again that I have a constipated stomach, I have a stomach ache made him increase his problem from 0 to 100. He suffered from acute stomach aches for many years. He could not enjoy his family life his children started missing him, and he was not available even for the small events, small happy moments were missing a lot but a simple awareness could help him live his life with his children. But simple knowledge and use of Energy Circles (EC) made him fine very soon it just took him three months and he was perfectly fine. 

For my friend and person like him, we can add these energies to Energy Circles: 
  • Switch Words: CARE – SWIVEL – FIBAR – MOVE ON – CLEAR – OIL 
  • Colors: YELLOW – GREEN – RED 


  • I am healthy. 
  • I am free from the past. 
  • I let go of all the Unwanted. 
  • I deserve health and happiness. 
  • People see me as a strong person now. 
  • I eat only healthy food that benefits my body. 
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What are Switchwords and How to Use Them?

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You can also find all used switchword here in switchword list.

Energy Circle Case Study 4 For Example:

What happens when one child is preferred out of the two? When parents make some difference out of the two same-aged children. The child suffers. He can suffer up to an extent where he can start stealing, telling lies, and hiding things. Karan is one of those children who were not considered perfect by his own parents and family. His brother who was a little younger than him was a little smarter, handsome, talented, and all-rounder enough too to steal the show. Be it school or some family get-together, home front, or a social function, the younger brother Upen was a highlight of the show. All praised him, preferred him, and made him feel special because of his talents. Though Karan was not at all less than Upen somehow he was always left out of the group. He always took it as his destiny, and never complained about the difference being made between two brothers. Though he made positive efforts to stand in the group outside but inside he was carrying the pain.

The pain of being secluded for no reason, the pain of being left unacknowledged, the hurt of being not that same special to his parents as his brother was. He loved his younger brother despite all that was happening. He never complained even to his parents of the difference but inside the hurt looked out away. He started telling lies to gain acknowledgment, he started stealing things from school and class, he loved falling ill just to punish his parents and started hiding the medicines so that he never gets cured. He used to eat those things which were responsible for his illness. He never wanted to stay fine in his thoughts. They both grew up like this. Not at all the thought of rectifying the situation came up in his mind. But the problem occurred when all the past repeated itself when Karan’s daughter entered into the same situation. She started up with the same lies, started hiding things, steel stuff from school, love to fall ill, and avoids medicines. Eat the stuff which would help her fall ill.

It was heartbreaking NOW, now Karan was broken badly, and his and his family’s peace vanished when society, family, and friends started noticing and complaining about his daughter’s strange behavior. When all those outings started ending up with humiliation and complaints about his daughter. He wanted a solution. Now Karan wants the remedy. Now he wants his daughter to come out of all this. He could not see his past spoiling his daughter’s future for no reason. Simple awareness and a decision of rectifying the situation NOW turned the tables for Karan. 

For Karan’s daughter and a person like her, we can add these energies to Energy Circle: 
  • Switch Words: DIVINE PERFECT DNA – LEARN – CARE   
  • Colors: YELLOW – BLUE – GOLDEN


  • I am unique. 
  • I deserve the best.
  • All is well in my world. 
  • I am a very special person.
  • I respect myself and others. 

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