Learn How To Create Powerful Energy Circle For Different Issues Part-5

Learn How To Create Powerful Energy Circle For Different Issues Part-5

Creating a Powerful Energy Circle

Case Study 9 For Example:

Some people get into a habit of complaining. They have to complain about any given good or bad situation. Though there have been some situations for him to be like this but after being aware of good and bad this habit could have been stopped. But the choice of complaints, again and again, slipped Rashel into trouble now. Her complaining attitude was not liked by anyone now. She was losing friends and her own self-esteem. She was unable to decide whom and where and what to the complaint. Good and bad both situations were getting mixed up for her. This all was due to her false assumptions of the situations around her.

If a friend was busy, she would think that she was avoiding it, if her lover didn’t say that he loved her, she would think that he doesn’t love her anymore. If her children were playing and making noise she would think that they are fighting. If her dad didn’t call her she would think him to be sad. Silly assumptions before knowing the reality. Where instead she should confirm the reality with the concerned person before feeling bad about her false assumptions. This was making her fall ill too; her health was getting disturbed now. She really needed to be given healing now. The following treatment helped her build her self-confidence and choose the right decision for any situation and people around her. 

For Rashel and person like her we can add these energies in the Energy Circle:
  • Switch Words: GOLDEN SUNRISE – EASE – NOW
  • Colors: VIOLET – GREEN – PINK 


  • I am Divine.
  • I love all unconditionally. 
  • I am filled with only positive thoughts.
  • I am supported by the universe at every step. 
  • I respect others and respect comes back to me in manifolds. 

You can read more about EC’s do’s & don’t here in this #switchword energy circle article.

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Case Study 10 For Example:

Peter was a little naughty boy. His mischievous behavior was increasing day by day. This behavior was becoming a pressure on parents. People started complaining about where ever they went. Knowing that Peter was naughty, his parents could not help being humiliated. It was taking a toll on parents. There is a common solution for such children, they are sent to the hostel.  Like any other parents, they also chose an option to help Peter.

Parents thought of putting him in a hostel thinking that it might help him to be a humble and calm child. After spending long time of 8 years in a hostel, Peter turned out to be a disciplined child. His discipline was now the reason for his parents to change according to him. His disciplined attitude made his parents change their whole way of living and their lifestyle was now topsy turvy.

Getting up in the morning by the clock was a must. Breakfast at a fixed time, lunch had a special fixed menu. And dinner had a special fixed prayer. Not only parents, but siblings also had to be punctual and disciplined. They could not shout or play like a normal child in the house now. Jumping and dancing in the home was a big NO now. All these and much more were the changes in the home.

Earlier parents were fine with the discipline and regularity of all the home tasks, but even this was disturbing them now. But as he grew up and was eligible to get married. They thought of getting him a life partner so that she might make a difference in his disciplined life and bring him some happiness and joy in living normally. 

Again a failure, the wife was more suffering than parents, she had to be very regular in her daily tasks, the almirahs had to be updated with ironed clothes and all piles of files had to be counted and lined up. She had to pack one glass per person in a different bag if they had to go for an outing. She was not allowed to take disposable utensils. The hand wash after and before any work was a phiniki act. But Rags had to do so.

She was forced to wash each and everything with Peter’s permission. His ways of rules, his set of actions were quite suffocating. But years kept passing and passing and now comes his son to get married. He was quite sensible and aware of the fact that his dad was like this. He had a firm decision not to let his wife get into this situation. Where his father would decide where he would work, party, enjoy, or live. He was very clear about the situation and had two decisions in his hand. One was to leave the family and move to another place and live peacefully and one was to get him healing. Bach flower and combinations of Switchwords and positive affirmations helped Peter come out of a tough life created by himself around him and his family.

For Peter and person like him we can add these energies in Energy Circle – EC:
  • Colors: VIOLET – BLUE – GREEN – PINK 


  • I let go easily. 
  • I live and let live. 
  • I hold only good memories. 
  • I am surrounded by loving people.
  • I appreciate and give space to all to live according to their own will. 

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