Learn To Create Powerful Energy Circle For Different Issues
For Example:-
Case Study 5:-

When you see somebody in a bad situation, you feel pity for that person. The more you feel pity the more it becomes your habit. Somehow one of my uncle slipped into this habit of seeking pity. Either it was for himself or for others. He always used to look the poor side of the situation. He wanted to be the first person to show concern in any situation. He used to pinpoint the helplessness of his own self and of others too.

The more he observed the helplessness of the person the more situations he attracted. He used to feel pity for a person who is not able to eat, a person who is suffering a black eye, a person who is ill and a person who is in pain. All these habits became the reason for his illness.

He himself came under so many of similar situations. His negative approach towards life took him to the world of black magic. He falls prey of black magic and this situation followed by the other, he also started falling sick. And the illness he suffered was acidity. He could not eat any spicy food nor could she eat out. Children started missing the joy of going out for dinners and outings.

Many family and friends stopped inviting them for parties and picnics or carried simple food for them, which when done once is fine but repeatedly no one wanted to do. Wife and children started getting worried and upset about the daily routine of falling ill. Though his wife took good care but again the habit of pity and helplessness didn’t let this person come out to the gratitude and praise of the family members.  They started avoiding him. They tried to stay away from him. Which now became the real problem of my uncle. Nobody wanted to be around him as he was always full of pity and crying out of pain and hurt, which were not true. Those were all his illusions.  But his grandson took a fine step to cure his grandfather. He started looking for remedies and came across the following ones. 

For my Uncle and person like him we can add these energies in Powerful Energy Circle (EC):- 





I love my self. 

I am confident.

I am appreciated. 

I live and let others live. 

I focus on good and positive things around. 


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For Example:-
Case Study 6:-

Since childhood, Mr. Sharma was observing all the talisman advisors, sadhus, and babas that were performing the art of healing. He got very attracted to it. He wished to become a healer and serve humanity one day. Time passed and he grew up to be a humble citizen but forgot his wish. But the universe never does. He was introduced to a healing therapy by one of his friend and that revived his childhood wish. He entered into the world of healing.  He trusted so many gurus and healers, attuned him with as many therapies as he could. His journey of learning and knowing a new world begins.

He came across many healing ways which helped his startup with the manifestation process. He became a magician. But there came a drastic turn in his life. While manifesting he came across the negative side of life. His life started turning down, his relationships which already needed healing started falling apart. Instead of consistent positivity, there came continuous negativity in his life.

He kept on changing his teachers and gurus but all were money minded and kept teaching him only a few of the real knowledge. More the knowledge more the money was involved. All and everybody just wanted money to help him get back to his normal life. He started fearing about his relationships. Fear started traveling into his life, relationships and his health too. His health started deteriorating.

Pain and sadness was now a major his part of life than a peaceful and calm life of that of a healer. His confidence and courage started diminishing. He started avoiding people and slipped himself into sadness. His friends and family were no more comfortable with him. He feared of losing all the relationships of his life. He appeared himself to be courageous outside but was a fearful inside. Fear was taking too much from his life. He never knew that he was told only a few facts of life and there were so many loopholes in the information of healing and manifestation process. Now more he hunted the truth more he feared, as he lost his trust in the teachers around, confidence in his own self and courage to fight the situation.

The only thing he didn’t loose was the HOPE of reaching the right person, teacher or a guru. All his efforts came true one day when he met a perfect guru who helped him to come out of his life‘s hell created by the earlier teachers in his life. He discussed all his problems with him and slowly the following remedies helped Mr. Sharma to come out of past and fear. His life was now not less than a heaven. 

For Mr. Sharma and a person like him we can add these energies in Powerful Energy Circle (EC):- 





I am confidence. 

I release all the fears. 

I trust the process of life. 

Every day I expand my comfort zone.

Everything in my life is safe and secure. 

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