Switch Words For Desire Manifestation - Wish Fulfillment
These videos will help you to fulfill your desire
Focus in between the screen
Make a wish
And watch the whole video
Watch repeatedly to get better results

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Benefits of Watching Sharat Sir’s Switchword Videos

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  1. Sir, please give me switchwords to increase concentration in studies for kids. Can we do it on behalf if them. ? Thanks

  2. Sir I am in a very terrible situation financially there r lots of problems. We have a house which we want to sell pls help me it will help in my financial situation.

  3. sir today there aint any meditation
    sir i want to be thin for health purpose where ia a will does not work

  4. Hi Sir, I would like to know if there are any switchword for kids who always watches TV, play games on phone or laptop and not showing any interest in studies. They are also too hyperactive.

  5. Thanks for your wonderful website and all the great stuff in it. I just did a magic video along with EFT because I was in need of a huge vibration boost!

  6. Sharat sir, pls give me powerful switch word so that I can come out from danger situation. Pls for whom ever I give money I am not getting back. I am helping them but they don’t deserve it. Most of my money is stuck . pls give me switch words which is suitable for me.

  7. hello sir
    My skin has become very thin after the chemical peels i have done. the irony is that i wanted to make my ski beautuful an in the prcess have cause harm. right no i am also seeing a dermatologist , but i havent had any success my problem is acne+laugh lines+unever skin ton+dark circles+unwanted hair. Please give me something for physical beauty because right now that is the most important thing in my life.

  8. I want switchword to emreverse ageing,eliminate nose wrinkles , for dark circles and to feel and look young.
    Any help is praised.

  9. Dear Sharat Sir,

    I am in a desperature situation, and I am almost contemplating suicide. I am a 50-year-old divorcee, who had never had a happy moment in life; I suffered all through, and in matters of the heart, and love, I have been either rejected, spurned, or betrayed, time and again; there is just one thing I want; I want to enjoy the physical and mental and emotional and passionate of one woman; recently I entered into a relationship with a woman, with whom I felt this is it; things went great in the beginning; she used to talk at least 30 times a day, gushing about everything, and yes, we were physically intimate too. Suddenly, the last 10 days, she kind of mellowed down and started acting distant with me, for no apparent fault of mine; often when bugged by her sudden aloofness, even though outrightly she didn’t sever the contact, I ask her what is wrong, she gives me all sorts of lame excuses, how she is scared and all…which was totally contradictory to how she went all out for me. We had a big fight two days back and she asked me to get lost, and then yes, I stopped talking to her, but I can’t get her out of my mind, and I am contemplating suicide, and might even try if I don’t get her back; for me this life is meaningless without, and that too, when she gave me love only to take it back so abruptly, left me mad…help me out sir, I cannot live without her, and I want to spend the rest of my life with her and live and die with her. Please help me. Please, either I get her or I must find a way to end this life. I cannot live without her. Please help me. I am desperate. I need a miracle, Sir. Please I want her back with total emotional loyal and commitment.

  10. Thank You so much Dear Sharat Sir!

    I am very grateful for your help and dedication, I’ve been watching all your videos and it brings me lots of joy and happiness.

    Blessings and Light

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