Switch Words Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Switch Words Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

How much time does it take for a switch word to work and show results?

Switch Words: Sometimes you can get results in one day or in a few days, a few weeks, and sometimes in a month’s time. It all depends on the energy needs of the person, situation, or place. Results also depend on the intention, expectation, goal, faith, selection of correct switchword, and level of dedication.

Are switchwords effective?

Yes, switchwords are one of the most powerful and effective ways to manifest desire. They are easy and simple to use. Switchwords effortlessly move inside through the analytic mind to re-program your subconscious mind.

Is there any way to increase the power of switchwords?

Yes, there are a few ways of increasing the power of a Switchword and that is by:

  • Adding master switchwords with the universal switchword can surely increase the power of switchwords.
  • Choosing the correct switchword to use automatically gives positive and quick results.
  • Using VK and cosmic serums along with switchwords also boosts the power of switchwords.

Is there any limitation to using switch words in a day?

It is always better to use only one switchword/ SW phrase in a day. Using one switchword/ SW phrase for one goal will give quick results. But you can use many switchwords per session as per your need.

What are the best switch words for attracting money?

Surely the GOLDEN SUNRISE FULL COUNT is the best switchwords for attracting money.

Do switch words really work?

It depends on the situation and goal. But I can say switchwords do work to ease our life.  And why search here and there, choose the desired switchwords from the world’s biggest switchword list, chant it, and be your own testimony.

Is there a single switchword for everything?

Every switchword has its own energy and benefits. But GOLDEN SUNRISE is the only switchword that can work in any area of your life. You can use GOLDEN SUNRISE with any other switchword too. You can use GOLDEN SUNRISE as it is a one-stop solution for everything.

How do make switch words?

There are no hard and fast rules, methods, or formulas to create switchwords. Despite this, I suggest you must use tried and tested switchwords that are composed by experts.

Can I use the switch words for others?

  • Yes, you can use the switch words for others without any hesitation. For using switchwords for others, before chanting just intend the name of the person for whom you chant the switchword.
  • Another way is to ask your VK to chant the selected switchword for others.

I don’t know English, can I use Switch Word?

A8. Any energy tool which can shift your energy by chanting, affirming, or any other way needs your intention and not language. Focus on your intention, also read / chant / use the word as it is. For example, Switch word COUNT can be used as it is, translating or using it to another language (गिनती in the Hindi language) or (contar is the Spanish language) is not the solution. 

Can Cosmic Serums be chanted as switch words? Can VIBBES KADA or VK be used as a switch word? My answer is both YES and NO.

  • YES for VK users:  Cosmic Serums made by me can ONLY be accessed with VK. So a person with VK can chant Cosmic Serums to get its effects. Just to take the energy, a VK user can take any Cosmic Serum by requesting VK 3 times.
  • NO for non-VK users: A non-VK user cannot receive the effect of COSMIC SERUMS or of VK even if they chant 1000 times. It would be a waste of energy and time. To get the effect of COSMIC SERUMs, you should be a VK user. Using pictures of VK or just by calling VK randomly without possessing a real VK or not being the last person who touched a particular real VK will not get the effect from VK. If you want to buy a VK for yourself or for your loved ones, please click here.

I believe that you know how to chant the GOLDEN SUNRISE switch word mantra for Easy Manifestations. Now, look around you to search for what is best for you as a Switchword, Switch Person, and Switch Thing for You. You can find them easily. You can use them easily. Must read here the detailed article on switch word.

A question by Gaurav Jerath on Facebook

I need your advice on something I observed. I had become so dependent on switchwords, and mantras that instead of using my brain, common sense, and logic. I would prefer GOLDEN SUNRISE chanting for things anyone can work on their own. It is addictive and was sort of making me dependent. I see many people asking for mantras for exam preparation. Is it even fair to others who work hard for exams? I mean, if instead, people ask for a mantra to clean, and sharpen their brain, it’s okay. We should keep working hard/smart and succeed. That’s what gives REAL confidence. Please, advise! To what extent should we use SWs? Should we use our intellect first and then SW, mantras? Apologize for making it so long.

Answer by Golden Rakhi:

Switchwords are good if there are mental blocks. Even when there is no mental block they can be used for mental strength and more power. Especially master SW like GOLDEN SUNRISE or DIVINE or THANKS. Using SW doesn’t mean one doesn’t have to ACT. It’s not about hard work its about making work easy and smart and quicker. If a person is giving exams he or she may have some fear or slow grasping or too much to study with a huge syllabus especially CA entrance or CAT or such high competitive high intelligence requirement. One has some abilities and talents in born and some build-up with knowledge and experiences. Many situations in life are a product of a mind game. So one can feed the mind with some positivity. Some use mantras some use SW some even use YOGA meditation etc. VK users have many ways to improve. We are here on Earth to enjoy an improved learning act experience. Ways can be different for different people. GOLDEN SUNRISE is a master SW and even more than that. If you are tending to use it frequently maybe there is an inner need or pull towards it. You will learn to balance between actions and energies with practice.