Chant GOLDEN SUNRISE Switchword Mantra for Easy Manifestations

Chant GOLDEN SUNRISE Switchword Mantra for Easy Manifestations

As we all are familiar with Switchword Mantra Golden Sunrise, which is now very famous to all of us and has become a part of our lives. Many people now start and wind up their day with the shine of Golden Sunrise so that they get the brightness of positivity in life and can make their life blessed with positive energies, instead of other greetings like Good morning, Goodnight, etc. and continue to chant this switchword for the whole day. Read the full description and explanation of the GOLDEN SUNRISE Switch word mantra.

Many people fulfilled their dreams, achieved their desired goals and got their pending and unsettled works done with the continuous practice of Golden Sunrise and are still in the process of making their lives better and better day by day by fulfilling their manifestations through chanting this miraculous switchword mantra.

Golden Sunrise, as the name suggests, brings an auspicious beam of light and rays of new hopes in our everyday life and gives us the life we dream of. Must place a GOLDEN SUNRISE Image for a New Vibrant World. Today, I am sharing with you the fastest, easy, and simple way to use the Golden Sunrise Switchword Mantra in your daily life to fulfill all your dreams and goals of life. You just have to follow the steps mentioned below:

First Point is to make a list of all your desires or pending work in an affirmative way according to the priority of your wishes or desires. For example- if your first wish is that you want a higher position in your current job which you think you deserve but not getting promoted, secondly, you want to be rich, then you want to buy your dream home and finally, you are looking for a perfect life partner as well. So, you can write all your 4 wishes in the way I am writing below:

  1. My job offers me great promotional opportunities and monetary compensation.
  2. I want to be rich NOW FOREVER.
  3. I am living in my dream home.
  4. My soulmate is entering my life.

GOLDEN SUNRISE Switchword MANTRA Easy ManifestationsFew more examples of affirmations:

  • I want to be perfectly healthy NOW FOREVER.
  • I want clear, balanced, and secured Chakras and Auras.
  • I want a happy, joyful, loving, relationship with my spouse NOW FOREVER.
  • I love myself and I am perfectly healthy.
  • I think only positive thoughts and I am always happy and joyous.
  • I always feel good. As a result, my body feels good.
  • My business is a huge success.
  • I am working happily on my dream job.
  • Money and happiness come easily to me.
  • I can achieve my goals easily.
  • My income is constantly increasing.
  • I easily attract my ideal clients.
  • I want more clients NOW FOREVER.
  • I am energized in my business.
  • Every person in my family is happy and healthy.
  • I am immensely proud of my children.
  • There is peace and harmony in my family.
  • Things always work out for me when I am relaxed and let go.
  • When I stay calm, the answers come to me easily and effortlessly.
  • I am courageous and I stand up for myself.
  • Everything that is happening now is happening for my ultimate good.
  • I radiate beauty, charm, and grace.
  • My nature is Divine and I am a spiritual being.

Please read an article if you are confused about What are Affirmations & How to Prepare an Affirmation.

The second point is: once you set the priorities of your desires and select your affirmations, make a list of your desires in the same manner as we write Affirmations.

The third point is: now read your first affirmation or desire 3 times and immediately start chanting Golden Sunrise. You have to chant Golden Sunrise 108 times.

The fourth point is: similarly, read your second desire 3 times and then chant Golden Sunrise 108 times. Repeat the process with all your desires you mentioned on a paper.

Points to Remember Before Chanting Golden Sunrise

  • Your affirmations should be positive. Make sure you use only positive words while writing your desires.
  • Your affirmations should be desirable. In simple words, it is something that you are actually expecting or required in your life. It means while repeating your affirmation, you yourself realize that you are requesting Golden Sunrise to fulfill your wish.
  • Your desires should be reasonable and reachable. Means affirmation should be something logical and achievable. Let us take an example to understand it more clearly. For example- if you are a salaried person who earns INR 50,000 in a month, you cannot expect an income of INR 5,00,000 monthly immediately from your job. It will be an unreasonable desire if you continue to work with your current job and without trying anything extra, you are requesting Divine to fulfill your wish. Another example – if you are a below-average student and you are dreaming to get the first position in your standard without doing extra hard work, that will be an unreasonable desire.
  • If you have many desires to be fulfilled which you have written on the paper and you cannot read all affirmations and then chant Golden Sunrise altogether at one time, you can split it into 2 or 3 parts according to your convenience and make a schedule and complete the process in parts. For example – if you have 9 desires, you can schedule them in 3 parts like 3 affirmations in the morning, 3 in the afternoon, and 3 at night.
  • Remember that we cannot fix any time period for the fulfillment of our desires as no one can judge or fix any time for the completion of any desire and tell you by what time your affirmation will be fulfilled. So, you should always write and intend “NOW FOREVER” in your affirmations.
  • You can use any rosary of 108 beads for easy chanting and counting. Also, take look at Nine Gem Points for GOLDEN SUNRISE wish manifestation.

Benefits of Golden Sunrise Switchword Mantra

  • Now, you do not need to search for different switchwords to chant in order to fulfill your different desires. There is only one switchword mantra “Golden Sunrise” which you have to focus on for all your desires.
  • Now, you don’t need to make any Energy Circle (EC) to fulfill your desires as it’s an open system of healing and giving energies to your affirmations.
  • This process of healing is free from any limitations or restrictions. You don’t need to perform any ritual. You can practice this healing any time at any place.
  • You can chant in the morning even without taking a bath.
  • You can chant even after having non-veg food or consuming alcohol.
  • If the list of your affirmations is too long and if it will be more time-consuming for a single person to practice this process of healing, the family members of the person can also join him and do it on the person’s behalf. In such a case, you have to use “WE” in the affirmations instead of “I” so that it should be a general desire for all and anyone can repeat the process on your behalf. We can do it in affirmations which are common to all. For example –
  1. We are a happy and great family NOW FOREVER
  2. We are spending quality time with each other NOW FOREVER
  3. We all are healthy, wealthy, and prosperous NOW FOREVER
  4. There is peace and harmony in my family
  5. We are becoming rich day by day, etc.
  • If you have just a few affirmations which you have mentioned in your list, you and even your family members can repeat the affirmations along with chanting Golden Sunrise as much as possible.
  • As soon as any of the desires are fulfilled, you can cut that particular desire by marking a line on it.

Extra Benefit for a VK User

As you all know, you have an additional advantage as a VK user in the form of a magical tool called VIBBES KADA – VK with you which can boost up any healing process, speed up the process of fulfillment of desires, and can manifold the benefit of Golden Sunrise Switchword Mantra. I have made a special Switch Word List and Dictionary, you can take a look. Must check GOLDEN SUNRISE SWITCHWORD MANTRA CHANTING MEDITATION.

You don’t even require to say anything to VK, just hold your VK in your hands and repeat your affirmations thrice and that’s it. Now VK will help you to fulfill your desires more quickly.

Also, you can follow this complete process of chanting the Golden Sunrise Switchword Mantra, keeping your VK in your hands to give the benefit of chanting the switchword Golden Sunrise 1000 times more than chanting this mantra without VK. Find here Eleven Rules of GOLDEN MANIFESTATION WITH VIBBES KADA.