Difference between Switchwords CLEAR & CANCEL with Detailed Explanation

Difference between Switchwords CLEAR & CANCEL with Detailed Explanation

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We have discussed earlier in our previous article, the importance of knowing the actual meaning of every switchword and the use of the correct switchword for a specific problem to achieve our desired results.

We must also be aware of the little difference between all the switchwords with similar or close meanings to avoid distraction, confusion, or disturbance of our goals which may lead to our failure or delay in achieving our results. Today, we will discuss two similar switchwords – ‘CLEAR’ and ‘CANCEL’.

Meaning & Usage of Switchword CLEAR

  • The literal meaning of the word ‘CLEAR’ is transparent, empty, rid, free, unblock, remove, take away, move, shift, carry away, eliminate, at a distance, and away from anything.
  • It means to make your path smooth, simple, and hassle-free.
  • It means to remove an obstruction or unwanted things which might have kept us occupied.
  • Means to understand something exactly, simply, and something with a straightforward meaning.
  • It means to express ourselves clearly, openly, freely, and fairly.
  • We use the word ‘CLEAR’ to indicate a confident person who is sure about something without any doubts.
  • To indicate clear, pure, and open vision, sound, and picture.
  • To indicate good and sound health, without any disease.
  • Also, to indicate pure and freshwater, food, etc.
  • To indicate positive thoughts and mind. A mind which is free from doubts, bad and dirty thoughts.
  • To indicate a clear bright future and life of a person.
  • Also, to indicate something which is understandable, plain, and incontrovertible.
  • To indicate clear sunny, pleasant, bright, cloudless weather and day.
  • To indicate a blameless, perfect, correct, and faultless statement.
  • Also, to make someone understand completely, fully, and clearly.Meaning Usage Switchwords CLEAR

Illustrations of Switchword CLEAR

We have understood the meaning of this word very clearly & also went through certain uses as well. Now, lets’ understand this switchword ‘CLEAR’ more broadly in a simpler and better way by a few examples of our daily lives.

  • A person purchases land or home but due to some formalities or unnecessary delay, he cannot move to that place. In a such case, he will chant ‘CLEAR DIVINE ON’, wherein ‘CLEAR’ indicates to clear all the obstacles, ‘ON’ indicates to move on, so it means to move on to his house without interruptions and ‘DIVINE’ is used for Divine help.
  • A person wants to clear his home from all the negativities, unhappiness, sadness moving around, or if he wants to clean his Chakras or Aura from all types of negativities present in his body, he will chant switchword ‘CLEAR HOME’, ‘CLEAR AURA’, ‘CLEAR CHAKRAS’ etc.
  • If a person wants to remove the dust & clean his desk, table, chair, or office, he will use this word CLEAR my table and desk.
  • If a lady wants to get rid of her extra belly fat, she will use this switchword ‘CLEAR BELLY’ to clear extra fat accumulated there.
  • Whenever you want to clean your laptop, PC, mobile from temporary or unused files present in it, or if you want to clean your e-mails accounts from junk mails, you use the word ‘CLEAR folder and all junk mails’ & so on.
  • If somebody owes some money to you, we will chant ‘CLEAR ALL MONEY’ so that you can get your stuck money back. Check this – EC to clear stuck money, without using the switchword ‘CLEAR’.
  • If you owe an amount to someone, you can chant ‘MOVE ON CLEAR’ to clear all your dues.
  • If a person wants to clear all the side-effects of his past actions, karmas, adverse effects of any surgery/operation, he will chant ‘ALL CLEAR’ to clear the past and let it go to make way for a new blessed future. As a VK user, you can use All Clear Serum in this situation. 
  • If someone is stuck in a legal case for years, he can chat ‘CLEAR NOW’ with the intention to settle it immediately so that he can live a free life.

Meaning & Usage of Swithword CANCEL

  • The dictionary meaning of the word cancel is to declare or make a statement that a planned task or event will not take place or declare null and void or ineffective.
  • ‘CANCEL’ is a very useful switchword for disappearing anything which you don’t want in life.
  • It means to dismiss something and make the use of it null and void or make it ineffective.
  • Means to cut, delete and end an activity.
  • Means to stop or dismiss an already running and going on action or task.
  • It means to drop a decided idea or deny a statement or take back words.
  • We use the word ‘CANCEL’ to indicate that a planned event, program, and trip will not take place or have been stopped.
  • To indicate that a business deal, tie up and an order or a professional group has been canceled, dissolved, and discontinued.
  • We use the word cancel to indicate that a particular declaration or a cheque or a formal statement is null and void or canceled.
  • It is used to express the failure or suspension or interruption of a contract, appointment, and official meeting.
  • To indicate the cancellation of an organized party, function, picnic, and celebration.
  • It is to dismiss or stop your earlier action while using a PC or a laptop.
  • To indicate the cancellation of tickets and reservations.
  • To indicate the cancellation and withdrawal of an exam or test.
  • Also, to indicate the cancellation of services, subscription, and selection.Meaning Usage Switchwords CANCEL

Illustrations of Switchword CANCEL

Now, you have clearly understood the meaning of the word ‘CANCEL’ and also, where generally you can use it in your day-to-day life. Now, let’s understand how you can use it as a switchword by way of certain examples.

  • If a person is a victim of black magic and suffering from it in his life, he may chant ‘CANCEL BLACK MAGIC’ to make the effect of black magic inefficient or useless.
  • A person who wants to remove destructive thoughts, feelings, or worries from his life, chants ‘CANCEL NEGATIVITIES’ to get rid of all negativities.
  • If a person wants to make distance and gap from unwanted or unfavorable people, enemies, or situations in his life, he will chant ‘CANCEL ENEMIES, etc.’
  • Nowadays, people chant ‘PURGE CANCEL’ to remove bad, dirty, negative, or undesirable stuff, waste from their lives.
  • A person who wants to clean his Chakras or Aura from all types of negativities present in his body will chant the switchword ‘CANCEL (name of diseases)’.
  • A person who wants to remove poverty from his life will chant ‘POVERTY CANCEL’ or CANCEL POVERTY?
  • If a person wants to get free from the adverse effects of his past karmas or any past incident, he will chant ‘CANCEL BAD MEMORY‘ so that he can move on to a better life.
  • If a person wants to release his negative energy or Karmas, he may chant ‘CANCEL NEGATIVE KARMAS’.
  • Sometimes, this switchword can be used to fulfill an evil wish. For example, one can chant ‘CANCEL DAVID BUSINESS’.
  • People who want to eliminate debts from life, chant ‘CANCEL DEBT’
  • If a lady wants freedom from extra fat in her body, she may chant ‘CANCEL FAT’.

Meaning Usage Difference Switchwords CLEAR CANCELComparison Between Switchwords CLEAR & CANCEL

Above, I have explained the meaning and practice of both switchwords. You can observe a slight but significant difference between them and you cannot neglect that. But as switchwords are used for healing purposes, both words can make a lot of difference in your lives.

One can either destroy and ruin his/her life or can get the desired results and make life happy. So, it is very important to understand the difference between both switchwords. If you scroll up and have a look once again at the examples provided against both the switchwords, you will realize that the former switchword ‘CLEAR’ is always carrying a positive meaning, approach, and energy and is always connected with other positive words in simple meaning.

While chanting ‘CLEAR’ as a switchword, you are not using any negative or bad word intentionally or unintentionally. For example, we use words like – Aura, Chakras, home, Way, Path, Thoughts, Life, Future, Past, and so on with the switchword ‘CLEAR’. But if we look at the latter switchword ‘CANCEL’, it itself carries a negative approach, thought, or feeling and moreover, it is always used with other negative words.

For example, while chanting the switchword ‘CANCEL’, we are using negative words, viz, negativity, problem, a name of any disease you or someone is suffering with, fat, dirt, waste, poverty, liability, debt, Blackmagic, enemies, etc. Maybe you do not use negative words with it but if you’ll check it deeply you’ll find that the switchword ‘CANCEL’ itself attaches and hangs with your mind to the negative energies and conditions too. 

Now, remember the Law of Attraction (LOA) which says that whatever you give, will come back to you. It dictates the ability to attract everything in your life whatever you are focusing on. If you focus on problems, you will attract more and more problems in life. If you continue to chant negative words, you will attract more negativity and you will not even realize that you yourselves are welcoming negativity to you.

It is the universe that always works on the power of your mind to turn into reality whatever is in your thoughts. You can achieve whatever you have in your mind. So, instead of focussing on problems, one should focus on the solutions so that he/she can achieve his/her goals in life.

According to a case study, a lady who wanted to reduce her weight and extra fat from her body started chanting ‘CANCEL FAT’. One day, she realized that instead of becoming slim and reducing stored fat, she has gradually put on more weight.

After deep research and consultation, it was acknowledged that while chanting the switchword FAT along with ‘CANCEL’. She attracted more fat in her body and thus, became fatter. The word FAT triggered more fat in her body.

The word FAT gave the image of being fat. Rather than this,  if that lady wanted to reduce her weight, she should have chanted switchwords- ‘CLEAR FIND CURVE.

Many people add the switchword BELLY to reduce belly fat. Word belly relates to the swollen part of the stomach, so, again if that belly word is chanted, the mind will get confused, will not make you comfortable, and won’t get the desired result.

Please note that the work and benefit of a switchword are to make you feel comfortable and desired result approachable. Only then a switchword is beneficial. While chanting a switchword if the word is not shifting your energy to what you want then do not use the word. Either consult some master or look for some testimonies.

Another instance wherein a person wants to become rich. He started chanting switchword – ‘POVERTY CANCEL’. And gradually he lost all his business, wealth and became poorer. Because his utmost focus was on poverty. He was continuously chanting poverty. So the universe gifted him what he was demanding in life. On the contrary, to get more prosperity in life, one should chant ‘GOLDEN SUNRISE FULL COUNT’. While chanting the switchword, notice your focus. Don’t start chanting a switchword because you read it somewhere, chant a switchword only when it is comfortable to you, makes sense to you.

If the switchword consists of two words, make sure that both words are correct. Do not use any word which has no relation with your future.

A man wants to purchase a new home but due to some unavoidable circumstances, he cannot fulfill his desire. Here, if he chants switchwords – ‘CANCEL OBSTACLES’, he will attract more barriers in the path of achieving. He will be attached to more problems and unnecessary delays.

The word used as a switchword should give you the correct image as well. Here, the word OBSTACLE is used with CANCEL. Both words make you uncomfortable and give you a vision of obstacles only. Then what is the point of chanting the same word ? let the situation be what it is.

On the other hand, if he starts chanting switchwords – ‘CLEAR MY WAY’. He will be able to fulfill his dream soon as the divine will help him and translate his thought into reality.


Switchword ‘CLEAR’ is a sign of positiveness that gives new hope and color to your life. It fills your life with brightness, happiness, and positivity. On the contrary, the switchword ‘CANCEL’ is a sign of negativity. As it is always connected with all the negative words which make your life more complex and full of troubles.

Chanting ‘CANCEL’ for a short span of time may be harmless. But the continuous use of this switchword can destroy and ruin your life permanently. Now, think twice and decide whether you have to concentrate on solutions to achieve your goals. Or to occupy your mind with negative thoughts by focusing on only problems. Now the choice is yours.