Archangel Raziel of Mysteries, Quantum Energy, Psychic Abilities, & Astrology

Archangel Raziel of Mysteries, Quantum Energy, Psychic Abilities Astrology

Archangel Raziel helps people to polish their wisdom to understand the secrets of this universe, with the permission of God. You feel calm and at peace in the presence of Raziel. He fetches your spiritual clarity, thereby enabling you to connect with the almighty easily.

Who is an Archangel Raziel 

Raziel is referred to as ‘archangels of mysteries and secrets. Archangel Raziel is the knower of mysticism and the secrets of this universe. He is considered to be the closest to God. Raziel knows and tells the secrets of heaven and earth and all other divinities to those who ask him. Along with spiritual clarity, he also fetches creativity.

Raziel acts as a spiritual guide and helps the person longing to connect with God to get divine grace and tranquillity. Raziel is a knower of all complex phenomena and also can help you in your subjects like understanding quantum physics, trigonometry, astrology, and other high-level subjects. He also improves your psychic abilities and intuitive skills thereby developing you. He is a very intelligent, loving, kind, and easy-to-connect archangel who helps you in the manifestation of your principles.

Who is an Archangel Raziel ??

Archangel Raziel Message

My Dearest One: It is time for you to recognize your own vision which can guide you always. You know what you have been foretelling all along – so take steps and heed through. Your gut feelings and perception are informing you of the right path. It is time to listen to them.

Archangel Raziel also helps you to stay focused and take correct decisions. He helps to remove away the pall which got accumulated in you so that you can be able to connect with your higher self and the almighty. Raziel creates a connection between you and the divine source. Your focus will fetch new ideas to do work and also the solutions with which you can sort out all the issues you are facing while doing your work.

With a sense of focus, you can also analyze your working methods and see them for faults and modify your working methodology along with quitting those habits which hamper your progress. Along with creativity, you get a path that will lead to success.

Angel Raziel helps you to polish your wisdom from the lessons you have learned in this life and the previous one. He transforms your experiences into meaningful lessons. Furthermore, if you made vows in this life or the previous one which is now shackling you and not allowing you to move on. Archangel Raziel helps you, in this case, to relieve you from the vows and proceed in your life smoothly. He also helps you to revive from the shocks and pain of post-traumatic events.

Raziel as Mentioned in the Bible

In the Holy Bible, Christian Philosophy allocates many roles to Raziel, including the head of Er’elim and a constituent of the Ophanim. He writes down everything said by God because he stands very near to God’s throne. Raziel is called by another name Galizur. Galizur means “Revealer of The Rock”. Angel Raziel is a ruling prince of the second Heaven. He gave further details about the “Torah’s divine wisdom” and defends the ministering angels from the existing mortals.

According to the Bible, Raziel works as an alchemist or a wizard because he has a key that can unlock almost all the mysteries and secrets of the Universe. Archangel Raziel can also transform knowledge into wisdom. You should connect with Raziel on a regular basis because it helps you to be able to discover a very new spiritual understanding and insights. It can also expand your psychic abilities, and remove all unwanted blockages. It may boost your creativity with Divine miracles and magic.

Connecting with Archangel Raziel is very easy because he also wants and is always ready to get in touch with us. Sometimes you can not feel his presence but if he is connected with you, you can feel the gush of energies to create something new.

Archangel Raziel Prayer

!!! O Archangel Raziel !!! You Are The Keeper Of All The Secrets. Please Bless Me To Know Them All. Please Increase My Wisdom. Release All Negative Belief From Me. Please Make Me More Clear To Understand Divine Guidance. Open My Channels Of Connection With God. Please Be My Spiritual Master. Please Help Me To Know My True Path. Thank You-Thank You-Thank You. !!! Amen !!!

Raziel Archangel Symbol, Color & Sigils

Symbol Of Angel Raziel
Archangel Raziel Symbol

The rainbow color represents Raziel as his aura has all the seven colors of the rainbow-like a clear crystal, but a glowing yellow aura surrounds his head.

Angel Raziel Crystal

Raziel is the Archangel of spiritual wisdom and clairvoyance and helps to retrieve your true power. Raziel is an alchemist too. Therefore his stone is Clear Quartz Crystal.

Famous Book on Raziel

Very few books are available about him. The most famous book The Sefer Raziel is a Jewish book, and it claimed, Raziel himself write it. The meaning of this book is “Book of Raziel”. In this book, the angel of secrets reveals many secrets of the Divine and the Universe.

Quick Facts About Angel Raziel

  • Raziel means ‘the Secret of God’.
  • A glowing yellow aura encircles his head.
  • He wears a robe of grey stuff that gives the impression to whirl as if made of fluid.
  • As well as he is very tall with huge sky-blue wings.
  • Raziel is one of the cherubim, the sentinel of innovation, and the monarchy of pure inspiration.
  • He rules the planet, Neptune.
  • He knows several mystical arts.
  • Raziel knows all the energies and how to use and manipulate them for various purposes. Pray for him to attain the same ability if you wish so.
  • He is the Archangel of Law Makers and Lawyers.
  • He can also help one to perform Astral Travel successfully.
  • If you want to understand mysterious spiritual ideas and apply them in practical ways, pray to Raziel to know about the Mysteries & Secrets.

Angel Raziel fetches you new ideas, polish your wisdom, connects you with spirituality, helps in understanding esoteric subjects, induces self-awareness, helps in manifesting your principles, and supports you to break free from the hindering energies. You can also use VIBBES KADA to get all the beneficial energies of Archangel Raziel even without any long and time-consuming rituals.

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