What is Karma, Purest Food, Religion & Spiritualism

What is Karma Purest Food Religion Spiritualism

What is Karma?

The actions that we do are known as our karma. Karma is initially the action of the Senses – our Indriyas where oneself generates his Basic Karma. The achievements and miss-achievements of one’s life actually vested in this thought process. In spiritualism, it is believed that the quality of one’s karma determines their future experiences and path in life.

What is Saatvik Bhojan (Purest Food)?

Wherein the question was that “some scriptures forbid intake of non-vegetarian food. How far this has an impact on our lives”, Since the beginning, none of the scripture is actually advised and written by God himself. All writings, scriptures, Puranas, and epics are man-made and written by us to achieve the Godhead and thus the scriptures are the thoughts of a learned person.

Every person has his own likes and dislikes, ways of living, and habits. Not denying the wisdom and the stream of thought, and purely following a basic logic, the dos and don’t prescribe by scripture, is instinctive – the thought of its writer. We can also establish that the writer might have been living in a tropical region where there had been fields and farming.

The Judgment was wise from this point of view. Residing in a tropical area, the best food for a human liver is Vegetarian. But had the same learned Mahatma had been living in a place near the sea (where seafood was prevalent) probably he would have permitted for the same. Therefore, we should not get into confusion about what food leads us to God. It’s only a pure soul who gets to the Almighty.

According to the prophecy of Dr. J.C. Bose – the world-famous scientist of Botany, those plants cannot move and speak; they have the same sensation as humans or animals.

Looking through a Kirlian Camera, one can easily observe that the reactions of plants, on being cut or de-rooted are the same as of an animal or human. Moreover, if only a Vegetarian could have attained Salvation, then no Muslim or Christian would have deserved to obtain it. But that is not the case…..Is it??

What is Karma, Purest Food, Religion & Spiritualism

What is Religion & Spiritualism?

Religion and its basis informed as to how religion came into being. It as such was aimed to set up some rules and regulations, which should be adhered to for leading a peaceful life, elevating one’s physical, spiritual, and social values. Religion never intended to bind forcefully. But in due course of time, we had made it so rigid and binding that the word Fanatism came into being.

If God is to be seen then one has to meet himself first. This is called “Atma-Saakshaatkara”. Closing all the other windows of the body and the mind, when one concentrates, he meets himself (the Aatma or the Soul) and through his Aatma he meets the “Paramatma”.

Everyone should try to learn spirituality and try to become a spiritual being. You are gifted a religion by your parents so I do not want to teach you Religion…instead, I want to elevate your Spiritualism because eventually, every religion tries to put you on the path of Spiritualism….so why not go directly towards the Light.

Some people are rigid and surrendered himself to the lotus feet of his master and his master presides in his whole body, he won’t let any other Energy to enter into his body. It will not be improbable, but still, there was a misconception that required to be cleared.

Here I explain the prophecy of ‘Niraakaara’ wherein, after completing the material duties of the body, one surrenders the shapes (aakaar) of thyself and merges to the omnipresence (Niraakaara).What is Karma, Purest Food, Religion & Spiritualism As the merger of Water into Water is Water and nothing else, the merger of Energy into an Ocean of Energy will result in Energy that cannot be differentiated and categorized. Therefore, whatever is been supplied to us is Energy which when mingles with another Energy which might be within a body is again Energy. It cannot be named as This Energy and That Energy. 

Just keeping on reading and learning the way to a destination for ages, will not make us reach there. To reach our destination we, practically have to walk to the place. Likewise, just reading spiritualism and learning it by heart shall not get us the level in Spiritualism; we have to work practically to attain that situation.

We should never think that we cannot be the Param-Atma (Divine Soul). By continuous upliftment of our Spiritualism, each of us can attain that Elite position and merge into the Purest Energy – the Paramatma.

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