Religion vs Spiritualism (Aaddhyatma) A Matter of Faith

Religion vs Spiritualism Aaddhyatma A Matter Of Faith

Religion and spiritualism are two distinct concepts, although they may overlap in some ways. Religion often involves a specific set of doctrines and teachings, a hierarchy of authority, and a formal system of worship. Religions may also include institutions, such as churches, mosques, or temples, and a community of believers.

Spiritualism, on the other hand, is a broad concept that refers to a personal, individualistic approach to spirituality, often outside of traditional religious structures. Spiritualism may involve practices such as meditation, mindfulness, yoga, or other techniques for connecting with a higher power or divine energy.

While some people may practice both religion and spiritualism, they are not necessarily the same thing. Religion provides a structured framework for worship and spiritual growth, while spiritualism emphasizes personal, experiential exploration and growth.

Religion vs Spiritualism: In the league of our venture of achieving greater perfection, I wished to share, what struck me yesterday while watching a repeated program on the disaster that occurred in Shri Kedarnath Dham last year.

Innumerable people were reported dead and thousands were stranded experiencing the danger of this devastating disaster which happened just at the feet of the Lord, where we go in search of salvation. Does it ache to think, as to why these devotees were punished right at their pilgrimage?


I have observed many times that my Religion and my devotion to it are entirely different from my Spirituality. No doubt in ideal terms, most of us go to a place of worship to elevate our spiritual levels, but unfortunately, I have found that we always end up asking for the well-being of our family and protection from unforeseen mishappenings and we keep on repeating the same whenever we visit next, Don’t we??

This has altered the meaning and motives of a Religion. By the passage of time, this practice has made us forget the Spiritual aspects of a Religion and thus fall prey to the selfish motives of various Godmen/Priests who nowadays use it for political & financial ends.

I have tried to ask persons coming out of Satsangs and Religious congregations about what have they gained or learned by attending the lecture. Believe me, 90% of them fail to describe the real theme of the teachings imparted there. I searched but could not find my lost Spirituality (Aaddhyatma) until I met my soul. In the journey of 13-14 years within me, I thankfully learned several techniques of effective healing from my soul but most, fortunately, I re-discovered what was always hidden in me and still unexplored – MY SPIRITUALITY.

Religion vs Spiritualism

I found that my Religion was the only way to my Spirituality. Spirituality – where I may not ask for anything and get everything. The path of my Spirituality started when I was raised above my Religion – in fact above all Religions. I experienced that now I may not search for my deity as now my deity resides in me.  Yes! That was it, it appeared while praying I was asking my father for pocket money. But now, I am trying to acquire my All Eligible Father’s grace to become his Eligible Son.

You cannot please your God by offerings and cannot displease him by despising him as He is above all emotions. Had he any such feelings then why should have he created these sufferings – especially to his devotees and not for the wretched people who run the power and still enjoy? Then what’s the catch? The Almighty has created a perfect matrix of this world having an action-reaction effect. Not even he intervenes in this automatic process of life & death.

We all know that whenever even Him has taken a human body (Avatar), has undergone all the sufferings that any other human would have experienced. So what is the way out?? How can we alter the fate line??? What is the way to receive His blessings??? The mystery lies in our Spiritualism. Stop asking for pocket money from the Father… rather try to become his worthy Son. I practice elevating my soul (Aatma) to become eligible for His blessings, keeping my materialistic needs within the Matrix. Can you??

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