How to Get Instant Protection from Energy Vampires & Suckers

How to Get Instant Protection from Energy Vampires Suckers

Energy Vampires and Energy Suckers are everywhere. Every day you are bounded by people who wipe out your vital life force energy. Whether it is your companion, several other relatives, your colleagues, or friends, someone is sucking your power. As you know, you all are Energy Container and your relationships with others are based on an exchange of energy.

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Have you ever found yourself in the presence of someone who left you feeling depressed or awfully tired? That means some energy suckers wipe out your vital force. When your life force is sucked by energy vampires (energy suckers or negative people), not only they engage you in their negative thought patterns but your life force energy takes a serious dip too.

After being in their presence for an extensive phase of time, everything around you feels gloomy and hazy. When you are feeling gloomy and hazy you will create more gray and deadly moments. And then, people who hold such low energy will draw to you more.

Why Energy Vampires Need Your Energy 

There is an emptiness within the energy vampires’ energy system and that emptiness replenishes itself by sucking your energy. When your aura is poorly shielded, your psychological condition takes a decline and your inner force takes a huge and adverse dip.

Extended time in the presence of those energy suckers, who are sucking energy from you can make you loose your rational power as well as make you seriously ill. It’s extremely needed to be able to sense the energy that others hold as this will either boost or drain your vital force.

If you are finding it hard to exert a pull on some of the things you want despite your effort, it’s time to take a good look at the people with whom you spend most of the time.

Some Signs of Energy Vampires & Energy Suckers

One of the first things to do is to identify when you’re being drained, and that begins with tuning into your physical reactions. These are some symptoms:

  • There a contraction in your head or chest when an energy sucker touched your aura or energy field.
  • You feel tired when you hang up the phone after speaking with some an energy sucker.
  • Your headache or body pain go worst in an energy sucker’s presence.
  • Your clients reject your offers (products) in the presence of an energy sucker (maybe in the presence of a salesperson).
  • Might be your daily sale goes down in the presence of an energy sucker (maybe in the presence of a salesperson).
  • Your family gets involved in some unexpected arguments after visiting a guest (an energy sucker).

There are many energy vampires around you. Above are the common signs of your interaction with energy vampires.

Instant Protection from Energy Vampires – Suckers

  • Take a few Deep Breath: The moment you feel trapped or sucked in, or stressed out, start taking deep breaths.
  • Breathing is a wonderful way to energize and center yourself.
  • Just follow the breath and tell yourself that you know what’s happening, you can deal with it and you can shield yourself.
  • It’s key to memorizing your personal power.
  • The minute energy sucker comes into your contact; you feel diminished and tense up. If you can focus on the breath, the tension will drift away.
  • Deep breathing has the ability to block energy vampires and suckers instantly for some time. Simultaneously you can take Shield of Seven Rays for extra protection.
  • If you are a VIBBES KADA (VK) user, request your VK for Shield of Seven Rays, you know that VK follows your request instantly and repel back that energy sucker and his/ her negative energy. Every VK user knows that VK itself creates 99% protection against negative people and negativity.

How to Get Instant Protection from Energy Vampires SuckersHow Deep Breath Work Against Energy Suckers

Our physical energy is limited under the best of conditions. But emotional energy is potentially unlimited. And unlike physical energy which runs down as we get sucked, physical energy can increase the more you inhale oxygen.

The increased amount of oxygen-filled your cells with more energy, when your cells get energized then your aura also gets energized, when your aura gets energized it will instantly strengthen your auric shield against Energy Suckers.

When your auric shield boosted, it’s amazing how you instantly get back your own Vital Force. And that’s because energy vampires lose the power to stop you. We will feel glad if you share your words with us that how many times you felt down or sucked down in the presence of energy suckers.

Some Other Names of Energy Suckers

Energy Vampires are called with some other names like:

  • emotional vampires
  • psychic vampire
  • energetic vampire
  • dandapani energy vampires
  • pranic vampire
  • empath energy vampire
  • christiane northrup energy vampire
  • empathic vampire
  • negative energy vampires
  • psychic energy vampires
  • energy draining vampires
  • define energy vampire
  • positive energy vampires
  • ethical psychic vampire etc.

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