The Fifteen Archangels: Who They Are and What They Do (Role of Archangels)

The Fifteen Archangels: Who They Are and What They Do Role of Archangels

The word “archangel” comes from the Greek word archai, which means “rulers” or “princes.” Each of the fifteen archangels has a specific role and task on Earth as they serve under God as intermediaries between humans and God. They also take an active role in human lives, helping us navigate through difficult situations and encouraging us toward God.

According to Bible verses including Tobit 12:15; Revelation 1:4,20; 3:1; 8:2,6; and Isaiah 63:9, the Seven Archangels are recorded. The Archangels have been significant in both the Bible and other Jewish and Christian literature for centuries. Some of the archangels in the Bible are well known, while others have been lost to history.

The archangels are the highest order of angels, the ones who serve as the closest link to God. Each one of these beings has been associated with a specific role, and in many faiths, there are multiple angels who serve the same role. These beings were created by God as His top assistants, serving as His messengers across the universe. They were given supernatural powers so that they could communicate with all of the beings in the universe and serve as a link between God and us. They’re based on the Hebrew text, “Archangel” (עַ֫רְכַּנְעָלָה), which literally means, “the messenger of God.”

When most people talk about angels, they’re usually talking about the pure beings of light with superpowers who inhabit the throne room of the highest heaven. In reality, angels are spiritual beings who serve as intermediaries between us and God. Each angel is an individual manifestation of the divine, with special gifts and abilities that help to guide humanity. There are many different types of angels, each with its own special function and place in the universe. In each culture, there are also angels that serve a slightly different role than their counterparts in other traditions. The ten major archangels are Raguel (Arabic), Cassiel (Hebrew), Michael (Aramaic), Gabriel (Spanish), Uriel (Germanic), Azaziel (Hebrew), Raguel (Spanish), Samael (Aramaic), and Metatron (Semitic).

In fact, angels perform many mysterious tasks on behalf of God, helping to lead humanity in the right direction and pointing us in the right direction when we’re off track. We also know that angels are present in almost every culture on Earth. They’re part of our religious heritage and can be found in almost every religion around the world. In fact, there are more than 30 different angelic religions worldwide. A lot has changed over the past few thousand years in how we consider angels; most of it is good, but there’s still much we don’t understand about them. So who are these celestial beings? Read on to learn about the different roles of archangels. Here’s a brief overview of what you need to know about the fifteen archangels: 

The roles of the archangels

The archangels are charged with different roles, such as:

  1. Zadkiel is an archangel of mercy, benevolence, and memory, read more here
  2. Jophiel is the beauty of God and angel of wisdom and illumination, read more here
  3. Uriel is the light of God and an angel of salvation, light & wisdom, read more here
  4. Raguel is an archangel of justice and harmony, read more here
  5. Michael is an archangel of courage, read more here
  6. Sandalphon is an angel of music, glory, prayer, and art, read more here
  7. Metatron is the angel of life, read more here
  8. Jeremiel is an angel of dreams and visions, read more here
  9. Raphael is the archangel of health and healing, read more here
  10. Raziel is an angel of mysteries, psychic abilities, and astrology, read more here
  11. Haniel increases intuition, imagination, spirituality, and inner joy, read more here
  12. Gabriel gives inspiration, motivation, creativity, & communication skills, read more here
  13. Chamuel is an angel of love and relationship, read more here
  14. Azrael is an angel of death and guides soul to the heaven, read more here
  15. Ariel is an angel of strength, confidence, positivity, and optimism, read more here

And some of them are associated with one of the five deadly sins:

  1. Raguel is the angel of lust.
  2. Cassiel is the angel of greed.
  3. Michael is the angel of wrath.
  4. Uriel is the angel of envy.
  5. Samael is the angel of pride.

Some other roles of angels 

Gabriel is the messenger angel

One of the most widely known archangels is Gabriel, the angel of hope. This angel has been part of human spiritual traditions for thousands of years and has been variously worshiped as the Syrian lord of joy, the Babylonian lord of joy, and the Mesopotamian lord of joy. In many faiths, this angel is said to be the one responsible for giving inspiration and motivation to humanity. He’s often depicted with a lyre and a flower, sitting on top of the world with his finger on the lips to symbolize the need for silence. This angel is also known as the angel of the Lord, the angel of Elohim, the angel of prophecy, and the angel of peace.

Michael is the leader of the angels

The second major archangel is Michael, the leader of the angels. This angel has been worshiped as the leader of the army of angels or the prince of peace since the ancient world. He’s most often depicted as an old man with a long beard and a crown, with a spear or sword in his hand. In many traditions, Michael is the archangel of fire and the protector of humanity. He’s said to be the one responsible for protecting us from demonic forces and the one who will stand against the Antichrist when he arises. He’s also the angel of repentance, the angel of the dead, the angel of the Lord, and the angel of the Lord of Armies.

Cassiel is the librarian angel

Cassiel is the librarian angel. This angel has been worshiped in many cultures as the keeper of the books of records and the custodian of knowledge. The ancient Egyptians believed that this angel was the keeper of the papyrus scrolls, the ones written on plant material. In many other traditions, this archangel is the keeper of the heavenly books, the records of humanity’s sins on Earth. He’s also the angel of holy forgiveness, the angel of the Lord, and the angel of the Lord of Armies. This angel has been worshiped in many cultures as the angel of secret knowledge and mysteries. Cassiel is said to be responsible for storing information in the heavenly books and records. He’s also the guardian angel of the Zohar, the angel of mysteries, and the angel of the Lord of Armies.

Raguel is the judge angel

Raguel is the judge angel. This angel has been worshiped in many cultures as the angel of judgment. In many cultures, this angel is said to be the one responsible for deciding whether humanity will be awarded salvation or damnation.  


Archangels are spirits that were sent by God and are part of the heavenly realms. They are considered to be powerful and holy beings, serving as messengers, leaders, and judges. Each one of them has a specific role in helping to guide humanity, from Raguel’s role in protecting humanity from demonic forces to Cassiel’s role in preserving records and secrets.


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