Does Fasting Help to Clean the Body – Chakras – Aura?

Does Fasting Help to Clean the Chakras

First, assume your body is an instrument that is supremely potent and an organic machine. Machines also need a source of power and it completes their role as a machine when all parts of the machine are set well, function properly, and are in good condition to process the product well.  

For example, a car is a vehicle that is meant to transport and carry and it has an engine, transmission and electrical systems, seats, body, and many other things which make it complete to call it a car. And, sitting and driving with ease is not possible without a source.  It needs a power source that is fuel. The same system applies to our bodies. Our body is the most refined machine in the world and the source of the human body is its mind. Everything we have made our body as has come from inside our mind.

So it is clear that as it is with any machine, the grade of the power aka fuel that reaches into it is clearly connected to its performance. So, clean and better fuel provides a clean and better experience for running the machine. And dirty and low-grade fuel delivers bad and harsh performance.

As per ancient Hindu saints, we are souls. We live our lives in our bodies. We experience the world through our bodies. Even though Our body is a great machine but we ignore it in some manners. We give more importance to those gadgets and machines in which we do not live. And we ignore our own bodies most of the time in which we live and miss experiencing the world’s most beautiful and finest creation. We ignore their messages. We ignore their needs. We ignore their demands.

Not only this, but we also put poor garbage into them. We eat anything we can. We eat fleshes by making them tasty with spices. Though they have a good energy source. You know flesh vibrates at a different frequency also but this flesh takes much longer and a harder time to digest. It forces our bodies to work harder. We call this process ‘digestion’. Do you know that the process of digestion is not fully complete if the waste product is not removed completely? Did you know that meats, heavy and dense flesh take up to 48 hours to exit the body? And the body can work longer to get the energy from the flesh? If the body needs to work longer then it can consume more flesh to get more energy from the flesh.

Similarly, we eat chemically farmed fruits. We eat chemically cultivated vegetables. We cook them in spices and make them tasty to eat. These chemically grown vegans vibrate at another frequency. Our body does not need to work harder to digest these fruits or vegetables.

Do you know fruits or vegetables are digested within a few hours and they move out more easily than the flesh? But chemicals present in them need days to evacuate completely. Our bodies can carry chemicals for days and months. Exceptionally, chemicals evacuate completely within a day or two in those who drink a large amount of water daily and sweat more.

But still, this process causes antagonism, anxiety, tension, strain, and stress in the system. As a result, the body dips into a state of lethargy, fatigue, and even sleeplessness. Mind indulges in mood swings as the body takes the emotions and mental state of the animal and the side effects of chemicals as well.

Benefits and the Role of Fasting?

Now, let’s talk about fasting. In the present era, we need a minimum of 4 days per month for a fast to purge the body. Ideally once a week.

  • Fasting offers the body to take a break.
  • Fasting gives time to the body to regather and recalibrate.
  • On the day of fasting, the body does not work to digest anything.
  • The body does not need to work harder to digest juices, so you can have juices on the days of fasting.
  • During fasting, the whole body, and the entire system will realign themself for you at the deeper and cellular level.
  • This realignment happened at the chakra and aura levels too.
  • Our skin, muscles, bones, glands, tissues, & everything are involved in this realignment.

What to Eat or Take During Fasting?

Fasting does not mean avoiding food at a complete level. It does not mean taking only water for the whole day long. It does not mean feeding your system with potatoes, cottage cheese, and foods you usually consume during Navratri or another festival fasting. Fasting means to give some rest to your body from heavy food but if needed feed the body with light food like:

  • Raw fruits
  • Raw vegetables
  • Coconut water
  • Vegetable juice
  • Fruit juice
  • Black Coffee without sugar
  • Black tea without sugar
  • Electrolytes no sugar and no chemical drinks
  • Take more sunlight

The Bottom Line

After fasting, it’s equally significant to be conscious of which foods and supplements you need to break your fast. During fasting, always choose light and calorie-free food, and just after fasting also follow the same pattern. Some people eat rich and heavy food in small amounts to curb cravings, which does not fulfill the purpose of fasting and may harm your goal of fasting.

It is not a myth that you should have a heavy breakfast to keep the energy for the whole day. For the first meal breakfast, always focus on the lightest and well-tolerated foods that don’t contain high amounts of fat, butter, sugar, complex carbs, carbonated drinks, and even high in fiber that could be tough to digest. Always remember that you are fasting to get a more fit body, brain, mind, and chakras. Only a well-brightened and efficient machine runs better. Feeling better is health, and Thinking better is health. If you don’t want to do fasting then you can mimic LIVER CLEANSING by Dr. PIYUSH SAXENA using your VK.