How to Know Divine is Communicating with Us

How to Know Divine is Communicating with us

We all have inside a natural guiding system that we can call gut feeling or intuition. This is our own GPS. This is our natural ability. Most of the time, this inner guiding system is blocked. Our culture, family, and education do not allow or motivate us to boost this ability. We are busy creating money. The environment of our workplace does not help us to grow naturally. We are busy winning an endless race of making money. No break, no peace, and no spirituality. Even on holidays, we keep our minds busy with making money.

In the western world, we live in materialism, science, and the objective world that is typically relied upon. Whereas, the internal subjective world is totally ignored and doubted. We are trained to rely on what we can notice with our two eyes. What we can hear with our ears. And rely on tangible things to touch and feel, and so on. When we see it, we will consider it as reality.

Gut instinct and intuition are not something that can be trusted by what we are told. Our family forces us to stop talking to imaginary friends, stop daydreaming, to get real, and so on. Our education system teaches us to rely on reasons, logic, to analyze and plan accordingly. We are not prepared to trust our feelings.

In the workplace, it is very hard to be intuitive because our minds are busy with emails, texts, and tweets. Initially, intuition does not function in a busy environment. It needs a relaxed mind and inner stillness. Our inner GPS works well with a clear mind. The mind should be still like a mountain lake. The outer world has so many distractions such as TV, shopping, the internet, alcohol, video games, and so on.

Do you know Divine always listens to everyone’s prayer but does anyone listen to Divine? The answer is simply NO. Not everyone has the ability to listen Divine. There is nothing like a one-way connection as most people think so. This is absolutely a two-way connection.

Then why do people not able to listen? Because most people are busy activating their minds, brain, and body. Our social system also does the same. If someone gives people a chance to get a peaceful mind with enlightened souls, most people deny working in that area. After getting a relaxed mind and activating the soul on a certain level, one could get the ability to understand the Divine message.

Always remember, when you pray, you speak to God and when you meditate, God speaks to you

In our modern world, very few people have little inquisitiveness in spirituality, therefore, they have very little awareness of the inner world. As a byproduct, they have no insight into the mechanics of the ego. They are not able to understand the difference between inner guidance and ego-mind chatter. Most of them pursue the voice of worry, fear, and anxiety. They have no idea why the results are so poor. These voices block our connection with our inner GPS. These voices also block us from knowing our authentic selves and our true nature.

So how do you activate your side of listening?
  • For a few days, avoid social media, radio, songs.
  • Cut down most of the communication.
  • Spend most of the time meditating (desireless).
  • Calm down your mind too.
  • Reduce and filter outside information coming into your brain.

Conclusion: To improve your connection with the divine and his guidance, you need to keep yourself away from anxiety, fear, and worries. You need to shut down your inner chattering too and let the divine voice guide you. Meditation is the best way to calm down inner chattering. You may not know but Divine has the right and perfect information for you. Do read 31 Must-Know Reasons Why Your Brain Loves Meditation. Must Read Why Do Some Bodies Reject Energy Healing.