What is Mindfulness? What is Mindfulness Meditation?

What is Mindfulness Meditation How to Practice Nine Skills of Mindfulness

Do you know what was the first thing we did when we came into this world? “We breathe“ and the last task we do is “stop the breath”. Ninety percent of the impurities in our body are cleansed by breathing, but we are using only thirty percent of it. Every moment we are breathing but with no consciousness. Relation to the inner world of silence, to the external world of consciousness, is breathing.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness means paying full attention to something. It means slowing down your thoughts to really notice what you are doing. It is a training of your brain to pay attention and focus. There is no exaggeration because the mindfulness of breathing affects our mind and delivers a great mental personality.

What do we do in Mindfulness Practice?

Here we develop a closer look at our current thoughts and experiences. We achieve more development and concentration with mindfulness that comes through our five senses. This helps us to develop a positive attitude and confidence. The skills of making good decisions with a realistic perspective are imperative.

What is Mindfulness MeditationBenefits of Mindfulness

Being mindful helps you to:

  • Improve your focus
  • Be less distracted to unwanted things
  • Stay calm even in stressful situations
  • You won’t feel upset
  • Have reduced mood swings
  • Be a good listener
  • Be more patient
  • Feel happier and enjoy things better
  • Be Emotionally stable
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Concentrate on your desires
  • Qualitative education
  • Remain in peace
  • Meditate easily

Being mindful helps in every part of our life. Learning how to be mindful when young gives a chance to master it and use it always. Mindfulness helps in easy meditation. If children are trained to be mindful at an early age, nothing will stop them to be successful. You can train yourself to be more mindful at any age and life a joyful life.

Nine Skills of Mindfulness to Practice

If you are wondering how to improve your mindfulness? It is easy. Just practice these 9 skills and improve your mindfulness.

  1. Mindful Breathing
  2. Mindful Listening
  3. Mindful Seeing
  4. Mindful Drawing
  5. Mindful Thoughts
  6. Mindful Smell
  7. Mindful Taste
  8. Mindful Touch
  9. Mindful Body Stretching

Let us know more about these skills of mindfulness:

1. What is Mindful Breathing

Being mindful of breath means observing and opening awareness to your breath, becoming aware of the breath as you breathe in and out, observe your breath as it is without getting judgmental. Practicing mindfulness using breath not only opens awareness to the present moment.

It also helps to naturally put you in touch with more peace, joy, strength, and wisdom which you may never have known you had it. You can improve mindful breathing by practicing Pranayama.

What is Mindful Breathing2. What is Mindful Listening

Listening seems like a natural skill, yet it requires attention and practice to stay present and truly hear what another person is communicating. To improve your mindful listening, practice to listen attentively.

Firstly, try to concentrate the mind on the sounds of your surroundings. When the concentration is interrupted, slowly focus again to listen to the sounds from the surroundings. With this practice of listening to the sounds in your surroundings, you can become aware of the real situations. Continuous practice of mindful listening helps to train a part of your brain that also helps to stay focused during meditation.

What is Mindful Listening3. What is Mindful Seeing

Mindful seeing is the practice of consciously focusing your awareness as much as possible on everything within your sense of sight. Observation of objects and situations in the form of reality is mindful seeing.

You can concentrate on all objects, then concentrate on seeing in more detail on one object. You will start seeing more than what others are commonly seeing in any one object. The practice of mindful seeing helps in the discernment of Good and Bad.

What is Mindful Seeing4. What is Mindful Drawing

Mindfulness is all about observation, and so is drawing. Both require you to slow down and pay close attention to what is in front of you. Drawing is a great way to practice mindfulness because it allows you to be focused in the present moment as you are drawing.

While practicing this skill, try to concentrate on the paper, colors, and even on the movements in shoulders and also on the sounds in the drawing. The practice of mindful drawing helps you to study details of any project or situation.

What is Mindful Drawing5. What are Mindful Thoughts

Mindful thinking is being consciously aware of your own thoughts. When you are aware of your thoughts, it gives you the ability to control them. By practicing mindful thinking, you can naturally focus your mind on one concept. Do you feel that in the process of concentrating on thoughts, your mind is many times not stable even for a minute?

To practice this, sit in a comfortable position and observe the thoughts without judging whether it is good or bad and do not control them. In continuing this exercise, at some level, our thoughts get sustained. At this stage, if your mind diverts, try to immediately concentrate on your breath. Mindful breathing and mindful thoughts together help you to more stable emotionally.

What are Mindful Thoughts6. What is Mindful Smell

Mindful smelling is using our sense of smell to be more aware of our present moment experience and environment. Stay with your smelling observations, it gives an opportunity to be fully engaged in what you are doing. It helps you to reflect on your experiences at that moment, which can further enhance your sense of self-awareness and self-control.

What is Mindful Smell7. What is Mindful Eating

Being mindful and paying attention to the food you consume can help you eat healthier, with more appreciation and intention. Learning to practice mindful eating brings us to be aware of our body changes and back into the present moment. Practicing mindful eating and taste gets us to enjoy the taste of life, it gives us satisfaction and healthy living.

What is Mindful Taste8. What is Mindful Touch

Mindful touch is an important communication channel for humans. Mother’s touch gives the child an endless pleasure. This touch provides love, comfort, compassion, and courage. Mindfulness is a very essential tool for sensing the sense of touch.

You can improve mindful touch by touching things you love. In every touch, you will feel your emotions. Continuous practice of mindful touch helps you to judge the qualities of things or persons that are favorable to you or not.

What is Mindful Touch9. What is Mindful Body Stretching

Body movement and mindful stretching is a simple and key ingredient to healthy and joyful living. Stretch your body in a slow and focused manner, focus your mind on the stress and tranquility of the body organs. Practicing mindful stretching helps to improve body posture and flexibility.

What is Mindful Body Stretching

Why Mindfulness for You?

We want you to be healthy and happy, not just now but for the rest of their lives. Learning mindfulness at any age will definitely help a person to lead a healthier, joyful, and prosperous life. Even children when they learn mindfulness, it helps them to become aware of the power of using the mind in every aspect of their lives for their bright future.

Mindfulness can make a person bring perfection in all areas of life. If everybody practices mindfulness, you will see the whole world more peaceful and supportive. Mindfulness happens with practice. One needs to train self with practicing to enhance mindfulness.

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