Master Switchwords for 12 Zodiac Sign Sun Sign

The word Zodiac means animals and it is referred to as the outlines or arrangement of stars as seen in the sky at night. The Zodiac belt is the big ring in the region of which our radiant Sun actually travels month by month throughout the year. 

Due to various signs, we have different natures both good and bad. To rectify and help to enhance our good qualities and nature we have 12 Master Switchwords. Find your Zodiac Sign, their qualities, nature, and their Master Switchwords in the list below:-

1. The Zodiac Sign Aries Qualities and Influences: – March 21 to April 19

The Ram symbol, Fire element, ruled by Mars and “I Am” is the key life phrase of the Aries. Aries is movable, hot, dry, determined, fiery, executive skills, a born leader, impulsive, headstrong, opinionated, loyal, physical, driven, and ambitious. Aries is very vigorous and has no problem working long hours. Read more about Fire Element here.

Negative Sides of Aries: – Aries seems selfish, become intolerant with those who are not alike to themselves intellectually and mentally, inflexible, jealous, ironic, and rude. Aries live tough, love tough, and play tough.

Master Switchword for Aries: – LOVE is the master switchword for Aries Zodiac Sign. Using LOVE helps to live their life more politely, graciously, and with ease. LOVE eases their pressures and melts down their roughness and also helps to eliminate their barrier and blockages easily. You can also check these 22 LOVE Affirmations.

2. The Zodiac Sign Taurus Qualities and Influences: – April 20 to May 20

The Bull symbol, Earth element, ruled by Venus and “I Possess” is the key life phrase of Mars. Taurus is fixed, productive, moist, security-conscious, firm, sensual, reliable, loyal, realistic, locked, and arrogant. Taurus almost always finish what started.

They are calculated thinkers and when making judgments usually make the right one. Taurus easily adjusts to new circumstances especially if there is the reward of lavishness, comfort, or physical reward. Taurus loves to laugh and spend time with family. Read more about Earth Element here.

Negative Sides of Taurus: – Taurus seem stubborn, bullish about ideas, difficult to shared projects, refuse to work without high esteem, habitually discover disrupt projects, affairs, demoralize authority that they deem unworthy of leadership.

Master Switchword for Taurus: – BRING is the master switchword for the Taurus Zodiac Sign. Using BRING helps to unite and connect with goals and finish quickly what is started. BRING helps to shorten the time period for any goal and manifest quickly. BRING helps to build, produce, create, form, generate, attract, and pull things miraculously.

3. The Zodiac Sign Gemini Qualities and Influences: – May 21 to June 20

The Twins symbol, Air element, ruled by Mercury, and “I Think” is the key life phrase of the Gemini. Gemini is inconsistent, unproductive, airy, great communicator, charming people, exciting to chat with, knows a little bit about a lot of things, has a great sense of humor, and is usually optimistic people. Read more about Air Element here.

Negative Sides of Gemini: – Gemini likes to be the center of attention but leave the situation when seeing the situation to not be in their favor. Gemini is not a good worrier and can leave in between whatever is tough even relationship, careers, and friendships.

Gemini will sometimes enlarge the truth. They can be mostly insensitive and rude when need to focus only on him/ her. Gemini changes jobs and partners over and over again due to boredom.

Master Switchword for Gemini: – TOGETHER is the master switchword for the Gemini Zodiac Sign. Using TOGETHER helps to become a master in any field. TOGETHER unites Gemini’s mind, body, and soul to get things done quickly and also unites earthly and divine energies to get things done quickly. TOGETHER make them productive and strengthen their inner self.

Master Switchwords for 12 Zodiac Sign

4. The Zodiac Sign Cancer Qualities and Influences: – June 21 to July 22

The Crab symbol, Water element, ruled by Moon and “I Nurture” is the key life phrase of the Cancer. Cancer has an unusual sense of humor, frequently finding great humorous that others don’t.

Cancer is a very good listener and has empathy for the troubles of others. They are true friends and never use someone for his/ her own advantage. Cancer is faithful, trustworthy, and honest. Read more about Water Element here.

Negative Sides of Cancer: – Cancer is unstable, clingy, and turns out to be nervous if Cancer sense that he/ she is about to lose the friendship or love of someone close to him/ her. If the condition calls for it, Cancer will lie, but often this deceitfulness stems from a profound insecurity about being alone.

Master Switchword for Cancer- CHARM is the master switchword for Cancer Zodiac Sign. Using CHARM helps to manifest a heart’s desire and create a secure life. CHARM helps to become calm, secure, and attract deep desires which are sometimes unattended by day to day work pressure.

5. The Zodiac Sign Leo Qualities and Influences: – July 23 to August 22

The Lion symbol, Fire element, ruled by Sun and “I Shine” is the key life phrase of the Leo. Leos are sincere and civilized persons, opting to do the right thing apart from the circumstances.

Leo adores organization, love material goods, lavishness, and love to experience this affluence as well. They usually accept everybody originally and make honest and eternal relationships.

Negative Sides of Leo: – Leo’s sense of self-worth sometimes becomes arrogant. Leo is can lean to reckless spending if he/ she is not happy with the situation. Leo is often overcharging the situation, which may leave him/ her alone (which Leo hates). Separation and failure are often disturbing them.

Master Switchword for Leo: – THANKS is the master switchword for the Leo Zodiac Sign. Using THANKS helps to cease regretting, close all arguments, and create many options and solutions. 

6. The Zodiac Sign Virgo Qualities and Influences: – August 23 to September 22

The Maiden symbol, Earth element, ruled by Mercury and “I Serve” is the key life phrase of the Virgo. Virgo has compassion for their fellow man. Virgo is kind, enduring, and loves to laugh. They are the physically powerful but silent type.

Virgo is imaginative thinkers and family-oriented. Virgo is committed to the relationship, dedicated parents, often parenting other children in the neighborhood.

Negative Sides of Virgo: – Virgo can habitually lead to obsessive behaviors toward health (hypochondria) and also be negative and dangerous for those that feel are not living up to their potential, or are going about a project in an unproductive way.

Master Switchword for Virgo: – NOW is the master switchword for the Virgo Zodiac Sign. Using NOW creates good desires, helps to alleviate procrastination, create peace, helps to eliminate past pains, injuries, ailments, and karmas, and speed up things which are trapped into and due to bad memories

Master Switchwords for 12 Zodiac Sign (Sun Sign)7. The Zodiac Sign Libra Qualities and Influences: – September 23 to October 22

The Scale symbol, Air element, ruled by Venus and “I Balance” is the key life phrase of the Libra. Libra has a logic of fair play and becomes completely upset if they see that something is unfair or unjust.

Libra talk for long periods of time about desired subjects. They do work that will be good for most people. Libra is often unselfish for the family.

Negative Sides of Libra: – Libra is perceived as laziness, absent-mindedness because of a sense of impartiality, becomes quarrelsome to the exclusion of correctness. Libra doesn’t like to be in charge.

Master Switchword for Libra: – SUNRISE is the master switchword for Libra Zodiac Sign. Using SUNRISE helps to eliminate laziness, lethargy, stress, anxiety, darkness, and procrastination. SUNRISE creates hope, new energy, optimism, fulfillment, and a source of life.

SUNRISE also creates and enhances position, highest qualities, and achievements, also create stability and open one’s eyes to those who are going on the wrong path.

8. The Zodiac Sign Scorpio Qualities and Influences: – October 23 to November 21

The Scorpion symbol, Water element, ruled by Mars and “I Will” is the key life phrase of the Scorpio. Scorpio displays tremendous willpower in several areas. Scorpio is disciplined, shielding, and very concerned in others. They give and expect the same in return. Scorpio has to be the leader and shine at the crisis and difficult situations.

Negative Sides of Scorpio: – Scorpio is lonely most of life. Scorpio sometimes plans to harm others, which can make him/ her distrustful, stubborn, and suspicious without cause.

Master Switchword for Scorpio: – DONE is the master switchword for Scorpio Zodiac Sign. Using DONE helps to meet a deadline, keep a resolution, build willpower, create completion, and give mood to finish work.

9. The Zodiac Sign Sagittarius Qualities and Influences: – November 22 to December 21

The Centaur symbol, Fire element, ruled by Jupiter and “I Expand” is the key life phrase of the Sagittarius. Sagittarius is clever and loves to be around intellectual people.

Sagittarius enjoy learning new things, traveling to new places, and experiencing exceptional venture. They are creative, spiritually inclined, and seek for own enlightenment.

Negative Sides of Sagittarius: – Sagittarius sometimes becomes rude, stubborn, come up with impractical big plans but lacks the capability to pursue them. These situations often bog Sagittarius down and tire.

Master Switchword for Sagittarius: – DIVINE is the master switchword for Sagittarius Zodiac Sign. Using DIVINE creates all kinds of miracles in Sagittarius’s life and raises them above the ordinary. DIVINE gives Sagittarius the right path to achieve wonderfully, things become possible, give universal love and extra personal ability.

Master Switchwords for 12 Sun Sign


10. The Zodiac Sign Capricorn Qualities and Influences: – December 22 to January 19

The Goat symbol, Earth element, ruled by Saturn and “I Economise” is the key life phrase of the Capricorn. Capricorns is a practical, logical, valued team worker; family-oriented, a great thinker, excellent with statistics and investigation.

Capricorn is not loud but mainly the strength and the authority behind the very victorious person.

Negative Sides of Capricorn: – Capricorn can appear boring to others, almost unemotional on the face, running on overdrive, often egotistic and mean, hold information for their own gain, sometimes keep distance if the family is supposed to be aggressive, dangerous, or fruitless. Capricorn has almost no sense of humor.

Master Switchword for Capricorn: – ELATE is the master switchword for the Capricorn Zodiac Sign. Using ELATE turn setbacks into uplift, revive, and restore things, helps to recreate lost relationship, name, fame, love, health, wealth, prosperity, and restore ill organs.

11. The Zodiac Sign Aquarius Qualities and Influences: – January 20 to February 18

The Water Bearer symbol, Air element, ruled by Saturn and “I Progress” is the key life phrase of the Aquarius. Aquarians are making friends everywhere. They are good colleagues and family members.

They have a great network. Aquarius are clever, lively, brilliant, and using their skills to help others.

Negative Sides of Aquarius: – They often become harsh, cold, depressive, can turn bitter if they think that their voice is not being actually heard or respected. They can turn out to be weird sometimes.

Master Switchword for Aquarius: – ADD is the master switchword for the Aquarius Zodiac Sign. ADD creates more power behind their voice. ADD magnified and plus set in motion their work. Switchword ADD support, promote, encourage, buttress, and fortify whatever they want.

12. The Zodiac Sign Pisces Qualities and Influences: – February 19 to March 20

The Fish symbol, Water element, ruled by Jupiter and “I Sacrifice” is the key life phrase of the Pisces. Pisces are kind, compassionate, feel bad for others if their life is not going well, very helpful less fortunate people, caring deeply.

Negative Sides of Pisces: – Due to high compassionate, they often become a clinical worrier, leaning towards worry also direct to indecisiveness on their part, feeling upset when others disagree with them.

Master Switchword for Pisces: – REACH is the master switchword for Pisces Zodiac Sign. Using REACH solve their problem, helps to find their path, connect with the effort, make you clear and unconfused, creates a bridge between themselves and the target, and give insights. Read more about REACH here.

Now it is time to read what are switchwords and how to use them?


  1. I fall into Taurus zodiac sign, how to use BRING switchboard in my daily routine. I am chanting GOLDEN SUNRISE daily. Should I add “BRING GOLDEN SUNRISE”? Also please suggest how to add BRING to my golden sunrise project.

    • Golden Sunrise is a mantra which can cover all Zodiac signs… no need to chant BRING with it…

  2. Thank you sir just got to know my SW *reach “as I am a Pisces… So appropriately described It was as though u knew me I keep looking for something to solve my numerous problems .thank u once again

  3. Thank you for this, just found out my SW is sunrise and I smiled. A few months ago I changed my business name to include the word ‘Sunrise’ as I feel it’s positive. I only came across this website a few days ago though. Glad to know my gut led me to the right places!

  4. My sun sign is Aries please guide how to use switch word given i.e. when and how? Is it it to be chanted as single word or to combine with any other switch word as well.

    • You can chant any SW but add LOVE SW with other one or you can chant LOVE SW alone as many times as you can…


  6. it’s indded light informacion, Lightworker here thankyou so much for your wonderful creation, Im an aquarius do’nt know what means ADD pls… thk all universal LOVE to YOU!

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