The Key To A Hidden World – A Story & Experiences With Different Teachers By Shuchita

The Key to A Hidden World - A Story & Experiences With Different Teachers By Shuchita

Golden Sunrise Friends,

Here is My Story & Experiences with Different Teachers & A Wonderful Way to Get Attuned in Different Healing Modalities Thru VK With So Much Ease.

I have always been inclined towards different healing methods and always wanted to learn as many as I could. While girls of my age would spend money on shopping, I would spend my savings on learning different kinds of Reiki.

I started healing people with the energy systems that I would learn. Many would approach me with their problems and I would get to send them energy for their problems.

Once I remember my master taught me how to perform psychic surgery through Reiki. As it was my first experience with it, I was still not ready to perform it. However, my master immediately after teaching me, took me to perform the same surgery on a relative of mine who had multiple problems.

She had severe congestion, asthma, lung issues, and many other problems that had been persistent for many years. As a student who had just learned the subject but not yet mastered it, I did whatever I had grasped. We performed the psychic surgery on my relative and she felt better after that.

The very next day, however, I had all the symptoms of my relative. I had 103 degrees fever and had congestion and other symptoms erupt all of a sudden. No throat ache, no cold, no body pain a day before but the next day I could not move from my bed and be shocked to be so sick. The high fever continued for a week.

It was then that I connected the dots. On other occasions too, after healing many people through Reiki, I started noticing a dip in my own energy, and many times I would fall sick after healing people.

As I was always inclined towards healing people, this did not stop me from learning more and more. I came across many more energy systems. This time I wanted to learn to be a master teacher in Reiki having learned the first 3 levels in Reiki. So I approached my own teacher who had taught me the first 3 levels years ago. She mentioned that she had stopped practicing Reiki but if I wanted to learn, she would get back to it and teach me.

I was a little apprehensive as to someone who had lost faith in something and stopped practicing, would she be able to guide me well? Also when I asked her about the different energy systems now available, she had no clue. So I decided to wait and search for another teacher.

This time I started looking for a teacher who was more known and up to date with the healing modalities. I heard of a teacher who was a Grandmaster in Reiki. I approached him and he was ready to teach me. He invited me to his home to teach me.

As I did not know this person at all and had only come to know about him through the internet, I was hesitant to go to his place and learn in a closed room so I  invited him to come to my place and teach me.

He agreed and scheduled a day for the attunement. However, on the day of the attunement, he called me and mentioned that he won’t be able to make it as he was not feeling well.

Later that week, we scheduled another day for the attunement. Unfortunately, I couldn’t arrange for funds for this at the last minute. It was costing Rs 10,000 for the Reiki Mastership and I had to keep aside this amount. My due payment did not come as I had expected it and I couldn’t manage it.

I called up the master a day before and informed him that unfortunately I couldn’t make it for the attunement and would have to postpone it. He had scheduled the attunement once but had canceled it as he was sick. This time I was requesting him to postpone it for a week.

I also apologized for messing up his appointments. He lost his temper and immediately started screaming and shouting. There was a volley of verbal abuse from him directed at me. I was shocked. I felt as if I was speaking to a broker who was angry at losing his deal.

I explained to the teacher my circumstances and how somehow I didn’t have that spare amount at that moment but would be able to manage to arrange the funds in a week’s time. That made no difference to him and he was extremely rude and arrogant. He blamed me for wasting his time if I had no money in the first place to get attuned.

He told me he should have asked for an advance and then there was no way I would have backed out of the commitment. I explained that I really wanted to learn and was serious about it but wanted to manage the funds on my own without asking my parents but sometimes circumstances make you helpless.

The whole experience left me shocked and in tears. I consoled myself thinking that if a teacher has no compassion and understanding for his students, I would not want to learn from such a teacher ever. But I was very disillusioned after this experience.

Continuing my search to find a good teacher who can teach me different healing modalities, I came across distance attunement. I was very reluctant at first. How could I trust someone whom I have never seen, never heard of and how would I know that he has actually attuned me.

I had this urge to help people as much as I could. I couldn’t do much financially for others and given my hectic schedule, couldn’t go to shelters, hospitals, or other places and felt that sending energy is an easier and cost-free treatment that I could provide others.

As I read more and more about some energy systems, I came across a person who taught many healing modalities. When I spoke to him, I found him full of compassion for mankind. I mentioned my past experiences with teachers. And he listened very compassionately.

He was full of knowledge and love and was doing it as his desire and inclination towards spirituality. I learned a lot from him and took many distant attunements from him, where we would schedule the attunements on days or nights at a certain time and I would be in my room undisturbed and receive the attunements. After each attunement, he would ask for my feedback and I would literally feel the energy being absorbed by my body.

I would know when the attunement had ended. There were many beautiful experiences and I continued learning from him many other energy systems. Soon there were other people too interested in learning and groups were formed. He started teaching many healing systems. We could choose and select and he would many a time teach at no cost at all.

As members grew, there was an inclination towards Indian deities and energy systems based on them. As I am not very inclined towards worshiping deities, it was difficult for me to follow or believe these. Maybe I wasn’t ready for those systems at that time. As there was a heavy demand for all God and Goddesses based empowerments, I lost interest in the activities of the group.

I now wanted to practice what I had learned. I read about an institution online that comprised of different healers that helped people with different problems. On speaking to the founder, I was told I wasn’t qualified as I lacked one basic healing – Pranic Healing. I was told to first go and learn that modality and then come back to heal people as they used a lot of Pranic Healing. So now I was looking for a Pranic Healing Teacher.

This institution seemed like a platform where people approached you to send them energy for different problems. Hence I thought it would be ideal to join however I still lacked in some healing technique and could not join it after having learned so many modalities.

Meanwhile, I was experiencing many skin problems and nothing was helping me. I had tried allopathic and homeopathic medicines for years but they weren’t helping me at all. It so happened that I read about a healer who offered energy systems focusing on the skin. He was based in Pakistan so I mailed him.

The price was mentioned of the different energy systems, however, there was no information about them and one always has questions to ask about such things. There was simply a payment gateway mentioned on his website. However, no one bothered to reply for months. I even left him a message on his messenger as he seemed quite active there.

His assistant or partner seemed to write the content on his behalf. He would only be available for a few days before he went into his meditation mode and then he wouldn’t be available for days to months.

When he emerged out of his meditation mode, he seemed to have acquired energies to the power of infinity so they claimed. Many bandwidths and many frequency levels which were not comprehensible by a layman. Each time there was an announcement of how much more knowledge and power he had accumulated and how difficult it was for him to go through it all.

He called himself the “Great Grandmaster”. Of what we had no clue. He soon came across as a self-proclaimed superhuman being above and beyond the reach of the mere mortals.

Through a brief conversation with him and after having seen him interact in many WhatsApp groups I too was a part of, I was suspicious and doubted him. He got into arguments with people in groups saying he was the founder of systems that people followed and had learned from other masters.

No one wanted to argue with him as he claimed wrath and destitute would follow those that went against him. Even if we wanted to question him and argue with him on some points, at least I feared that he would harm the person in some way.

There was somewhat a negative presence felt in the group that he was part of and instead of more positive vibes emanating from him due to his consistent and constant meditation, there was an aura of arrogance and pride about his air and the threats of harm if one not did listen to him. I wondered if he was into black magic or so.

On reading about more energy systems, I came across a website that offered more than 1000 energy systems by different healers, some who created their own systems. Each system was well defined and explained very well.

The price was clearly written and the owner of the website herself was a healer. I had written to her many times and she had replied back to me promptly and answered many queries of mine regarding energies. She was an American who believed in the Power of Lakshmi Goddess.

She began her day by activating the energies of Maa Lakshmi for her own business that is the website she was operating. It was a very interesting experience, hearing about the powers of our own deities from someone who was alien to our culture of Gods and Goddesses. She also sent me energies when I was going through a period of difficulties in my work.

She guided me well on which systems to try and which ones would be good for my work based on what got her results in her work. I took many attunements from her website through different healers and I still keep going back to her website for the diverse systems available there.

Looking at the multiple systems available, I would often wish that I could learn each one of them. Somewhere I had expressed my desire to the Universe that someday I wish I could pick and choose any of these energy systems without worrying about paying for them.

vibbes kada KeyThere were many interesting energy systems based on love, relationships, skin, beauty, money, luck, etc. Of course, it was not possible to learn all of them for me at that time given my resources. However the ones I would really want to learn, I would express interest in them, and sooner or later whenever there was a sale or some healer would offer a discount on their system, I would grab the opportunity and buy one.

I cannot even count how much money I have spent on the healing systems. I wondered if I was becoming addicted to energy systems. People would shop online for their requirements and other things and here I was buying energy systems based on my requirements. I will mention I did all this discreetly as most people wouldn’t understand me.

Nevertheless, I was also intrigued as to how to create all these wonderful energy systems. There was a lady who had created many systems some of which I had bought. We had started emailing each other and having conversations about these systems, energies, witchcraft, and many other practices prevalent in the world.

I had been getting many WhatsApp messages of candle magic and other forms of magic that people practiced. Inquisitive as I was always, I wanted to learn how to do magic and asked the same healer whom I had been corresponding with. She decided to teach me and recommended some books. I bought some while she also shortlisted some material for me to read, which she compiled from her own knowledge and mailed me.

It was quite a lot of stuff to read and while I sat behind the closed doors of my room practicing the basics of casting spells and manifesting (all positive I should mention). She had made it clear to me that she didn’t practice black magic nor would she advise me to get into it as her own daughter had suffered a lot after practicing black magic and other kinds of practices.

So it was all positive energy intended to manifest things we wanted. I also bought some candles, some basic materials required for the same. It is not something you learn in a week’s time. Requires practice and patience.

While I was on my journey, reading and enjoying, entering a different world altogether, I started receiving emails from my same teacher who was offering many other attunements at discounted rates. I politely declined the same as I always had a budget to spend on such luxuries as I would call them now.

But many times, she expressed her dire need of finances and by buying some of her attunements, I would be helping her the same. But my desire to learn magic and all these systems were to help myself get out of the financial mess that I was in myself and at that point, I could not help anyone else financially beyond what my own resources would allow.

Lost again in such thoughts that I was unable to help the very person who was teaching me to help myself, for many people, all this might seem senseless. Many may think I am a little eccentric having such desires to learn about the energy world. Many may call me addicted to energy systems.

Some think that I like to alienate myself from this world and plunge into a world where there is not much human contact. My own mother feared I would lose my mind someday getting into all these things.

Some wondered why I was not like a normal person. Why are you so bothered is what I would hear from people. Believe me, I have heard all these things hence this whole journey has been kept a secret and there are not many people whom you can discuss with openly.

Also, it is not something which is required in your day to day life. For e.g., if I would mention I am looking for a history or math teacher, people would take me more seriously. Or If I am looking for a gym instructor, there would still be many suggestions.

But how many people understand energy? How many can explain it to people? How many can understand your questions let alone answer them? How many want you to grow and become independent healers?

Then one day I came across VIBBES KADA-VK and read about its features. Somewhere in the manual, it said.

  • “Do you know that with VK‘s mimicking ability now you don’t have to take any attunements for any energy system? You can attune yourself or activate any energy system just with a simple request to VK. Any level of Reiki or any other healing system now you have access to with VK.”

Can you imagine my reaction? This was definitely not the reason why I had got my VK. I had more serious problems at that time to attend to. But when I read this, my joy knew no bounds. Had the Universe really listened to me and answered my prayers. It wasn’t even a prayer at that time just a wish, just a desire of mine.

  • This meant no teacher, no middle person in between.
  • This meant saving all that money that I had spent on the energy systems I had acquired. (I feel so guilty just thinking about it now) but I believe, you have to walk the path and get lost to find the right way.
  • This meant not depending on any teacher’s personal circumstances, attitude, and knowledge.
  • This meant I could learn any system made by any healer anywhere in the world.
  • I can not only learn and practice but also teach anybody else any system they want to learn.

It was like the Universe had heard my prayer and answered it in the form of VK. Many thanks to Sharat sir, to VK, and to the Universe, that now anyone can learn any healing modality without paying huge fees and without any mediation of any individual. VK is the best master teacher always available to you for anything and everything.

VK’s abilities are beyond one’s imagination and the endless list of serums invented by Sharat Sir is more than sufficient for any problem. However, VK can still make you an independent healer and enable you to learn whatever you desire. This has been Sir’s teaching from day one – be independent healers.

How to attune yourself?

  • You have to simply request VK please attune me to xyz healing. Say this 3 times and leave VK alone.
  • Some energy systems are made by some people. If you know the name you can say VK please attune me to xyz energy system by ABC.
  • If you want a specific level of that healing you can even say VK please attune me to the 3rd level of xyz healing.
  • Try it and see. Once you attune yourself try the healing without VK.
  • You can also simply activate any healing or energy system without attuning yourself.
  • After the request, sit comfortably and do your favorite meditation for around 15 min.

There is a whole world of opportunities to explore, experience, and to practice with VK. So come on, I’m sure there is someone out there who can connect with my journey, come and explore this world of healing modalities, attuning yourself and others with VK.