What are Switch Things, Switch Persons, Switch Events, Switch Movies, And Switch Songs

What are Switch Things Persons, Events Movies Songs

As you know that switch words are the words that convert and transform your energy from one dimension to the other dimension. These words can also modify, change, alter, and adjust your energy system and mindset. So, it is very clear that words can change your mind and your energy. Switch words are best alternate and substitute for affirmations. Read more about switch word here.

In this article, I am sharing something new with you. Did you know or hear about Switch Things, Switch Person, Switch Feeling, Switch Event, Switch Food, Switch Movie, or Switch Song? Ok, let me guide you more:

  1. A thing that can change your energy is called a Switch Thing for you, for example,
  • Perfume used on a special occasion with a loved one can keep you reminded of a good moment and keep your energy positive and happy.
  • For a religious person, an idol of Deity is a switch thing for a devotee.
  • Praying, visiting, spiritual practices, or worshipping them can switch their energy. 

2. If the name of a person, picture of a person, or the voice of a person shifts your energy then they are a Switch Person for you, for example,

  • If a picture of your favorite person gives you enough courage or hope then this person is your switch person.
  • Friends, too, are good switch persons. Looking at them or just thinking about a friend can switch your energy. Their caring attitude, tight hug, and warmth can remind you of these feelings in your time of need.
  • For a lady, if her husband is far in the present moment and she is feeling sad, remembering his charming looks, caring nature, positive attitude, or husky voice, anything can switch her energy in the present moment.
  • For a mother, her children can be a switch person. Their smiling face, a tight hug, a win in a competition, or comfortable sleep on her lap can switch her energy. A past event, situation, and feeling of her child can be a switchword for her. Like when her child won a competition, and he/she felt proud in the past could switch her energy to a new match.
  • Happy, playful, cute, naughty, adorable babies are the best switch persons in any person’s life. A smiling baby can switch your energy for sure. A baby’s smile is like a rainbow in a clear sky, a heavenly experience, and a most favorable memory.
  • Having a child around also keeps a person’s energy raised and positive. There are no words that can describe the euphoria one feels when a baby recognizes the parent or sibling for the first time and smiles.

3. Sometimes a memory of happy moments shifts your energy then this feeling is a Switch Event for you, for example,

  • In the past, if getting an excellent result in your exams lifted you high then the same event can also lift your mood in the present too.
  • A memory of a past event can help you switch your energy to the present moment. For any reason, if you are sad, upset, or missing your loved ones, you can check out your past pictures and recall your memories to pep up your present energy.
  • Looking at the photos in your mobile gallery or an album can raise your energy. This includes looking at pictures of a memorable trip in the past, a loving moment with a loved one, a painting made by a loved one, or a gift given by a near one. Checking out old photos can help you relive the good old days.
  • Even a performance at a function or a wedding can switch your energy. The event in the past could have been so full of fun and laughter that just a single thought can raise your energy even now.
  • If you are fond of traveling and planning trips, you can play games that can switch your energy. For example, ATLAS is a game in which you can raise your energy while remembering the names of cities, states, and countries. While you strive to win while remembering the countries, states, and towns, you can plan a trip or remember a past one while playing the game.
  • Do you remember the last time you had a great time with a loved one, the cafe’s ambience, an excellent talk, and a drink? Having that drink again can be a switch thing for you. You will find yourself rejuvenated while having the drink.
  • In the past when you were in school, sitting with your friends, singing, gossiping, or planning for an event could have been energetic. Remembering your friends or those moments again can raise your energy in the present moment.
  • Remembering your first kiss can shift your energy at any time.
  • His/her or your baby’s first touch gives an ample amount of happy feeling and sensation in the body. Thinking about that touch can shift your energy.
  • When you get your first salary, no matter how sad you are, you are bound to smile.
  • Activities like shopping, achieving the first position, driving, make-over, and self-care also raise a person’s energy.

4. Sometimes a memory of beautiful feelings shifts your energy then this feeling is a Switch Feeling for you, for example,

  • When you first held your newborn baby in your hand, what did you feel? If you felt joy or happiness or love then this feeling can too change your mood now. 
  • When a child gets scolded by a parent, he/she goes to her mom and just sticks around to raise his/her energy and feel better. Sticking around or the hug of the parent at that time is a switch feeling. 
  • Study pressure for kids in school and the workload on a mother dips their energy but when kids come from school, mothers hug and pamper them raising the energy of both mother and child. Not only the kid or the mother but someone who is watching them hugging each other also feels good and their mood also switches to a better one. 

5. Watching favorite or influential movies can be your Switch word. If watching a particular movie or series or drama shifts your energy then it is a Switch Movie for you. Some particular scenes or some particular dialogues in a movie can help you raise your present energy and mood. For example,

  • For me, Bollywood Hindi Movie Sholey instantly shifts my mood (if you too have a movie that shifts your energy write the movie name in the comment section).

6. Watching, singing, or listening to favorite songs too can switch your energy and can be your switch word. Same as watching a movie, listening to a song can change your energy then it is a Switch Song for you. Some particular words in a song can remind you of a loved one every time you listen to that song. Some songs can motivate you again while some songs can keep motivated throughout your manifestation journey. The manifestation journey is the whole time you want to keep yourself motivated to achieve a goal. For example,

  • In a time of hurt, depression, or failure, a particular motivational song can shift your mood. In, India, the “Chak De India” Song from the Bollywood movie “Chak De India” instantly shifts the mood of Indian Players.

Do You know, for a faithful follower, the words of their master are Switchwords?

There can be innumerable switch words, switch things, switch persons, switch events, and switch feelings that are very quick and effective in creating a new life and reversing pain, defeat, trauma, or failure to a better life. Look around and shift your energy to a better and more positive one. 

Following your passion, doing what you love to do, having a good friend circle, appreciating people around, trips, vacations, good food, gifts, chocolates, and money are a few more points that can not only switch your energy but hold it to a better one. Always strive for these. 

switchwords benefits work power

What are the Benefits of Switch Person

  • The switch person is well connected to your heart.
  • A switch person can give you emotional satisfaction with his/her hugs and lovely talk.
  • A switch person can be present and listen when you want to change your energy system.
  • Switch person can give you the right suggestion and open up your mind, to a great extent.
  • Anyone can become your switch person e.g. your teacher, your classmate, your friend, your neighbor, your colleague, your spouse, a child, etc.

What are the Benefits of Switch Thing

  • Any stone, any color, or any other material thing can become a switch thing for you.
  • Switch things are easy to find.
  • A holy place can also become your switch thing.
  • Most people have their Deity’s Idol as a switch things. They wear pendants, talismans, and other things like switch things.
  • Pets are living beings but they can become your switch things.

Many VIBBES KADA users also use their VK as a switch thing. They call VK their buddy. (VK can also give them abundant healing support during need).

Benefits of Switch Memories/ Events/ Situations

  • Switch memories are already there in your mind to recall.
  • Switch memories have already given the desired feeling.
  • And switch memories are good for holding hope.
  • Switch memories are doubt-free as they are already manifested feelings.
  • And switch memories are good at creating and achieving new wishes.
  • Switch memories have a powerful feeling in them.

Your own switch words can change your energy system so quickly and internally motivate you to do your work more easily. Your own switch words also help you to recall your good times and memories. With this recall, your energy can switch so quickly that you can be a master of the art of finding your own switch word with the help of the above technique. Also, remember these events, feelings, and words that could have been a success in someone else’s life. You can anytime have that same feeling in your life too. 

If you still cannot find a good switch word for you then ask a switch word master who will give you some Universal Powerful Switchwords which are best fitted for most people or help you to find your own Switchwords.

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