When to use Switch Word?

when to use switch word

A person is in a negative situation and when they want to feel better they are suggested to chant a switch word. Also, they need to take the required actions. One major benefit of chanting a switch word is that you can use it, rather you should use the switch word right at the time of panic, anxiety, and stress to feeling better, raised, and uplifted.

When a person is positive, life is smooth, and keeps going well, no one needs a Switch word to be good. But when the situations are not favorable then chant the Switch word right away. 

Chant the Switch word when you feel dipped, low, panicked, and stressed right away. Don’t wait to go through the pain and let things fall into their place according to the energy prevailing. If negative, your life will keep showing negative versions only. But if you make an effort to shift it to the positive side, change is bound to come. 

Use switchwords to switch, raise and hold your positive energy. For example, if you lost your key, chant the Switchword REACH and take appropriate actions to locate the key back. 

Appropriate actions means don’t panic, instead chant the switch word, look for the key while chanting, and don’t keep sitting and wait for the key to fly to you. 

In another example, if you want good results for a child in their exams then chant DIVINE FIRST RANK. Along with chanting the switch word, study well. Do make efforts to learn well, go for exams, write exams and take the following actions. 

Not only do switch words help, as I gave the detailed explanation, switch things, switch songs, switch persons, and switch movies are also helpful and in the list of helping energies for us. 

Below I have listed a few situations where you can realize how the energy dips and where and what you can do to shift your energy to a better one.

  • On the negative side of life, many words, people, and memories hurt us. Remembering those negative words, people and memories can pull us down, reverse or dip our energy and even hurt us again. To stay positive and keep going, not only can you chant the required switch word (…) to shift your energy but you can also try not to remember what was painful and has a bad memory and save your present energy. 
  • There are all types of people around us, negative, positive, wanted and unwanted. Negative and unwanted people say bad or hurtful words and pull our energy down. Along with chanting the required switch word (…) surround yourself with positive and wanted people, who tell good and helpful words and keep both of us energetic. 
  • Words and comments of people which shifted your energy from better to negative, if spoken by positive and wanted people can help you have a better memory along with high energetic energy also. So, surround yourself with such people. 
  • Unknowingly, when a person doesn’t appreciate themselves and their good work and feels inferior to others also shift their energy down. They pull their energy to a lower one. Make sure if you meet someone like this, help them realize their uniqueness and shift both energies to the best one. 
  • Some people who are in a low mood or low energy because of some event or situation in their life can also shift a person’s happy energy and mood to the same as theirs. Don’t let them shift your positive energy, rather pull them to your better energy and be a reason for their smile.
  • People with a lack of knowledge, poor experiences, and old beliefs also pull down the energy of many positive and creative people. These can be in a close friend circle or even people in a family. Keeping a distance from them keeps your energy better and neutral.
  • In India, they say “Sabse bada rog, kya kahenge log” which means that what will people say is the biggest disease, which pulls down many people’s energy. They drop their plans and leave their goals just by the thought of being judged for their choice and decisions. Those who stick to their decisions, not only achieve their goals but also feel happy and energetic for doing so. Later, many people follow them. 
  • People who are unable to make their own decisions also stay low, dull, and depressed. To shift your energy trying to make your own decisions and stick to them. Not only will this increase your energy, but you will also feel glad and stay happy for sure. 
  • Wrong decisions always dip the energy some or other day. Planning well and taking the right decisions also keep a person’s energy raised. Work wise and stay happy. 
  • Sharing anything switches and raises energy.  Sharing this information with you all raised my energy also:)

It’s not only chanting the switch word that shifts, raises, or uplifts a person’s energy. Listening to music that feels good, singing that song that reminds you of whom you are missing, watching that favorite movie if you are sad, getting up and going for a haircut to feel that amazing look again also switches the energy. 

What switches my energy might not shift yours. It’s not compulsory what one likes, everyone likes the same thing. So take good care to change your energy and not follow any information blindly. 

There can be much more material to shift your energy from neutral to better and from better to positive. If you know some similar or better points to shift your energy, do share them with us in the comment box. Let’s switch each other’s energy for the betterment of humanity. 

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