Magical Uses of Herbs For Money, Wealth And More

In part-1 of this series I already described the magical uses of 11 herbs. In today’s article, I will talk about some more magical herbs. These herbs often used as medicines and aromas purposes but here I mention some Magical Uses of Herbs. Check Part 1 here.  

Caraway: The caraway also protects us from wicked spirits, creatures, and it clears old negativities. You can carry Caraway for this purpose. It is said that any article that embraces some caraway seeds is theft-proof.

Cascara Sagrada: Carry some of Casa Sagrada with you before going to the court proceeding. It will assist you to succeed in your case. You this can wear as a talisman against wicked and hexes. It is also used in wealth magic charm. 

Catnip: Catnip creates a spiritual attachment between two people when used in combination with rose petals as love sachets. It is said when you seize catnip in the left hand until it is humid and then hold someone’s hand they will become your friend eternal.

Catnip pulls towards your home positive people and good luck when you grow in front of the home or hang above the entrance.

Celery: To increase concentration and alertness chews its seeds. Use in pillows to create sound sleep. To increase supernatural supremacy burns it with orrisroot.

Centaury: Burn or incensed the centaury drives off snakes. Centaury is one of the key remedies of 38 bach flower remedies.

Magical Uses of Herbs For Money-Wealth-Protection & MoreChamomile: It is used by gamblers to guarantee winnings when used as a hand wash. Chamomile’s incense is used to induce sleep, increase the depth of meditation, and attract love. It helps to clear spells and curses when spread around the home.

Chickweed: To maintain a healthy relationship and attract love carries Chickweed.

Chicory: Chicory helps to remove and clear all kinds of work-related obstacles when carrying with you and sprinkle at the workplace. Carry Chicory with you to gain favors from people. Chicory is one of the key remedies of 38 bach flower remedies.

Clove: Cloves attract wealth when burning as incense and drive away adamant and harmful forces. Worn a Clove talisman to magnetize the opposite sex and bring ease in the presence of the evil spirit.

Comfrey: It is a protector of the traveler when worn. And also insert a few leaves into your luggage so that they aren’t misplaced or stolen.

Damiana: Damiana increases the sexual power of males and creates huge lust.

Dandelion: Its root encourages supernatural powers. It brings good luck when buried in the northwest corner of the house. 

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