Yoga Mudra And VK For Health, Meditation And Wellbeing

Yoga Mudra VK For Health Meditation Wellbeing

Yoga Mudra: Yoga is an ancient art and science of India. Many great Indian yoga gurus have designed this art and science with thousands of years of practice and hard work. This great culture of yoga includes famous yogis like Lord Shiva, Lord Mahavira, Lord Buddha, Maharishi Patanjali, and many more.

Yoga’s roots can be traced back to India over 5,000 years ago. The term yoga was initially quoted in ancient holy texts called the Rig Veda. Yoga is one of the 6 schools of philosophy in Hinduism. Yoga is also an important part of Jainism, Buddhism, and their meditation practices.

What is Yoga Mudra – Hand Gesture

Have you ever meticulously observed Lord Buddha? The hands of Lord Buddha resting in meditation are always in a unique manner. This state of the hands is called Yoga Mudra/ Hasta Mudra in yoga. In English, they are called Hand Gestures. Many hand gestures are also used widely in Indian dancing cultures such as Kathak, Bharatanatyam, Mohiniattam, Kathakali, Kuchipudi, Gotipua, etc.

These hand gestures/ mudras created by curling the hands in various ways express the goal of the practitioner. These mudras help the practitioner to be active in his/her goal. Mudras also stimulate the innate and dormant energy of the practitioner’s body, mind, and soul. Presently, the whole world has trusted and accepted the significance of yoga. Indeed, the world included yoga in alternative medicine systems like acupressure and acupuncture.

Unfortunately, there are no or very few scientific pieces of evidence found that support the benefits of yoga and mudras and their effect on the body. But you are very well aware that Indians have claimed these benefits for thousands of years. Perhaps, medical science still needs to examine more or study with modern equipment the effects of mudra on the body and mind.

Variation of Yoga Mudra

Ancient yoga, basically, there are two types of mudras.

  1. In the first type, we need to bend/ touch our fingers and thumb to get the desired results.
  2. In the second type, we need to bend the wrist, fingers, and thumb too.

Many yoga mudras symbolize five elements in the body. According to ancient Indian culture, our body is made of five Panchabhut (elements). These mudras help to balance, reduce or activate five elements for a healthy body and mind.

5 Elements And Mudra

  1. Air Element: In Ayurveda, the Air/Wind/Vayu element is studied and considered the most important element in the human body among the five elements. Air represents creative thinking, knowledge, skill, intellect, intelligence, and mental health. The air element is directly related to the Heart Chakra (Anahata Chakra). Our index finger represents the air element.
  2. Either Element: Either/Sky/Space/Akasha element is vastly distributed in the Universe. This element is chiefly considered to be idle due to its vastness. Either express the total consciousness, awareness, mindfulness, perception, and cognizance of the body. Either directly helps to build the bond of the practitioner with the Divine. This element is directly related to the Throat Chakra (Vishuddha Chakra). Our middle finger represents Either element.
  3. Earth Element: Earth/Prithvi is the heaviest element out of the other four elements. Earth represents the overall physical structure of the body. The earth element is directly connected to the mass, fat, tissues, bones, shape, weight, power, and odor of the body. The earth element is associated with Basic Chakra (Muladhara Chakra). Our ring finger represents the earth element.
  4. Fire Element: Fire/Agni is the fourth and most powerful element of the body. Fire element represents hormones, growth, metabolism, glands, digestive system, and temperature of the body. Water and Fire elements work exactly opposite to each other. Our thumb represents the fire element. The fire element is associated with Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipur Chakra).
  5. Water Element: Water/Jal/Varun is the fifth and one of the softest elements of the body. 70% of our body is made up of water. The water element is directly connected to the joints, skin, tissues, and taste. Our small/ pinky finger represents the water element. Sacral Chakra (Swadhisthana Chakra) is associated with the water element.

How to Use VK to Get Energy/ Effects of Yoga Mudra Even Without Performing Them

With a simple request to VK, you can get all the positive effects of any yoga mudra. Do check some methods here:

  1. If you want the energy/ effects of the Gyan Mudra for Rahul for his educational success, then simply hold your VK in between your palms and say a request to VK like: “VK, please give the effects of the Gyan Mudra to Rahul with safety and security”. Say this 3 times and keep VK aside or wear it back for the next 30 minutes. (If you want energy/ effects for you then simply say Me instead of Rahul). In these 30 minutes, VK will give all the positive effects/ energies of the Gyan Mudra to Rahul. In these 30 minutes, please do not give any other request to VK until urgent.
  2. Take a bottle of water, make an intention, hold VK over the water bottle and say, “Gyan Mudra with safety and security. Say this 3 times and rotate VK slowly over the bottle for 15-20 seconds. The water is ready to drink. Those who drink this charged water will receive full energy/ effects of the Gyan Mudra. With this method, VK is totally free to accept your next request. You can give a new request to VK or just wear it. VK is free even before 30 minutes.
For other information regarding mimicking please check:

Above in this article, I have explained how to get the energy/ effects of the Gyan Mudra. You can choose any yoga mudra according to your need and get its energy/effects using VK. For your reference, find here the list of some useful yoga mudras.

List of Yoga Mudras And Their Benefits

  1. Gyan Mudra increases knowledge and wisdom. Read More.
  2. Vaayu Mudra removes excess gas, flatulence, bloating, and other gastric issues.
  3. Aakash Mudra ease migraine, and sinusitis. Improve hearing.
  4. Shunya Mudra removes deafness and numbness. Awakens intuition.
  5. Prithvi Mudra increases strength, confidence, and weight.
  6. Surya Mudra increases metabolism, appetite, and digestion. Reduce weight.
  7. Kaya Kalp Mudra to get a youthful body.
  8. Varun Mudra reduces acidity and loose motion.
  9. Shambhavi Mudra helps to awaken Ajna chakra, higher consciousness, relaxes the muscles and nerves of the eyes.
  10. Indra Mudra improves circulation, skin glow, and reduces skin dryness.
  11. Kashyapa Mudra for balance and protection against negative energies.
  12. Prana Mudra improves vision, cures eye dryness, and other eye-related issues.
  13. Apana Mudra clears out toxins from the body and eases constipation.
  14. Vyana Mudra maintains blood pressure and reduces body pain.
  15. Udana Mudra improves vital flow in the chest, throat, vocal cord, and brain. Boost memory and mental clarity.
  16. Mrita Sanjeevani reduces pains, nervousness, migraine, and heart-related issues.
  17. Mukula/Samana Mudra balances all elements. Increase energy.
  18. Kubera Mudra balances Vata, improves blood circulation, brainpower and wealth.
  19. Shwasani Mudra cures breathing issues, respiratory inflammation, swollenness of the windpipe.
  20. Asthma Mudra relaxes respiratory tract muscles and bronchial tubes. Reduce heavy breathing.
  21. Kati Mudra relieves both acute and chronic back pain.
  22. Kidney Mudra improves kidney function, reduce high creatinine level, and kidney stone.
  23. Sandhi Mudra reduces joint pain and arthritis.
  24. Paan Mudra cures headaches and migraine.
  25. Bhramara Mudra reduces allergies, skin rashes, red patches, body itching, and sneezing.
  26. Mahasirs Mudra reduces neck, back, eyes, pelvis, and sinuses congestion.
  27. Mushti Mudra eases negative emotions, anger, fear, frustration, and constipation.
  28. Mirgi Mudra reduces the heart rate, stress, depression, and anxiety.
  29. Aditya Mudra eases morning sickness, yawning, sneezing, allergies, improves stamina, and increase weight.
  30. Mahatrika Mudra alleviates pelvic congestion and constipation.
  31. Suchi Mudra eases constipation, gas, and other digestive problems.
  32. Sukhi Mudra eases a dry cough, tonsil, and other throat-related problems.
  33. Ling Mudra increases body heat, burns fat, reduces weight, toning body structure. Eases asthma, cystic fibrosis, and breathing issues.
  34. Shankh Mudra eases throat-related issues, stammering, and weakness due to paralysis. Improve voice quality.
  35. Kaki Mudra improves, refreshes, and rejuvenates skin, strengthens nasal passage and respiratory system.
  36. Sahaj Shankh Mudra increases alertness. Remove spinal cord and removes anus-related problems.
  37. Ek Hasti Shankh Mudra eases headache, vertigo, and blood pressure. Increases mental clarity and memory.
  38. Nirmal Mudra improves focus and memory. Calms the mind. Eliminates insomnia and nervousness.
  39. Pushan Mudra eradicates all gastric disorders such as flatulence, nausea, and the after-effects of a heavy meal.
  40. Yoni Mudra reduces unnecessary mind chatter. Increases peace and harmony.
  41. Yoni Shunya Mudra purifies blood, negative thoughts, and bad breath.
  42. Ksepana Mudra helps to let go of physical waste, toxic relationships, negative thoughts, old habits, negative beliefs, lust, and useless desires.
  43. Matangi Mudra stimulates the hypothalamus. Reduces spasms or stomachache.
  44. Garuda Mudra removes waste and toxins from the body.
  45. Kshepan Mudra allows us to let go of negative energy absorbed by other people and Increases refreshed and positive energy.
  46. Vajra Mudra boosts blood circulation and reduces restlessness. Increase blood pressure.
  47. Shakti Mudra relieves insomnia, stress, and body trembling. Calms the mind and nerves.
  48. Rudra Mudra increases physical energy, fire element, pitta, appetite, and digestion.
  49. Agni Mudra increases body heat, willpower, and self-confidence.
  50. Agni Shakti Mudra increases focus and stimulates the fire.
  51. Shiva Ling Mudra helps to feel grounded and eases anxiety and stress.
  52. Makara Mudra increases physical energy reserves and removes dullness.
  53. Namskar Mudra increases centeredness, calmness, harmony, the balance of nerves, and nadis.
  54. Soham Mudra improves focus, concentration, memory, and clarity.
  55. Ankush Mudra increases discipline. Helps to be a leader, workaholic, and motivated.
  56. Ganesh Mudra increases the strength of muscles of the arms, chest, and shoulders.
  57. Kaleshwar Mudra helps to overcome unwanted traits and addictions.
  58. Pushpanjali Mudra brings good sleep and increases self-confidence.
  59. Ushas Mudra boosts clarity and alertness. Harmonizes the hormones. Creates pleasure and awakens sexuality.
  60. Shant Mudra instantly reduces anger and frustration. Increase happiness and peace.
  61. Pranayama Mudra balance the three dosas. Remove many pains.
  62. Lekhani Mudra reduces procrastination and increases wisdom.
  63. Hakini Mudra enhances memory, improves concentration, calms the mind, improves brain functions, and academic performance.
  64. Shaktipan Mudra increases brain power, memory, and 3rd eye power.
  65. Surbhi Mudra heals digestive and metabolism systems, balance three doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha), detoxify, and calm the body.
  66. Kundalini Mudra helps to awaken kundalini, sexual power, sexual energy, and stimulate regeneration and creativity.
  67. Naga Mudra provides mental clarity and wisdom.
  68. Dhyana Mudra helps to create self-awareness, pushing inwards, increases intuition and insight.
  69. Pankaj Mudra makes the body calm, cool, and pure. Pacifies fever in a short time.
  70. Uttarabodhi Mudra improves self-confidence, helps to know inner Self. Removes fears and worries.
  71. Vata Pitta Naashak Mudra is useful for the persons who are having Vata and Pitta dosha jointly. This mudra has unique qualities to overcome all the ailments of Vata and pitta doshas.
  72. Dharmachakra Mudra unblocks chakras, eases diabetes, hypertension, de-stresses the mind. Clear a messy mind and redirect the focus towards learning.
  73. Vajrapradama Mudra creates confidence, positivity, a sense of security, a feeling of self-assurance. Improves mental, physical, and emotional stability.
  74. Antah Karana Mudra dispels fears, anxiety, negativity, and depression. Enhance feelings of happiness, bliss, and contentment
  75. Ashwini Mudra cures all diseases of the rectum, anus, and constipation. Makes the walls of the large intestine stronger.
  76. Shanmukhi Mudra removes anxiety and negative mental patterns. Stimulates sensory organs and Ajna chakra. Increase focus, calmness, introversion, and sensitivity.
  77. Bhairava Mudra harmonizes the left and right hemispheres of the brain, the flow of prana and unites all opposites. It brings inner balance in meditation.

Some Benefits of Taking Effects of Mudras Using VK

  1. The list could be endless. You can choose any yoga mudra to take the effects. If you are doubtful of the side effects of the selected mudra, you can add safety and security in your request to VK.
  2. If you use VK to get the energies of the mudra, VK sets you free from all the restrictions which were required to be followed traditionally.
  3. Anyone can use mudra energy with VK at any time.
  4. Traditionally, you should not perform mudras after having a meal but with VK you can get the effects of any mudra at any time. (only Vaayu Mudra could be performed after a meal).
  5. If you use VK to get the effects of the mantra, then you need not to learn to perform mudra or need not to worry about how to correctly perform any mudra. You just need to say the name of the yoga mudra while requesting VK and VK will give the effect and benefit.
  6. No need of knowing the difficult mudras, you only need to know the main purpose.
  7. Use any yoga mudra at any time of the day, it’s an option to choose the time with VK, not a compulsion.
  8. No need to do the asana with mudra.
  9. When VK is there, no need to have faith in VK or in the yoga mudra. You only need to intend and make a request to VK. VK will do the rest.
  10. As you know, VK can mimic any energy and this is the most unique feature of VK. VK can mimic the purest form of anything on this earth including yoga mudras. Mudras are developed in the purest energy which has some do’s and don’ts if used without VK.
  11. Life these days is running like a horse and many of you don’t have time to perform the mudra but VK is there for you. Use VK to get the purest form of the yoga mudra by using its most special feature of Mimicking.
  12. This doesn’t make you dependent on VK even for your mudra performing, rather it provides you the PUREST form of energy even without following the traditional rules and rituals of mudra performing. It sets you free from many restrictions and makes your life easy. Read Capability and dependency on VK.
  13. There is no restriction in charging any quantity of an item. You can charge a glass of water as well as a tank of water.
  14. Bulk quantity will require more rotations with VK and less quantity will require fewer rotations with VK.
  15. There are Edible Items like drinking water and food we can eat. Every edible liquid like water, coffee, milk, tea, juices, and every edible food like bread, biscuits, candies, chocolates, rice, pulses, flours, etc can be charged with any energy you want.
  16. All the organs of a human body can be rejuvenated and charged with a combination of Vital Organ Balancing and mantras of your choice.
  17. You can add the energy of GOLDEN SUNRISE with any mudra of your choice.
  18. You can add any cosmic serum with any yoga mudra of your choice
  19. Almost all mudra can be clubbed with Shield of Seven Rays.

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You can give us suggestions, ideas, or share your own experiences regarding any mudra and write to us in the comment box below. We would like to read your opinions and words.