Capability And Dependency On Cosmic Energies And VIBBES KADA®

Capability Dependency On Cosmic Energies VIBBES KADA

The capability of a human is not limited to eating, drinking, studying, sleeping, playing, or many such simple and similar jobs. But his capability is to understand things well, have an inquisitive mind like a scientist, hunt for the solutions, make use of the solutions, improve the ways, make the best use of technology to expand more of it, do experiments, intent to do something great, useful and beneficial, use the things in a BETTER way.

Wright brothers also had some capability to think big, different, special, outstanding, amazing, unbelievable, and something impossible. And they did so in August 1871, they built the first successful airplane. People at that time couldn’t believe in it, made fun of it, laughed at it, they were scared of flying in it, amazed to see it, pinched themselves up from a dream to make themselves believe in such an outstanding invention of the century.

But some people were impressed with it and some were motivated by them. Their act of not only thinking but actually materializing their intention of flying. Many people applauded them, praised them, were proud of them, and were happy about their invention and a remarkable technological upgrade for the generations ahead.

Same way, Sharat sir too thought of an invention. He wanted to make a person’s life easy. He wanted to invent something which could rectify a human’s life quickly and safely. A simple energy tool that could be used as one solution for all problems. He has been an energy practitioner for a long time and he is a master of many energy modalities. His intention to provide something powerful led him to invent an energy tool called VK. While working in the field of energy, he found out the reasons and causes of the depletion of energy. His intention of working for the safety of his own self and others also made him work more and more towards the invention of some tool, instead of a human, which is called VIBBES KADA VK. Must read Shield of Seven Rays for Your Complete Protection.

As and when people come across the facts of VK and its invention they can hardly believe it. Either they are happy, amazed, motivated, excited, supportive, and thankful or they doubt the existence of such a tool. It’s very hard for many people to believe that something like VK is possible on earth. Instead of making use of VK, knowing its true power and use, many people are jealous and complaining also. They are complaining that VK is hampering the capability of a human. They are not happy that like many other upgraded tools, gadgets, and devices they have VK also but they are doubting if such a tool should be used or not. 

When they come to know about the efficiency of VK they fall into the world of questions:

  • Is it so efficient?
  • Can this really work for all things?
  • Is everything going to be fine with this simple bangle?
  • Can this bangle give us happiness?
  • Is it better than a human? What if this is SO capable, what do we do with our own capabilities?
  • Will we be dependent on this bangle for our wishes to be fulfilled?
  • What if we depend upon VK and it stops working?

CAPABILITY AND DEPENDENCY ON COSMIC ENERGIES/VIBBES KADAThese and many other questions are there in a person’s mind when they come across the facts of efficiency and possibilities of VK.

  • What if we think to patch up human qualities with that of VK?
  • What if we all learn all ways to use VK?
  • What if we explore its features and learn its working?
  • What if we make the best use of such a tool to make our lives better?
  • What if we create and spread happiness in our families with VK?
  • What if we become more capable of helping those who cannot help others with VK?
  • What if we help those who deserve to be helped more with VK?
  • What if we make the world worth living for all those sad faces that haven’t seen or felt happiness with VK?
  • How would you feel when your pains will vanish without seeing a doctor?
  • How would you feel when your visit to the doctor, paying his bill, usage of petrol to see him is reduced?
  • How would you feel when your stagnant works get boom even in the recession?
  • How would you feel when you get your desired job easily and as early as possible?
  • How would you feel when you will be able to see your kid performing well in the class and chosen as the best student of the year?
  • How would you feel when energy sent with VK would make your parents happy and calm who have been hopeless and in the grief of life?
  • How would you feel when your parents become more healthy with VK energies and they bless you and the inventor in turn.
  • How would you feel when your daughter might get a perfect match, a life partner in her life with the help of VK?

You might be reading many updates on the experience and achievements of people using VK. Many achievements include simple things getting worked.

For example, a gadget starts working (which you could also get repaired), a call from a friend( which you could even wait for), ease in pain in the leg (which you could also get by taking meditation), an increment in salary (which you could get even later) but can you just think once and feel the happiness of that person who got relieved without spending more money, without waiting for long, without fear of losing faith in the divine, without consuming anything physical to get relief? These might be small things for some but still are happy moments for a few, maybe many.

According to the Law of attraction small happiness attracts happiness in multifold thus increasing positive energy in our aura and making our lives better. The list is long and endless. We should learn the value of such a modality instead of questioning its capability. Let’s be more capable and explore VK and use it to its maximum.

There are many energy modalities and all work on the basis of Faith. Until you have faith in the modality it will not give you the desired result. Think carefully that when you are already upset due to failure and loss, how will you hold the faith in the new desire? It is not easy to hold 100 % faith in anyone or anything.  Vk is a single and one of its kind which does not work on the basis of your Faith. It works even if you don’t have Faith. First, have experience of this system of faith with VK and without VK also then question the capabilities of VK. Read here more than 30 reasons why doesn’t VK need your faith to work?

VK is attuned with Cosmic energies and passes only positive energy, it is not like other energy modalities which are not sure of safety. Even Reiki healing practice needs the safety of sender and receiver of energy. Isn’t this important to understand that we all need safety rather than questioning the capability of a divine tool that is promising safety? Do you know VK assures your safety as first priority when you work with VK.

A human makes a wish and it takes years to fulfill that wish. Many of us drop the wish as it takes too long and many of us adjust to the present scene only. Isn’t it amazing that now there is some tool which can work on our wishes and make them happen as soon as possible? Why not use VK and see how quickly it can work for us rather than looking into traditional ways of living life? Life is moving very fast, things are getting advanced and situations are becoming better with VK. Let’s use VK and continue to do so. Do read how VK is an intentional healing tool understand with 10 examples.

A person has many thoughts and choices. Anyone can pick any bad choice at any time and trouble the other person. This can be done knowingly or unknowingly. Are you safe? What if you have a shield of protection at all levels and you can save yourself from other people’s bad intentions? VK works only on good and pure intentions, it gets locked when any negative intention or request is made to it. Shouldn’t we choose safety, good intention, and purity of VK rather than living in fear? 

Mimicking is a unique feature of VK. This is another feature that is never thought of by anyone. If this feature can make someone laugh by mimicking a laughter show, if this unique ability of VK can save expenses of ventilators, zapper healing, or other such medical conditions. Isn’t it worth it?  (Though we don’t suggest you avoid the medical process but this can save you from many things.) VK can mimic the required energy in case of emergency when the treatment is expensive and far. 

Even if it seems like dependency, it is worth a smile. Little achievements lead to a bigger one. One invention leads to another, so Sharat sir could invent VIBBES SEEDER too. Read his one-stop solution for your Vastu issues and use this another amazing invention. Learn to appreciate and respect someone’s intention to provide you with an easy life and a simple smile rather than complaining and getting jealous. If you know the law of attraction then you must also understand this fact that smile attracts smile, ease attracts ease, good intention attracts good karmas, and what will jealousy and doubt attract? You yourself should know. 

Thanks for reading and appreciating his good work. 

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