How to Become a MONEY MAGNET in 40 Days Part 3 (Day 11 to 16)

How to Become a MONEY MAGNET in 40 Days Part 3

40 Days Program/ Ritual to Become a MONEY MAGNET Part 3 (Day 11 to 16)

Do you sometimes feel lost about your desires? Do you feel your desires are out of reach? Do you feel many obstacles coming in your way when you want to achieve your dreams? Do you feel fear about re-starting after losing in the past to fulfill your money desires? Do you feel sad when there is a lack of money and opportunities to fulfill your desires? Then this page is for you.

Thank You for doing the 2nd ritual to become a Money Magnet. I am sure you did it successfully. It was also easy as the 1st one. It was a nice feeling to bless people who already have things which you also desire in your life.

Don’t miss to bless in the future too. If you bless them with your heart, your negative emotions like jealousy and hatred for others have totally vanished.

Continue as much as you can, create more space in your mind for attracting good vibrations and wealth. Now you are able to see many blessings in your life. You have also realized that there are many people who truly deserved your blessing.

If you are new to this article or if you want to again know the 1st ritual then directly jump to the 1st ritual to become a money magnet. As you know reading again sometimes opens new pathways.

Note: Follow this ritual only if you practiced the first two rituals from Day 1 to Day 10 without any breaks.

Let’s Begin the 3rd Program/ Ritual to Become a Money Magnet Day 11 to Day 16

Expand Your Love. Love has the highest vibration of the Universe. You can even bound God through LOVE. In this 3rd program, you will learn the 3rd ritual of becoming a money magnet with love.

The 3rd ritual is to start on Day 11 and continued to Day 16 with more love for what you want. How will you feel when you get money in your hand or in your bank account? All of you will love it, Isn’t it?

  1. So now start loving what you want in your life.
  2. If you want what is worth money, love that now. This will help you to attract your desires with more love.
  3. Right now if you are feeling sad about things that you don’t have but you want it, start expressing your love for it with simple words.
  4. When you say I LOVE YOU to anything, that love vibrations feel both in your mind and what you desire, making a loving way to achieve it. SO NOW SAY I LOVE YOU TO WHAT YOU WANT.
  5. Throughout the day as much as you can start sending love to things that you desire. Say it in your mind or say loudly as you feel comfortable.

A simple way is saying this:

  1. I love you money.
  2. I love you wealth.
  3. I love you prosperity in my life.
  4. I love abundance in my life.

You can keep saying this as many times as you can throughout the day. When you open your wallet, you must say this I love You money (even you have only a few bucks in it).

When you are spending money in cash or by card or doing any money transaction, don’t forget to say I LOVE YOU MONEY.

If you have a specific wish, in addition to the above you can send love to those specific desires.

Some more examples:

  1. If you want a car, say I love Honda City Car (replace the name with your desired car).
  2. If you want a pearl necklace, I love Pink shining pearl necklace.
  3. If you want admission to AIIMS university, I love the MBBS degree of AIIMS university.
  4. If you want to buy a home in Delhi, I love a lovely home in Delhi.
  5. If you wish to have more clients, I love my daily new clients.
  6. For starting a new business, I love my new business idea.
  7. I love you my bank accounts.
  8. I love you my growing business.
  9. For funds in the business, I love you money in new business.
  10. For promotion in the job, I love you my job, and my salary.
  11. For new hierarchy in the job, I love you higher designation (If the next level is General Manager, that you desire, say I love you GM position.
  12. I love you Pink and white Cello dinner set.
  13. I love you glass dining table.
  14. I love you modular kitchen set.
  15. I love you apple laptop.
  16. I love you brown leather sofa set.
  17. If you want your new show to be hit with profits, I love you my superhit Fashion show.
  18. For success in the jewelry exhibition, I love you my stall.
  19. I love you blue bicycle.
  20. I love you a diamond ring.
  21. I love you computer desk.
  22. I love you iPhone.
  23. I love you pink flowing gown.
  24. I love you brown curtains.
  25. I love you profits in my business.
  26.  I love you my growing investments.
  27.  I love you NAV of my mutual funds.
  28.  I love you my business deals.
  29.  I love you all my clients.
  30.  I love you my work.
  31. I love you my talents.
  32. I love you my presentation skills.
  33. If you wish to set up new or grow your beauty salon I love you my beauty salon.
  34. I love you my supporting boss (This will increase your confidence and mindset to deal with your boss, don’t think about the bad relationship now, just send love).
  35. I love you my creativity.
  36. I love you my negotiation skills.
  37. I love you my expressions.
  38. I love you travel bag.
  39. I love you vacation trip to Florida.
  40. I love you pilgrimage to Char Dham.

For specific desires, prioritize your wishes, sit alone, and send more love to those things. This will help to create more energy to attract those particular things in your life.

How many things you can desire through this ritual, I will not answer this question, ask your heart, and follow your inner guidance. The whole world is yours.

You will create and send more love to your desired wish if you follow your inner guidance and consciousness.

The best way is to use these simple sentences as many times as you can:

  1. I love you money.
  2. I love you wealth.
  3. I love you prosperity in my life.
  4. I love abundance in my life.

This will create a love for many things in your life that you desire and deserve.

Time To Be A Money MagnetSpecial Money Magnet Tips for VK Users

VK users can hold or touch VK and send love to VK for its infinite abilities. This daily practice with sending love to your VK to connect your deep desires to your VK more deeply. VK users can express love in their own words without any language barriers and as many times as you can.

You can express your love to VK the way you wish by holding in your palms or by touching it or just looking at it, by smiling at it or kissing it, or folding your hands in a praying mode. There is no specific requirement to express love, just do it by your inner guidance.

Some examples:

  1. I love you VK.
  2. I love you my Divine friend VK.
  3. I love you Cosmic energies in VK.
  4. I love you my VK baby all 365 days in the year.
  5. I love you VK for following my positive intentions.
  6. I love you VK for blessing me money opportunities.
  7. I love you VK for blessing me new business ideas.
  8. I love you VK for bringing abundance in my life.
  9. I love you VK for getting me new clients.
  10. I love you VK for my salary hike.
  11. I love you VK for fulfilling my desires.
  12. I love you VK for making way for what I truly deserve.
  13. I love you VK for making me a MONEY MAGNET.
  14. I love you Cosmic energies in VK for enhancing my creativity
  15. I love you SHIELD OF 7 RAYS from VK protecting my bank accounts and new business deals.
  16. I love you VK for everything that you do for me 24 x 7.

VK users can continue to use TOTAL WEALTH SERUM, ALPHA MALE SERUM or ALPHA WOMAN SERUM with VK daily. This will help you to welcome prosperity at many levels.

  1. VK users can also send LOVE SERUM to the Universe.
  2. VK users can also send LOVE SERUM to their bank accounts or specific wish.
  3. After requesting LOVE SERUM to VK, keep VK aside for 30 min as you do for other healing requests.

Benefits of Money Magnet Practice Part 3

  1. With love, anything can be achieved. When you practice this 3rd ritual of loving your desires, it will make you feel close to your desires.
  2. With expressing love to your desires daily and frequently each day, the negative emotions like the sadness of not having these things or desired money will be replaced with love.
  3. If you feel insecure or worried about your financial situation, with frequent love to desires will shift your focus to positive feelings of love to what you want.
  4. It will help to build your confidence to achieve what you want.
  5. If practiced daily, you will sleep more peacefully.
  6. All deep-rooted emotions of lack and discouragement will get replaced with more inner strength and calmness
  7. This way of loving things and money will send a SIGNAL to the Universe and the Universe will make ways to get you what you wish with more EASE.
  8. A person who expresses love receives more love from the Universe.
  9. Keep loving your desires, embrace them, hug your desires in your thoughts by this 3rd ritual. The journey to reach your goals will be easy. You will start seeing your dreams as the only target.
  10. If you continue 1st ritual of blessings things that you have, 2nd ritual of blessing people for things they have and that you also want for yourself and this 3rd ritual of loving your desires, you will start experiencing an amazing shift in your thought processes.

Best Time To Practice Money Magnet Program

  1. Do you need to wait for the right time to express love to your desires? My answer is NO. You may practice this at any time of the day.
  2. Keep the practice going throughout the day as many times as you can.
  3. When you travel in public transport, you can say I LOVE YOU CAR.
  4. When you are at work, say I LOVE YOU MY work, my job, my promotions, my business, my projects, and so on.
  5. Think of the things you want and think of the people who have those things and bless them.
  6. You can sit in a place and express love to money and your desires for some time. But also practice this throughout the day with your routine activities. This will help you to let go of the negativity of lack and fill your minds with more positive thoughts and love.

Can You Practice 1ST Ritual and 2nd Ritual on DAY 11 TO Day 16?

Yes, you can do it. You can continue to practice the 1st ritual of blessing the things that you already have. And you can practice blessing others too with things they have and you want them in your life.

You can also send love to your desires and money. It will help you to clear negative thoughts and you will be more in receiving mode. Must explore this.

Go with the flow don’t count how many times you bless and love in this 40-day ritual to become a money magnet



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