How to Become a MONEY MAGNET in 40 Days Part 4 Day 17 to 23

Thank You for successfully doing the 3rd ritual to become a Money Magnet. I am sure you have spread the love everywhere. 3rd ritual was also very easy like previous rituals. Love is the highest vibration of the Universe.

After reaching there you are now able to do our 4th ritual to become a money magnet. It is so wonderful to stay in love always. Isn’t it? Don’t miss to spread love everywhere.

This ritual/ program is for those who followed and completed all 3 rituals step by step and one by one as guided by me.

Sometimes in your life, you feel you want to reach a financial status with a luxurious life, but there are some missing points. It is more related to your skills and some awareness.

You know you are good at your efforts and talents, so what is that area that you need to work upon to reach your desires. Sometimes you don’t even realize what’s missing. Sometimes you keep wondering what more is to be done.

So if you are having such questions in your mind, then this ritual/ program is for you.

Good Habits of BillionairesWhat you have to do in this Ritual?

Now let’s understand some basics of learning. When you read Saicharitra, you come to know about Mahimas of Indian Saint Saibaba. You get inspired by his life miracles and teachings. When you read Shiva Puraan, you learn about Lord Shiva, cosmology, devotion, relationships of Gods, yoga, and many other things.

When you read Maa Durga Saptashati, in 700 verses who come to know about 9 forms of Maa Durga. You learn about her unique qualities, strengths, and her bravery in each form.

So when you read stories or books of any great Saint or Deity, you learn about their unique qualities and strengths. You imbibe them in your own lives and live a better life. Like from Saibaba, you learn about Shraddha (Faith in Divine)  and  Saburi (patience), and if you imbibe this in your life, you become more peaceful.

When you read about Maa Durga, you imbibe her qualities of being loving, strong, brave, and courageous. Same as when you study the Bible you do feel a close connection with Jesus and when you read Shrimad Bhagwat Gita you also feel a deep connection with Lord Krishna.

So when you wish to be a MONEY MAGNET, what will you read about?

You should read about the life stories of Billionaires. You should also study their life, their talents, their investment, their habits, their net-worth, and all their qualities. In this way, you can feel a deep connection with Billionaire’s frequency. You can also imbibe their qualities and mindset.

Here I teach you a unique way of learning. Firstly I am sharing with you the Forbes list of Top 50 people who get ranked according to their status of richness. These are billionaires. Some of them are Self-made Billionaires !!

Think about how did they reach this stage. Some of you may think that its luck or destiny or they were born with a Silver spoon. If your answer is this, then let me tell you, your focus is again on lack or insecurity or inabilities. Yes, there may be some luck or destiny, but why do you think that you are not lucky?

Instead of focusing on luck, now focus on what they have done differently. Understand what are the special qualities or habits they have, which must have made them achieve their desires.

This ritual is about learning or studying the life path and ways of these Billionaires.

How can you do that? You have to use your favorite Search engine, Google. Search with Billionaire names. Just do some surfing on the internet about their lives. Take a notebook or a diary and make your own points.

See what are the habits or what are their working ways which you need to modify or add in your own life. You can note down at least 2 or 3 qualities or practices of each of these Billionaires, which you are not yet adopted or you are not even aware of. (I hope you will get some spare time out of your social networking gossips to practice this ritual).

So Now Get Set Go To Google About Your At-Least 5 Favorite Billionaire’s Life. This is your 4th ritual/ program. This 4th Ritual of becoming a Money Magnet can be a turning point for most of you who are serious about being financially successful.

A Famous Australian Actor, Frederick Matthias Alexander quoted this:

“People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures.”

This is what is required to be done. Study the lives of successful Billionaire and adapt their habits into your life.

Be a Money MagnetHow Can You Put These Habits Into Practice

  1. Start working on one habit at a time. If you want to wake up early, set your alarm clock 15 min earlier to your current schedule. Slowly increase this time.
  2. Give yourself time to adopt new habits.
  3. Take it easy, don’t rush to imbibe all practices in one day.
  4. Check on new habits, start with the habits that you can connect with first.
  5. Some habits you may not like, but you can add them with ease thinking that they will help you with your good.

TIP for VK users

  • You can request VK in your own words to help you to imbibe new habits with ease.
  • You can also request VK to help you to with time management. Read a VK Tip 23 for Time Management.
  • Do continue to bless your things as in 1st ritual, bless others as described in 2nd ritual, and love your desires as guided in 3rd ritual.

Benefits of 4th Ritual of Reading and Imbibing Habits of Billionaires

  1. Reading about Billionaire’s lives will give you more confidence.
  2. When you read about their failures and successes, you will feel connected to your own life.
  3. When you read about the habits of Self-made Billionaires, you will realize how simple their ways are, which can be followed by anyone.
  4. When you incorporate these habits into your daily life, it will enhance your personality and skills.
  5. When you practice these habits, you will also remember whose habit you are getting into your own life. The moment you remember the Self-made billionaire, your own vibrational frequency will rise.
  6. You will know what additional efforts you must do to achieve your goals.
  7. With the regular practice of new habits, you will notice how your personality is changing.
  8. With new habits, you will feel more organized, energetic and peaceful.
  9. This is one of the ways to groom yourself with a difference.
  10. You will inspire others with your changing lives and new habits. You will become a role model for people around you.
  11. If you keep reading about Self-made billionaires, your focus will change from poverty to richness, your inspirational level will increase.
  12. People will admire changes in you. You will love this new art of living.

I am sharing with you this new article by VK teacher Rakhi, how she studied the habits of Self- made Billionaires or Inspiring Rich people. This article is for your reference and you can take it as a STARTING POINT. You must also do your own efforts of doing this 4th ritual of learning about Self-made Billionaires. Must read 18 powerful habits of self-made billionaires.

So friends must google now more about the life stories of Self-made Billionaires. You must share your learning, share whose stories inspired you, what are your new good habits for a successful journey.


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