My Experiences with VIBBES KADA – VK by Puneet Tyagi

My Experiences with VIBBES KADA VK by Puneet Tyagi


My journey with VK started on Guru Purnima 19 July 2016 when I got divine VK blessings from SHARAT SIR on personally meeting him. I was searching for switchwords on the web and repeatedly LITAIRIAN was attracting my mind. It is all the universal equilibrium that you get, what is meant for you.

I just read all the articles on the website 3 days amazing. I was thinking about VK’s miraculous powers. I just sent a query on email and got a chance to meet SHARAT SIR at his residence.

He is a living Enlightened Spiritual Master, who is a Simple Human Being by his appearances but a Divine Mission on his own. I was a heavy bucket filled with garbages and a Socially traditional mentally conditioned person. SHARAT SIR blessed me with his unconditioned love and divine light.

I was very hopeless in my life. I was regularly losing my wisdom and positivity. Even I was in my own unrealistic thoughtful world, losing interest in my family friends and everything. I was thinking to get a death or to go somewhere in the mountains. But it is GOD (I call him DAD) knows my role better, then I was blessed with VK and the divine grace of Sharat Sir.

In the first week, I was in great suspicion because of my own extra knowledge of traditional religious thoughts that I was taught since birth. After that, it was a VK effect, that my inner wisdom and the oneness with my DAD was getting overpowered. My heart started delivering its love dose, the brain got knowledge of reality. I got ideas, positivity, and wisdom more than my expectations. Experiences VIBBES KADA

What did I do?

I just say “VK please be my friend, guide me about your usage, let me feel the divine grace.” With the above words, I have started my VK journey, which changed my calculative boring life to joy, happiness, love, and ultimate freedom.

Apart from some amazing experiences with VK, my logical life now becomes an art, where I myself become love, light, song, dance, and start blooming.

Yes, I am alive. Thank you so much SHARAT SIR for being a Master, a Friend, and a Guardian. My soul feels complete with your Blessings.

Sorry Friends, it is really hard for me to control emotions while am sharing experiences…

I was suffering from insomnia and depression for 2 years and had to rely on sleeping pills. I don’t know how they (sleeping pills) fled in the air just by wearing VK on the third day. Earlier I underwent heavy mental stress and conditioning. I just lost my life and pretended to be just a body with no more hope.

VK and GOLDEN SUNRISE changed me to positivity. My family supported and protected me in my suffering days when I was aggressive and abusive, but VK changed me into a loving person. I had become a highly judgemental person but VK just washed out me to a pure form, where I can sense my inner child.

More VK Experiences

More VK Experiences:

My mother was highly diabetic, living on insulin with reports showing around 400 reading all the time and even higher sometimes. We have tried homeopathy and ayurvedic but nothing worked.  After VK, I started giving her energies of Key Pen Serum, Golden Sunrise, and Heart Serum daily. After a month, not only her Diabetes is under control, but overall health also improved a lot.

I was always fearing of my financial conditions and always lived with a limited mindset. With VK, as guided by SHARAT SIR, I use Total Wealth Serum and Golden Sunrise. This improves my financial condition to a great extent. Also now I have a positive mind for Energy of Money.

VK creates unseen protection by only wearing it. Shield of Seven Rays is Divine protective energy by my master SHARAT SIR. It not only changes my strength but I can even feel vibrations from people who are looking at me with a difference.

The best experience of wearing VK is feeling super confident in self and feeling like a special child of Divine.

One of my friend’s sister was living separately from her hubby for more than 3 years, every chance to reunite them went in vain. But My Bestfriend VK does it in 1 month. I used One Soul Serum for them with VK. Now they are living together with more love and respect for each other.  What could be better than this…your sister lives Happily.

My spirituality and meditation practices enhanced with VK. Now it is very easy to connect with inner me with VK. Even thoughts could be eased just by a simple request to VK. My own health is improved a lot with VK.

I start my day with VK by taking Golden Sunrise energy and Suryapranaam Yoga energy for myself.

I use Perfect Health Serum with VK during Gym exercises and after the workout. Results are amazing as my stamina has highly increased so much that I can do workout 3 to 4 hours at one time. I don’t take any artificial supplement, protein product with exercises. Now I race with my kids and I never feel tired of running and climbing stairs.

My immune system is improved.

VK power is a guarantee of road safety. Also, I feel low traffic in the city by requesting All clear serum with VK for traffic.

VK is my best friend when I have no friends to share with. VK is always near when no one is near you. VK always respond positively when no one there to hear you. VK helps you in every situation.

VK experience in my Love life

My VK experience in my Love life

For those who are Married Couple, I want to share with you, that using VK as a couple is the biggest miracle. We always hear that Committed or Married people have a thread between them, but I don’t feel it happens as it stated. VK doesn’t need that thread or social commitment. VK itself a divine Grace, where I feel the real love bondage with my wife.

Our upbringing since birth is done in such a social and traditional way in India, that we can’t express our love with our relations.

I have seen couples married for 30/40 yrs, but casually ask them…last when did they share I LOVE YOU or I THANK YOU affirmations with each other and the answer is why to say it is already understood!

I am not surprised for this is happening for centuries in our country, our relationship bond is strongly committed than others, but we are not affirming that.

We should know that soul needs acceptance even we have to request the Divine while Divine is always with us.

The science of affirming is a big change that we Indians have to accept more rapidly for our well being, relationship, and happiness.

VK enhances the effect of affirmations and we can take energy directly or in water and other food items.

For my married relationship, I use VK and the results are amazing. I kept giving One Soul Serum energy with VK for 20 days to both of us, the energy of LOVE to the atmosphere, and for my home. I also used the Divine energy of Lord Krishna for a month.

One special meditation which I performed with the intention of I love you and I thank you for my wife for a week regularly with VK and now sometimes I used it with Golden heart blessings meditation by Sir once in a week.

This energy of Divine Love and affirmations reciprocates with intense pleasure and satisfaction.

We both are VK users and even my both boys too are blessed with VK.

The advantage of VK as a couple is the compassion, pleasure, and love that strengthens on its own.

VK knows your intention and thoughts even it converts my feeling with its own Telepathic ability. My wife understands me and the same I do for her.

The most necessary thing we missed out on as a couple is our freedom and VK guides the couple’s mind to realize the others need first and great satisfaction of inner joy.

Today as a VK couple I know her value in my life, VK turns your attitude and Ego to being Thankful for everything.

Even my wife experienced a huge change as a VK user.

She was having pain in the back for a long time which is vanished with Pain care serum. She used to get swelling in her legs which are cured with VK cosmic serums and vital organ balancing using VK. She was guided by Rakhi didi for some menstrual problems. My wife says VK does the miracle for her, a big thanks to Rakhi didi for her supports to all.

My mother in law is healed by my wife, she was having typhoid, fever, and health issues every year which gets healed by VK. My wife is also healing her sister in law during pregnancy. Once she was in trouble with some blood flow and she sent the energy of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, GOLDEN SUNRISE, and Fem Serum using VK.

As my whole family is a VK user, I feel blessed with divine grace everywhere. My family and surroundings changed positively. Our medical bills are cut down to 90 percent and it is a big relief. The best part is we all are healthy and fit.

My Experiences with VIBBES KADA VKMy elder son loves VK. He says “dad I just love to wear VK. He always feels good with me.” Even my kids experience VK magic with their own experiments as they use VK to repair watches, toys, robots, and even computers and other gadgets. Kids are happy with VK as they feel. Teacher’s and friend’s behavior towards them is nice. Kid’s behavior towards trees and pets changed to being loving and caring.

So many blessings received with VK and GOLDEN SUNRISE. Even as a year passed, but the journey is going on and on and on.

I am using VK not only for me and my family but even for plants and animals. SHARAT SIR attuned VK such that it can also heal non-living things. I used my VK to get my car service as per authorized servicing energy. Surprisingly my car performance and smoothness increase even mileage is increased by VK. Wow VK is such a companion in every aspect of my life.

I always wanted to do charity and help others, but could only do to a certain limit, but with SHARAT SIR, his guidance, and as a VK user, I got a chance to heal people and the world. Blessings and healing other’s pain is the biggest charity that you do selflessly.

SHARAT SIR works day and night so hard to ease our lives and his mission is the biggest blessing for the whole world.

It is SatChitAnand under the Divine Grace of SHARAT SIR. I am always thankful to Sir for giving me opportunities to be a part of His Divine Mission.

There are lots of experiences with VK which I will keep sharing. Further, I request to all the people who can selflessly join hands with us.




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