What is Access Bars and How to Use it with VIBBES KADA®

What is Access Bars and how to use it with VIBBES KADA

What are Access Bars?

Access Bars is a healing modality that was first designed by speaker and writer Gary M. Douglas in the 1990s. Access Bars consist of 32 special power points located on the head that associate with various characteristics such as body, sorrow, attention, aging, healing, sexuality, finances, happiness, authority, and creativity. When gently touched these points with the practicer’s hands, effortlessly and smoothly release the emotion and thoughts that block you from making a life you adore.

Who Found Access Bars?

The Bars were originally channeled by Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness, in 1990. Dr. Dain Heer, the former chiropractor, is a co-creator of Access Consciousness. This modality is used worldwide. Access Bars are 32 points on your head to release the ideas, beliefs, feelings, and considerations that prevent you from living a life you love when they are gently touched.

Who Can Use Bars

Families, wellness experts, schools, corporations, mental health professionals, athletes, prisons, veterans, artists, and much more use these as strong and useful tools.

To bring about simple, quick change, psychologists, psychiatrists, physiotherapists, family play therapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, business coaches, and trainers collaborate with regular people.

Many claims that access bars have improved their quality of life, lowered frustration, sadness, and anxiety, increased relaxation, improved their outlook on life, and increased vigor and creativity.

How Do Access Bars Work?

Well, let us make it simple. The healing modality known as Access Bars is a 60-90 minute, hand on healing technique that involves a light touch to 32 points (or ‘Bars’) on the head of the person. The practitioner would find a position on your head, press their fingers gently on either side and hold them there for a while. Some longer than others. People feel  ‘buzzing’ or ‘energy’ flowing around their brain, or describe it as chills you get when someone plays with your hair, but in the brain rather than the body.

The bars (points on the head) represent many parts of the brain (computer files) that link to different factors of daily life, like happiness, creativity, money, control, making connections, calmness, and feeling thankful, among others.

We carry our limited ideas, attitudes, feelings, and behaviors in these spaces which are based on evaluations of society, culture, family, friends, and our own experiences. Accepting reality as it is and making adjustments that give us more power are hampered by ideas about right and wrong, good and terrible. We might be fully aware of how these judgments pull us away from our natural connection to wholeness and unity.

As Human-beings, we all often suffer from certain diseases like colds, coughs, asthma, body pain, mental illness, or any disease. We may manifest a happy and prosperous existence for ourselves by simply managing our karmas and constantly manifesting good and positive karmas.

What Happens In The Access Bars Session

In the session, it feels like hitting the delete button on a computer’s cluttered hard drive – only this time, there is a space created in your brain and negative thought patterns, or that endless mental chatter keeping you awake at night, can be released and make space for the calmness.

Stimulating these points on the head produces a positive neurological response which allows the body to be calm, changes the mood, improves emotional stability, reduces stress and trauma, and increases gratitude and a sense of connection with things around. It also feels like a tingling, buzzing, twitching, or just a feeling of warmth throughout their body. 

The response to Access Bars is unique for each person. People laugh or cry for no reason.

How Many Aspects Are There

There are 32 points in all, and they relate to various aspects of a person’s life including sleep, health, weight, sex, relationships, kindness, gratitude, communication, peace, calm, aging, money, joy, sadness, creativity, control, manifesting and many others. Read more about making requests with VK, here.

In essence, all the bars dissolve all the polarity, the good and bad, the judgments and the points of view we have on things that keep us trapped. What remains when the polarised or fixed points of view have vanished is the room for that “bar” to escape.

For instance, when the money bar is stimulated, the fixed or restricting points of view you have about that region start to dissolve, allowing you to open up to receiving and having money as well as discovering what is truly true for you. 

Access bar healing modality is different from reiki. Both Reiki and the access bar can induce a state of relaxation and clear negative energy by using different techniques. It is recommended to ‘run Bars’ once a week to improve your mood, reduce stress, and find more joy and motivation. You may also request Reiki Psychic Surgery for specific body organs. Check here to learn about how to place a request to VK for Reiki Psychic Surgery.

Practice Access Bars With VK Even Without Knowing the Bars

You can practice Access Bar treatment with VK and its unique feature mimicking. Without performing any real session of the Access Bar, you can have the benefits of the procedure and make your life easy and better.  

Methods Of Using VK For Access Bar 

You can do the Access Bar process by any method:

  • Method 1: Direct Request Method: In this method, hold VK in your hands and request VK to do Access Bar Session for Mr. A for money. For example: Hold VK, and say “VK please do Access Bar Session for Mr. A to resolve his money problems” three times and keep VK on the side. You can keep the intention with “safety and security” and keep VK aside for 30 minutes. In Direct Request Method, practice Access Bar Session for one person at one time.
  • Method 2: Writing On A Paper Method: In this method, for a person’s relationship, write the name of the person who needs the energy on the paper and request VK to do the session. For example, write the names of Saanvi and her mother on a piece of paper and request “VK do an Access Bar session for both of them to make a strong bond between them”. Now leave VK on the paper for 30 min.

It is recommended not to write the names of different people with different relationships. Every person has a different relationship and different issues, so, write the names of different people on different papers and request VK separately for each person. You can keep the intention with “safety and security” and keep VK aside for 30 minutes.

  • Method 3: Using a Photo of a Receiver: In this method, instead of writing the name of the person on a piece of paper, you can do the same process on the picture/ photo of a person. Here, after the request, keep VK on the photo of the person. The photo can be on your mobile also, so change the settings of your mobile before making the request to VK for any healing session. If there is a single person’s healing request then make sure that there is only the receiver in the photo and no one else. Two people who need the same energy can be in the same photo.

Some Examples of Using Access Bars And VK

  1. If you have a friend named John and you see John very sad. You can help John with your VK. Just hold VK in your hands and say “My dear VK please send effect of ACCESS BARS ACCESS BARS ACCESS BARS with safety and security to my friend John for his happy life always“.  After saying this, keep VK aside for around 30 mins. You can send MOOD UP SERUM to John separately to have an additional energy boost.
  2. Uncle Karan is stressed with too many responsibilities. You can help him with your VK. Hold VK and say “O Divine VK please activate a Session of ACCESS BARS ACCESS BARS ACCESS BARS with safety and security for Uncle Karan for his peaceful life” After saying this keep VK aside for 30 mins. You can separately send BRAVO SERUM to Uncle Karan for his mental strength with VK.
  3. Radha has frequent acidity attacks as she keeps worrying about too many things in her life. VK is there with you. Help Radha by just holding VK in your hands and request “VK please activate a session of ACCESS BARS ACCESS BARS ACCESS BARS for RADHA and make her life joyful“. You can request with intention safety and security in your mind. Keep VK aside for 30 min. You can separately send the energy of DIGEE SERUM to Radha.
  4. Arjun is appearing for the Chartered Accountancy entrance exam and he cannot sleep at night because of his worrying attitude. Use your VK and help him Hold VK and say “My dear VK please send effect of Session of ACCESS BARS ACCESS BARS ACCESS BARS with safety and security to Arjun for his peaceful sleep tonight” After saying this keep VK aside for 30 mins. You can separately send the energy of the switchword JASMINE to Arjun for an additional energy burst.
  5. Sometimes people would block the inflow of money unknowingly because of obstacles created in their minds from childhood memories, and wrong belief systems about money. You can help such people with VK. Request VK “O Divine VK please send effect of ACCESS BARS ACCESS BARS ACCESS BARS to Nisha with safety and security to help her receive lots of money in her life“. Keep VK aside for 30 min. You can separately use the TOTAL WEALTH SERUM for Nisha’s prosperous life.
  6. Relationships like father-son, mother-in-law, daughter-in-law, and husband-wife sometimes get difficult as one person feels it’s very challenging to fulfill relationship responsibilities or the other person takes control of the relationship with unwanted strictness. E.g Rajesh and Raveena are facing relationship issues. Request VK “O Divine VK please send effect of ACCESS BARS ACCESS BARS ACCESS BARS to Rajesh with safety and security for his loving relationship with Raveena or Vice Versa. Keep VK aside for 30 min. You can separately request VK in another request and send energy to Raveena. Use ONE SOUL SERUM with VK separately for their loving relationship.
  7. Freedom of expression is important in relationships, at the workplace, and in student career life. If you feel a person is fearful to express, use VK and mimic ACCESS BARS with VK. Request VK. “O Divine VK please send effect of ACCESS BARS ACCESS BARS ACCESS BARS to Priya for her freedom of expression”. You can intend safety and security in mind while placing this request to VK. Keep VK aside for 30 mins. You can also separately send BEAUTY SERUM to Priya for her conversation skills
  8. Christine is adamant rude stubborn because of past toxic emotions in her life. Request VK. “My dear VK please activate the session of ACCESS BARS ACCESS BARS ACCESS BARS with safety and security for Christine to fill her life with love and light“. Keep VK aside for 30 min. You can separately send CALM DOWN SERUM with VK.
  9. Sometimes you just don’t know the reason why a person is upset or sad. Request VK “O DIVINE VK please activate a session of ACCESS BARS ACCESS BARS ACCESS BARS for Shama for her best deserving life with intention safety and security“. Keep VK aside for 30 min. You can separately send ALPHA WOMAN SERUM with VK to Shama for her charismatic personality.
  10. If a person is working on weight gain but is struggling due to anxiety about results. Request VK “My dear VK please send the effect of ACCESS BARS ACCESS BARS ACCESS BARS to Piyush for his easy weight gain and healthy life“. Keep intention with safety and security. Keep VK aside for 30 min. You can separately use WEIGHT GAIN SERUM with VK

Also, read the examples in this post of the Water method: How to Charge water or things, Learn with examples.

Benefits & Advantages of Mimicking Access Bar Sessions with VK

  1. Learn: There is no need for a VK user to learn the details about Access Bar Sessions. Just a simple request to VK for the session is enough.
  2. Distance: Your loved ones can receive the energy of this session even from any distance. All you need is a VK and send energy to your loved ones at any distance. 
  3. Time: You can practice an Access Bar Session at any time with VK. There is no need for any set time, place, surrounding, or environment for requesting VK for this session. 
  4. Cost: There is no cost involved, only one VK, and mimicking any modality is possible with VK, even Access Bar Sessions. There are no introductory sessions for learning these sessions as you have VK.
  5. Facilitator: You don’t need any other person or facilitator to teach you, guide you or run bars for you. You can do it for yourself on your own and at any time without anyone else. 
  6. Repetition: To repeat any session there is no limitation, restriction, or time gap. Do it as per your requirement. It is safe with VK.
  7. Will: You can do it for those who need it but are not willing for the session but it will be of great help to them. VK is safe and so is the session. 
  8. Many Sessions: There is a facility to have these sessions in the comfort of your house and take as many as sessions you feel or you want with VK. With VK, there are no restrictions. 
  9. Wait: There is no need to wait for a week or weekends to get the session. With VK, you can take the session at the time of need, or take the session in a few requests and be free to live the easy life. 
  10. Duration: Usually a Bars session lasts 60-90 minutes although this can vary and with VK it takes a few seconds to place the required request for which VK will give energy for 30 minutes as a full session on its own. 
  11. Anyone: Only an Access Bar facilitator can perform the session of Access Bar. Anyone including a child, an elder person, or a pregnant lady can use VK for Access Bar Sessions. VK can be used by anyone who has VK even if they don’t know anything about these sessions.
  12. Time-Saving: A VK user can do anything else after they request VK. They do not need to sit and perform the session or receive the energy.
  13. Position: With VK you can take these Access Bar Seeions in any position. You can lie, sit, stand, or meditate in any position. 
  14. Soothing Energy: VK has soothing cosmic energy allowing for tremendous and easy change.
  15. Perfection: You need not be a perfectionist in performing Access Consciousness methods, such as The Bars, to bring about simple, rapid transformations in your own or others’ life, Just VK is enough.
  16. Frequency: In a day, with VK, you can request Access Bar Sessions as many times. The number of sessions will depend on the severity of the problem. A person may benefit from just one session or may require more sessions.
  17. Information: It is not necessary to know the process of Access Bar Sessions. A simple request to VK is enough. 
  18. Short Circuit: In the actual session of Access Bars, you cannot join your hands as it may cause a short circuit due to energy changes happening. With VK, there are no such restrictions. 
  19. Money Saving: Access bar practitioners charge a handsome of money, which you can save using VK.

Other Benefits Of Using VK

Read here about the required Cosmic Serum energies to be used by VK along with Access Bar Session energy as the case requires. Not all, but a few Serums and their few uses are listed below for you to know more about VK. VK is my supreme revolution and the easiest way to access and use Cosmic Energies for the enlightenment and betterment of life. Must check mimicking accèss bars for health and sleep VK experience by VK teacher Rakhi.

  • All Clear Serum is the most compatible serum to clear all negative energies from your mind, body, aura, chakras, situations, and emotions. Make the best use of this serum. 
  • You can use Pain Care Serum and Vital Organ Balancing with VK in case of pains in the body or any particular body part.   
  • Bravo Serum can be used for fears, anxiety, and trauma and to reduce stress.
  • Love Serum for relationships, better communications, and kindness.
  • Total Wealth Serum for money-related aspects which would eventually lower the frustration and have a better life.
  • Mood Up Serum for a better mood, laugh out loud, and be happy.
  • Brain Serum is another amazing Serum that works on the brain, emotions, and moods.
  • Beauty Serum is a unique blend of cosmic energies for increasing beauty in your thoughts, enhancing creativity, and better aging.
  • Gym Serum for better sex life, health, and weight issues.

The list is long with VK and its usages. Explore more about VK here.