Be a Child When You Place a Request to VIBBES KADA

A child is innocent and always demanding. You too can be demanding to VIBBES KADA (VK) and ask for as many wishes as you want. A child is free from ego and pride. You are already in a soft attitude when you make a REQUEST through VK.

A child always wants his favorite candy or toy and is free from the question of HOW. He just wants. You too can be free from the question of HOW you will get what you want. VK has divine energies, wisdom, and intelligence to get you what you want. A child is always happy and excited at his heart to have his favorite candy or toy. Even you can be so.

A child loves you with a pure heart when you give him what he demands something. This makes you feel glad about being so (a caring parent). When you will ask from the divine with the same innocence it will feel glad in the same way and melts down to your wish in the best way it can. feel glad

A child keeps looking into your eyes with pure innocence and waits for his demand to be fulfilled. You too can wait for your demand with this pure innocence.

A child is free from the worry about his desire not getting fulfilled. Even you can be free from worries when you make a request through VK. Worrying is only an obstacle in your way and nothing else.

A child is laughing again even after his desired toy is delayed or even not fulfilled and demands something else. Even you can be happy like a child and wait for something new, big, and better. Divine energies through VK will give you something much better for sure. A child is pure and a perfect teacher who teaches us to be a patient, thankful, joyous, excited, and hopeful person. Be so. child is pure

A child has no logical mind or thought pattern to think and the buts or pros and cons of the situation. Learn to be a child when you make a request through VK and see the results.

A child has no reasoning behind his desire, he wants his toy and this is the only thing he knows. Be a child, make a request through VK, and stop reasoning about why, when, how, where, and by whom you will be granted your wish. A child has trust in you. You can trust in your own self that you will be able to make the request again and again for your wish. VK doesn’t need your faith it needs your request. A child allows you to get him what he wants. Be like a child and allow VK to get you what you want. Be like a child

A child waits for his toy with sparkling happiness in his eyes. You too can be happy. A child dances with joy and achievement of his desired toy. You too can be so. A child hugs you tight and shows his love and trust in you. You too can show your love to the Divine.

A child knows how to butter you for his desire. You can talk to VK and butter it with your request again and again. A child knows how to melt your heart down for his desire with a sweet smile. Talk to VK and melt it down with your sincere conversation. Be like a child

A child has purity in his desire. Heal your heart with VK and be pure in your asking your desire. A child can ask you again and again for his wish of having candy or a toy until it gets completed. Ask again and again through VK till you get your wish manifested.

A child has amazing patience to wait for his candy or toy or desire. Be patient like a child and keep requesting what you want through VK. Each one of us has a child inside us. Each one of us wants to have all our desires to get fulfilled and all that we think of. Each one of us wants to have all that we want, with perfect ease. Each one of us wants to live a happy, joyous life.

child like an attitude

VK can help you be that child. VK has divine energies that you can look forward to it like a child looks at his parents for his candy or toy. Just ask for it, make a request for it, and be free. Just make a request and do your work. Just request again and let energies know your excitement and joy of receiving what you want. Just say your wish and let it come to you with perfect ease through VK.

Mahira Jain
Mahira Jain

Be like a child, have a child-like attitude, and make a request to VKA child might ask for something which you cannot provide for him, you might scold him out of your helplessness to fulfill your child’s desire. There may be many reasons for you to avoid getting your child’s wish. But you keep working to get him something else or maybe better. And your child still comes to you and hugs you tight and consoles you in his warm hug and tells you not to get what he asked for or change his wish.

Even Divine has many reasons for not providing you with your wish. Divine too feels bad when he cannot give you something that you asked for, don’t get angry, sad, feel hopeless, feel nondeserving, feel left out, feel bad, jealous, or any other bad feeling. Rather HUG HIM back with your support, patience, and allowance for the best thing it can provide you. It will surely get you something better for sure. Your prayers are never unheard. Trust HIM.

A child might get scolded for his demands which you are not able to fulfill but still, he asks. He doesn’t know if you have any obstacles to giving him what he wants. Same way, if you don’t get what you asked for, don’t dig into the reasons why you didn’t get what you asked for like you get a pain in your life, for which the divine has a reason to give it to you, so Be a Child When You Place a Request to VIBBES KADA. 

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