Follow True Guidance While Using Vibbes Kada®

When you make a request through VK for your wish it sends the required energies. These energies guide you back to take some action. Try to understand what energies want you to do. Know what the guidance is and follow.

A real story for you to know what guidance by energies is…

A person was talking to his friend and he was holding a file. They were standing near to their car to leave for home from their work. He had all the important papers in it. Mark sheets, certificates, and many other important papers in that file. He got tired of holding the file and kept it on the roof of the car. They kept talking for a while, sat down in the car and left for home. When he reached home he remembered that he had left his important file on the roof of the car and drove home.

He got very scared and worried because that file had all his life’s academic documents in it. He was nothing without those documents. He was very upset, scared, and restless the whole night but he immediately took action and prepared an energy circle. He wrote a small description of the file, and his name, and sent the energy of Shield of 7 Rays as much as he could.

The moment Universe was ready with the solution, energies guided his mother to look into a social network system, Facebook. She had a very strong feeling that if any educated person will find the file he would hunt on a social network system. So he should look into Facebook. But he followed his own scary thoughts that who would be so caring to take that effort or if anyone would actually pick that file up from the road or some sweeper might put it in the dustbin and so on… so he didn’t look for his file on Facebook.

Later in the evening, there was a call from his college telling him about the recovery of his file. He ran to his college and found out an amazing truth along with his file which was safe with a person. And the truth was that the person was actually looking for him on Facebook.

Searching on Facebook for that person was the guidance by the energy. If he had followed that guidance he would know about his file soon and would have slept peacefully in the night.

Be patience and learn well.

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