VIBBES KADA Miraculous Healing – A Must Read Personal Experience

VIBBES KADA Miraculous Healing - A Must Read Personal Experience

This is a MUST READ Personal Experience about VIBBES KADA Miraculous Healing.

With Deep Gratitude Respect and Love, I would first like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Sharat Sir and Payal Jain.

My mom had a hip bone fracture on 29/11/2016 and I was advised for Surgery. She is 96yrs of Age The doctors recommended that without surgery she would be immobilized…

I was very upset as I did not want her to go through the pain and suffering during and Post-Surgery trauma of Pain, depression, etc due to her Age.

I was already a VK user and my immediate action was to post on all what’s up groups of healers to send her mass healing for the pain and Yes all did send their prayers and blessings to her for sure. My deepest gratitude to one and all who blessed her.

Later I gave her a painkiller and made her a bit calm with ice packs etc.

Immediately I connected to Payal Jain who had sent me the miraculous VK DOCTOR a year back and I explained my situation to her saying that I did not want her surgery to happen. She gave me a lot of confidence and recommended a few serums that I should give her through VK and assured me that she will speak to Sharat Sir and all will be well.

I requested that I wanted to speak to Sharat Sir as well. In the next half an hour, I received a call from Sir and gave him the entire scenario. He recommended me to be calm and that there was no need for any surgery.

My family members had a lot of objections to it but my faith in Sir and his Cosmic Healing and in VK was strong so I fought against them to keep my mom home and not do any other treatment besides his healing.

A miracle happened exactly after 3 days when her pain was much less… she was calmer… She was without any medicine and best of all that she was amongst her family in her house and not hospitalized.

My faith in Sir grew stronger and every time she was restless, panicky, in pain, or sleepless I would disturb Payal and Sir and immediately they would recommend me what was to be done and they would heal from their end as well.

I had an event on 15th Dec and I was about to cancel the same due to her health, but Sir’s assurance that all will go well gave me immense confidence and I smoothly conducted my event while she was at peace for that entire week except for her age-related issues.

Within these two weeks, there was a tremendous improvement in her healing and she was able to lift her lower back a little and sit upright for a while to take her meals with bearable pain.

Post my event I wanted to get her x-ray done to see the improvement so that I could start her physiotherapy. The physiotherapist wanted to have the report to enable her movements at her comfort so she is not stressed.

So guess what on 17/12/2016, I received her x-ray report and I was dancing with joy… the reports showed all normal except some minor healing near the hip bone and on soft tissues. Otherwise, it was all Normal.

This was my second report after the healing had started.

It’s amazing…how Sharat Sir has healed a critical fracture without any medicines or surgery. I salute u Sir and not only that… he has done this so UNCONDITIONALLY with no strings attached. Very selfless service to humanity. Sir, I really bless u and your family with more power to heal humanity so selflessly… NOT ALL HAVE SUCH A BIG HEART.

Had ignored for a surgery I would not only have had to spend money in lakhs but would give her pain and agony at this age. As a daughter, my heart pops out to see her cry and in pain… But Sharat Sir saved her from that. HE IS TRULY AMAZING.

I m sure, not all would believe in this healing but this is my personal recent experience and now my faith in him is stronger than ever before.


TRULY COMMENDABLE and I wish ALL HEALERS with Divine Powers would do this kind of selfless service to HUMANITY than the world would have been a better place to live in.

I am writing this to extend my Gratitude to SHARAT Sir and also recommending to please have trust in VK and Sharat Sir for his miraculous healing. These are some of the critical issues like fractures, cancer, cataract, and heart surgery where you can heal without surgery and medicine.

It is Cosmic Miraculous Healing first time in my life that I had experienced and I had totally surrendered my mom to Sir in complete faith and trust and I am amazed to see the results.

I would like to thank Payal who has always addressed my issues as soon as I sent her the messages and responded very promptly understanding the Seriousness of the Situation.

Payal and Sharat Sir a very very big thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me out in this situation where I was lost & depressed.

Today My Family Appreciates My Decision and We are all at Peace and Happy and I am more than happy to see my MOM happy, at peace, and completely recovered with her fracture.

I would highly recommend VK to all who are reading this as this is a one-lifetime investment for all your life issues.

You can watch my speech on VIBBES KADA Miraculous Healing at the eve of WOW Award

Love and Light.

Shobhaa Arya

Publisher and Founder BE


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  1. Fantastic and wonderfil. I would like Ike to possess VK HOW TO PROCEED. I would like to contact both PayPal Jain and Sharat Sir. Pl let me know their contact Mobilenos. Nagarajan

  2. Very very true Payal Jain and Sharath Sir are extremely supportive when ever approached even I experienced the same. They are always there to show that they really care


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