It is Very Sad To Know That Some People Are Hiding VIBBES KADA®, Don’t Know Why?


There are many energy modalities in the world and many energy practitioners also. Many energy practitioners have good knowledge and wisdom to know and see the capacity and capabilities of VK. Many are using VK very well in their profession and doing many energy practices to have a smooth life. But few energy practitioners are hiding VK from their clients in fear of getting their own shops closed. They can see that the energy through VK is so effective and works at a great speed that they are hiding its bliss.

Not only energy practitioners but many other people who are observing the benefits of VK and living a good life after VK are not sharing the success with other members of the family, friends, or society.

Many astrologers and card readers are using VK with great success. They are using VK for predicting the future of the person with much more perfection than before but making special efforts to hide VK and its usage.

A person who has had many successes with VK is sitting quietly and enjoying the benefits. These people know a particular way of using VK and they are keeping quiet and not sharing the success thinking to be safe in their achievements. An old belief of work getting the spoiled or evil eye of the other person is keeping them quiet to share more about VK.

Many people are hiding VK from others because they are made fun of using such a tool that is showing results. They hide VK from their friends to avoid being made fun of using VK as they don’t believe that such a tool which can work on releasing negative and create new feelings and emotions, which can reduce your medical expenses, which can make you feel good, happy and joyous.

Also, many people avoid taking VK. They choose to live in pain rather than change their lives. They are fine to have a troublesome and fearful life than using VK and making their lives happy, joyous and loving.

I know a few Reiki Healers, Access Bar Practitioners, and a few other healers who are using VK to heal people and they are receiving many blessings. They live an easy and hassle-free life because VK can mimic any of their learned modalities. After using VK, nowadays they have enough time to deal with their new and old clients. After using VK, they have enough time for their family because they are sending the most perfect energies even without their focus and physical presence via VK. I also know many tarot card readers who always use VK before doing any prediction. 

Now it is your time to think, are you hiding or spreading the bliss, Think Again???

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