VIBBES KADA® Works Wonder When You Allow It To Work For You

VIBBES KADA Works Wonder When You Allow It To Work For You

Too many cooks spoil the broth. Too many thoughts can spoil a wish. Too many thoughts might include past experience, fear, doubt, suggestions from relatives and friends, hopelessness, non-deserving feeling, distrust, lack of faith, and many more low energy feelings and situations.

But what to do, it’s a normal pattern of a human. A human has to have almost 60,000 thoughts in just a single day and it is impossible to stop these thoughts. But does that mean that we should not think we should not make the wish?

VK is the modality that can carry your wish to the divine/ universe even without FAITH on it. It just needs to know what you want to live and your ALLOWANCE to manifestation the wish. Make a request to VK and let the manifestation happen.

ALLOWANCE means letting the modality/person or anything from whom you have asked to do something for you or your wish. It means you wouldn’t interfere in the process and let the process happen, let energies do their work. It means the person/process/divine energies can do their job to let the manifestation of wish happen.


For example, when you visit a doctor, say a dentist, you sit for the treatment, you allow the doctor to diagnose your jaw well. You keep your mouth open. He suggests you a treatment which will take time, say he suggests you have a root canal of your teeth and you are in so much pain in the teeth that you ALLOW the dentist to put all needles, instruments, medicines in your mouth to diagnose and treat the illness.

This treatment called root canal takes time. You keep your mouth open for hours. You let the doctor work. You don’t move. You know if you make a move it might hurt you more and in a very bad manner. A needle or a tool can hurt you, pinch you, can be swallowed by you or any other major or serious damage can be done to you.

So you don’t move and ALLOW the doctor and the process and let the treatment happen. Your mouth gets tired but you still keep sitting with the mouth wide open. You don’t move.

Same way when you have marked all the possible details of your wish, made a request to VIBBES KADA, you can let the energies through work for you. ALLOW the outcome, right chosen emotions, feeling, the end result, and other details to come up to the surface.

Let it works, you stay stable don’t make any movement (don’t get disheartened, don’t lose hope, don’t be impatient, don’t complain, don’t stop energizing your wish, don’t fear, don’t let the doubt come, don’t let other suggestions for you, don’t let past experiences come to you BOW, don’t let other experiences de-motivate you and spoil the process).

Energies have their own wisdom and intelligence to work for your wish. They need their own time to arrange things for you.


Yes!! Staying as stable as possible. When we go to a dentist and get a treatment done, we stay stable as we know we cannot move. If we move we might get hurt. So like staying stable while the treatment of teeth is possible and you don’t make a movement that means you can stay stable after you make a request to DIVINE through VKtoo.

While the treatment you don’t THINK anything wrong. Rather you think of going home after the treatment, you think of the relief you will be getting after the treatment, you think about the yummy dishes you were missing and now will be able to eat, right?

You know that this process by the dentist has a particular set of activities that will provide you with relief after the treatment. The same way you can think of the moment which would be coming after your wish which would be exciting, happy, relieving. Like you stay stable while the treatment, stay stable after the request. Like the doctor knows what to do the same way energies also know what to do. They have their own wisdom and intelligence to work best for you. They have their own set of actions to perform for you.

VIBBES KADA® WORKS WONDER WHEN YOU ALLOW IT TO WORK FOR YOUSame way if someone is suffering from a headache they would intend for relief. Energy flows where the intention flows. They would take a medicine (say Disprin) which has its fixed set of activities in the body to provide relief on the intake of a particular quantity.

The medicine has its own set of activities and it gets relief to the person in pain, none keep a check or imagine the traveling passage of the medicine from mouth to head, or when will it get dissolved in the blood, when will its atom mix with the blood to provide relief, or when will it give the relief.

Whenever the energy of medicine has done its work it will show up. Till then YOU STAY STABLE AS YOU KNOW THAT MEDICINE WILL GIVE YOU RELIEF and your headache will be gone.

So INTEND (be clear what you want), REQUEST (request VKthree times), and ALLOW (cosmic energies work for your wish) and enjoy the desire. Plan your life ahead. Plan your next goal. Plan your life after you have achieved your goal. Create a new way, pattern, style of life to live. Be happy and excited.


Energy can be sent to a person, for his illnesses, his feelings, emotions, place, situations, events, chakras through many ways like charging water, food, names, images, energy circles, affirmations, dummy, proxy healing, direct, on the palm, with fingers, incense sticks, room fresheners, etc.

The special energies which can be sent are serums, shield, golden sunrise, mantras, switchword, affirmations, mimicking of unlimited things like zapper healing, stones, colors, mantras, workouts, angels, and many more.

Having a child-like attitude and putting a logical mind off helps in manifestation for sure.

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  1. I have compassion for everyone.
    I am not egoistic.
    I love to share my knowledge.
    I am grateful to Divine God for making me as I am.

  2. Sharat Sir and all around him seem to have a special order of the Divine here on this planet – its incredible to see what the Divine was giving Sharat Sir as a gift for those reaching him on the matrix
    thank you for this Divine tool and I am grateful to the Dvine but also to Sharat Sir and Payal – the contat with Payal is always – since I am in touch with her about the VK – very inspirational.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you

    • Golden Sunrise Barbara

      Yes, Divine is blessing us all through Sharat sir and his incredible intentions and will to bring peace and calmness in humanity. Lets be all with him and support him in his Divine work. Thank you for your thanks. Have a GOLDEN SUNRISE life.

  3. There is a problem faced in such situation that dentist tell us for how long we have to endure i. e .time to be taken in root canal and what to do like sitting on chair but we do not know in using such type of instruments for how much time we have to wait for our fulfillment of wish and what we have to do .Like we can not just sit for several months and do nothing .We need an expert like dentist to tell us .

    • Golden Sunrise Ajit

      VK is not an instrument, it is a Divine tool. Divine has its own way of working and granting you your wish. Divine grants you your wish when you are completely deserving. Dentist can tell you the appropriate time because you can talk to him, see him and that doesn’t mean that if you cannot see Divine he is not doing or has never done anything for you. Divine has done each and every second for you and is doing even without informing you. Did you ask Divine why has he given you a family to care and love? Divine has given you a beautiful life, did you ask him why are you given a life to live? Beauty to see? voice to hear? food to eat and taste, holidays and money to enjoy? Did you ask Divine why are you given parents? Did you ask Divine that why is a solution like VK being provided to humanity and not being restrict only to Sharat sir to use and heal his own self alone and not the whole humanity? Did you ask Divine to give him a short time of attunement of one VK which is 10 to 11 hours and he also lives normal life with his children and family? He is sent as an expert in your life with expert solutions. He is creating and sharing every possible thing for you and that too for free. Did you ask him why he wishes to share it with you? why not uses his expertise, intelligence, bliss of making a VK, and so many more free solutions with humanity and not use his whole resources only for his own benefit and earn huge money for himself alone?
      What would you do if you are granted your wish in just one request? would you be thankful to him with your pure heart? would you value his quick grant of your wish? Would you send him money as you did to the dentist for treating you and telling you the time of treatment? Even that is a solution provided by Divine and not the dentist. Hope you know that…..

  4. It is indeed very important to allow the energies to work for a wish. Allowance even means respect, consideration, patience, and gratitude to the energies through VK. WE might not notice but we allow a driver to drive, a cook to cook, a doctor to diagnose, a teacher to teach. But when we do so, we receive the best. same way when we allow the Divine Energies through VK to do its work, we shall recieve the best and may be something bigger and unexpected. Thank you Sir for giving us something BIG for making our lives more meaningful.


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