How to Measure Bangle Size for VK – VIBBES KADA

How to Measure Bangle Size for VK VIBBES KADA

Friends, please note the right way of measuring VIBBES KADA. Here it is explained very well in words, images, and in the above video how to measuring VK. Also, note the ways which are to be taken care of the whole measuring VK. Some dos’ and don’t in the images. If you want VK then send an email us at [email protected].


  1. Find a bangle that can fit perfectly on your wrist.
  2. You can find a bangle either in your home or in a jewelry store where they have many different sizes of bangles. This would help you know your perfect bangle size.
  3. Wear it in your hand and check if it fits well in your hand.
  4. It should fit your wrist well. It should be neither loose nor tight. Loose bangle will keep falling and the right bangle would not be comfortable in wearing and as well as removing the bangle for healing purposes.
  5. Now take this bangle and place it on a plain paper.
  6. Mark the inner circumference of the bangle as shown in the image.
  7. Remember to mark the INNER circumference and not the outer.
  8. Now take a scale and place it in the center of the circle made by the bangle.
  9. Now draw a straight line right in the center of the circle.
  10. Now measure the straight line in the center of the circle in centimeters.
  11. This is the right size of your wrist for your bangle size to be sent to us to measure VK.
  12. This Video and images also help you to measure the right size.

How to measure bangle size for VIBBES kada VK Demo 2 VK Demo 3


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  1. all the tropics you posted are true? how I can prove it? please mention the price of VK & how can I get it at West Bengal?


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