Some Tips for You Before Wearing & Using VIBBES KADA – VK

Lots of blessings to you if you now have your VK in your hands. Before going to wear it, please read here some do’s and don’t’s with VK.

  • Do remember one thing that anyone can use your VK or you can use anyone’s VK.
  • VK is simple in looks but attuned with powerful cosmic energies.
  • No need to wait for any ritual, just wear it. VK is free from all formalities.
  • You can start using VK as soon as you get it. 
  • You can wear it all the time.
  • You can remove it and wear it again if your energy/aura needs adjustment with VK (sometimes people get over-energized just after wearing VK and this makes them uneasy, it happens with only 10% of people. If you feel the same then remove it and wear it after few hours, then remove it again and do the same. Within 2 to 3 days, YOU and VK will align together).
  • You can wear it with any jewelry. You can wear it in any hand whether left or right. In fact, if you want, you can wear it as a pendant in any chain or thread as a neckpiece.
  • You can carry it anywhere including washroom, cremation grounds, shopping, any religious place, or any other place. 
  • You can wear it while doing any activity like bathing, cooking, eating anything (like non-veg), washing, spiritual practices, cleaning, wiping, lovemaking, having sex, or any other activity. 
  • Women can wear VK in any condition whether pregnancy or menstruation.
  • Now, you should know that you have a DIVINE friend with you.
  • Welcome VK, talk with it and befriend your VK (if you wish, you can give it a nickname to VK to use it easily).
  • Pay GRATITUDE to your VK after every use or healing.
  • Talk to VK like you talk to your friend.
  • Share your problems with VK and Ask for the solution, VK will definitely give you some solutions or hints, or directions.
  • If you know the solutions ASK for it if you don’t know the solutions LEAVE it to VK. It has its own WISDOM to solve your problems but one by one.
  • The Best way to use VK is not to use the logic of your own, request a wish, and let the energies do their work. 
  • Please know, you don’t have to blindly FAITH in VK. Use VK. Experiment with VK. Create new patterns, lifestyles. Have new achievements with VK, and then strengthen your FAITH. Read more about faith and doubt.


After receiving VK, you can charge and energize all contents through VK like:-

  • Edible contents like Water, food, milk, candies, chocolates, pulses, flours, sugar, ghee, oil, butter, snacks, iced food or boiling tea and coffee, mother’s milk for an infant, fruits, vegetables, non-veg food, etc.
  • Non-Edible contents like cosmetics, toiletries, perfumes, sprays, room fresheners, incense sticks, soap, shampoo, face wash, essential oils, aftershave, etc.
  • Stones like crystals, gems, stones, pearls, beads, etc.
  • Objects like clothes, shoes, quilts, sheets, caps, turbans, hats, dupattas, undergarments, toys, books, stationery items, etc.
  • Huge containers like water tanks, big vessels, rooms, buildings, exam halls, institutes, etc.
  • All Electronic and electrical products like TV, washing machine AC, etc.
  • Animals, Plants, and non-living things. 
  • Situations like a fight, tough relationships, insecure income, financial issues, health issues, etc.
  • Feelings like sadness, hatred, jealousy, envy, fear, impatience, etc.
  • Emotions like anger, grief, guilt, aggressiveness, etc.

After receiving VK, you can use all the Cosmic Serums. Every Cosmic Serum has a complete set of energies, attuned in the Universe, which can be used by VK to gain maximum benefit in any situation or illness to be rectified in much easiest way.

Cosmic Serums are not a medicine or anything else in physical form. All the information about how to use Cosmic Serums and which Cosmic Serum has to be used in which situation is clearly mentioned in the website. There is no extra energy exchange for Cosmic Serums. Cosmic Serums can be used only through VK.

After receiving VK, you can use GOLDEN SUNRISE with more power

After receiving VK, you can create powerful SHIELD OF 7 RAYS as it provides you safety at an unexpected level. This energy can be used only through VK.  with VK

Must know a few things:
  • Know that time is one factor that cannot be claimed in any healing modality. Whether it is with VK or without.
  • Whatever healing you invoke might benefit you in a second or take time for a day or more.
  • Never perform time-bound healing or never request VK to do it as soon as possible. As Universe needs its own time span to create and send you your desire. Rather add NOW FOREVER intention in all your healing intentions.
  • Please note that glass gets full of water when we pour a particular quantity of water into it. The same is with healing with VK, which also needs to send some particular amount of energy to your desire to get it fulfilled. So not the panic of if you don’t see the results same time. Keep doing your healing or sending energy to your desire until you actually see your wish got manifested.
  • Also, know that along with VK you have your intention, mind’s energy, and some healing energy like switch word energy circles, positive affirmations, mantras, healing stones, or something else with you which is a combination of three to materialize your wish. Let all together work for you. Let your mind also think the same as you intend.
  • For example: if you use Flab Down Serum for weight loss then along with drinking charged water with the serums energy, create slimmer body visions with the mind too. Create your wish in as much detail as possible. Like along with Flab Down Serum to drink in water write down your creative thoughts for the future where you will actually slim down. So don’t get slim just for a wedding or any special occasion but slim down FOREVER. For example, you wish people are praising you for reducing weight. They are asking you how you did it. They are amazed to see you slim. They are asking to share the secret. Friends are full of compliments and the family is proud of me. These and many more lines as creation. You can also add images and watch videos on weight loss. Do not change. Like today you want to lose 10kg but tomorrow you shift to 15 kg or add your fear or doubt. Do not confuse Universe, Divine, and VK with many thoughts. Rather stick to one. Energies your one wish till you see the result. Read more about Intention.
  • VIBBES KADA is attuned to send energy to your wish for 30 minutes on its own. So request one wish and be ready for the next in half an hour. But a water bottle of one liter will be charged in 15…20 rotations. So you can move on to your next wish in 15….20 seconds. Read more about 30 min energy sending concept.
  • Remember, your generations can use VK.
  • Yes, it needs no more attunement, recharge, or realignment with cosmic energies. It is now with you forever and infinitely charged for you and your generations.
  • GOLDEN SUNRISE mantra can be added with other healing energies by default. Know that it is good to add GOLDEN SUNRISE with every healing energy.
  • Use energies of Bach Flower Remedies (BFR), they are very good when you heal a person’s nature and attitude. Read more about BFR.
  • With Cosmic Serums, you can add extra energies like medicines, colors, stones, gems, or any other thing that can be used.
  • Read the Basics of VK and memorize as much as possible.
  • A unique feature of VKis mimicking. VK can mimic any energy like of switch words, power words, mantras, affirmations, stones, gems, herbs, homeopathic, allopathic, and Bach flower remedy, other energy modalities like Reiki, Pranic healing and all healing techniques, all healing symbols, all colors, all elements, all chakra’s energies, power of Angels, power of Divine beings and blessings of Ancestors, all mudras, all yoga asanas, all aerobics, jogging, running, jumping exercises, all pranayama’s, all acupressure, acupuncture points and many more things which are not even listed here. Read more about mimicking.
  • You can make any number of requests 24×7 to VKas its energies are infinite and will never end.

Thanks for reading the tips. I hope doing miracles with VK will become your daily habit.

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  1. I pray to Divine to let go of my feeling of not being good enough and my feeling of being a failure in my past endeavours.I express my Gratitude to Divine for my limitless abundance.


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