Vibbes Kada® is a Scientific Tool

Vibbes Kada® is a Scientific Tool


Science or scientist cannot grow if they don’t doubt on the given object/ project/ theory. It is so because if they wouldn’t doubt the given object/project/theory they would not make any experiment. And until they make any experiment they wouldn’t come across the deep, hidden, all possible facts of the object/project/theory. Rather they would know each and every single fact of the object/ project/ theory. When a scientist comes across any information or he is given a project he never believes it.

He performs the action and hunts the fact. He makes the experiments on his own. He doesn’t believe what others have to say on any particular project/product. He does many experiments to learn about the given project. And until he comes across all the possible facts regarding the given project/product, he keeps doubt about the project/product. But once he comes across the real fact, once he does all his possible experiments to know all the deep detail of the project/product, he becomes very confident about his experiments and study. And now, he has an unshakable trust, confidence, and clarity of the experiment.


All energy modalities are based on your FAITH. They give results based on faith. If there is low faith or no faith and for some reasons the faith is shaken then there is no result. And that might lead to more destruction of your faith. You will keep trying other modalities thinking that this modality doesn’t work.

If the faith is shaken or week, even the other modality might not give you the result. One after another experiment and failure in each experiment, to get your desired result, will make you switch to other energy modality which comes in the market. Even, switching to the other modality the results are neither good not expected for sure. So the faith is less likely to be created.


Cosmic Energies in VK are pure science and can move better on doubt. When you keep a doubt on it, you will be forced to make experiments. When you will make experiments you will have the result. When you have the result, you will come across the fact of its really working. I always say, not to have faith in VK, and ask you to have doubt on VK, do the experiments and build your faith. This faith will be unshakeable forever and firm because it would be out of your own experiences. Your confidence will shine and bring peace in your life. That faith will be obviously natural and not forced. Must Read 25 Amazing and Extraordinary Features of VK and Scientific Proof That VK Works Greatly.

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