What are Affirmations? How to Prepare an Affirmation? How to Use VK to Get Energy/ Effects of Affirmations?

What are Affirmations How to Prepare an Affirmation

Affirmations are some powerful words put together or a positive sentence that can result in a positive outcome on chanting. These statements need to be repeated again and again in your mind till they become an auto-suggestion in your mind and result in what you want. By Auto-Suggestion, I mean the repetition of an affirmation frequently enough that whenever the image of your goal or a situation comes to your mind, the affirmation also comes to your mind automatically.

Your mind is in the habit of thinking of many statements and these statements can be either positive or negative which is normal. So, choosing the right statement for a purpose with a declaration that results in what you want can help you to achieve a goal in life. Affirmations can help to access a new belief system, fetch positivity in your life and regain or increase your confidence. But the sentences you choose to chant should be believable and selected well.  

Affirmations are very beneficial and can take the shape of reality if you combine statements with true feelings. If the feeling is good, full of belief and gratitude, then the outcome will be good and favorable. But if the feelings are negative, full of fear or doubts, the outcome will be accordingly.

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Do Affirmations Work For All 

Affirmations help you shift your focus towards your strength, brain’s ability to change to different circumstances and feel more relaxed. So, it works for everyone who chooses a correct statement and an affirmation. It can help to tap your inner potential and self-confidence at any age.

When you think about your goal and set the related statement in your mind as an affirmation then an image of the situation is also formed in your mind. This image can be full of hope, faith, possibilities, or of fear, hopelessness, and doubt. The feeling related to the image decides the outcome of the goal. This helps you to check your feelings and affirmation selected, you can continue or change it as you like.

When you prepare an affirmation in such a way that it gives you only positive feelings then you don’t have to make any conscious effort to remember the affirmation again and again. This also ensures that the manifestation can be faster and free of doubt and fears. Must check this beautiful article by Payal Jain How Can A Manifestation Be Made So Beautiful And Shine So Brightly?

Also, you can choose a related image from some magazine, newspaper, or surf from the internet and download it to keep in front of your eyes. If you choose an image to see visually, then along with chanting your affirmation, you can keep that image in front of your eyes or remember that image whenever you chant your affirmation, both ways. Seeing images while chatting your affirmation helps a lot.

How to Prepare an Affirmations?

Before preparing the affirmation, clearly, know what you want. Here, we are taking the example of a student. For example, as a student you can ask for:-

If you are a student and you want to achieve good marks in the exams or be a good student. You are a student and your exams are appearing, what would you ASK from DIVINE to affirm?

  • Good marks in every exam.
  • Confidence while learning or writing the exam.
  • Sharp or photogenic memory.
  • Good results for self.
  • More concentration, focus, and performance.
  • Good results in a competition.
  • Good results for some admission purposes.

Prepare an Affirmation

There are many more different sentences like a few mentioned above, which you should know and have clarity about exactly what you want. Before finalizing affirmations as a student just consider these above-mentioned points and even other points which you have in your mind so that your affirmation can be clear and definite and you can achieve your goal flawlessly.

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Remember These Points Before Start Affirming 

  1. The affirmation should be positive. For example, I can get high marks. I can study easily.
  2. The affirmation should be in the present tense. For example, I can achieve my goal very easily.
  3. The affirmation should be believable. For example, “I set high goals for my exams and I achieve them”. Such a sentence is good but setting high goals might put your mind in doubt. If you are an average student, are you capable of setting such high standards for yourself? This type of sentence is good for an already good student but for a poor or an average student, the sentence should be true, believable, and achievable. For example, I can get good marks this time. Must read a beautiful article by Shuchita How To Change Your Belief System Easily?
  4. The affirmation should be in easy language. For example, “I am and being a student is all about.) This is a good affirmation but not in easy language. Rather use a sentence that is easy to affirm. Like “being a student is amazing“. “I am excited to be a student, it keeps me enthusiastic”.
  5. The affirmation should contain content that seems to be the best possible or achievable. For example, if a student is a 50% marks scorer then he should affirm for a maximum of 60 % or a little more. scoring marks like 80% or more then that might look harder and soon the student/person finds it impossible to achieve this goal. And he might drop the idea of affirmation.
  6. There are many affirmations available on the internet which might be good for your goal but sentences chosen as your affirmation should be according to our own understanding rather than copy it from somewhere else. Read about Educational Stress by Sonami Kumar (my daughter).
  7. The affirmation should come directly from your heart instead of formal and pleasing ones. For example: “I always learn from my mistakes and they also teach me how to be better”. Say this affirmation if you really feel it from the heart and not just for the sake of saying it.
  8. The affirmation should give you a feeling of happiness & positiveness. For example, This time I am going to get marks according to my wish and due to my hard work”.
  9. The affirmation should give you the excitement of the accomplishment of your goal. For example: “Wow !! I am going to achieve better marks this time, I’m working hard”.
  10. The affirmation should raise your confidence. For example: “Achieving better marks this time has raised my confidence to wish for higher marks.
  11. The affirmation should make you comfortable while chanting. For example, I am an expert in Studies. Using such sentences as affirmations until you are really an expert might not let you feel comfortable. Choose words that give you a feeling of comfort as you chant and you don’t have to think over it, again and again, to feel comfortable. You can choose it like this way “I can be an expert in studies soon.”.
  12. The affirmation should be near to reality. Don’t jump on an unusual or unrealistic approach for your goals. For example, I will get full marks this time. This affirmation can be unrealistic. Rather use “I have the talent and will to achieve better results this time”.
  13. The affirmation should include your feeling of gratitude. You can make an intention of gratitude even if you don’t use the word for being thankful. For example, “This time I am happy that I am going to get marks according to my wish and hard work”.
  14. The affirmation should be according to your wish and not what others suggest to you. No one else knows what you want and what you feel comfortable in chanting. Create your own affirmations.
  15. The affirmation should make you have faith in DIVINE. For example, Divine is with me and it will help me to achieve my goal.
  16. The affirmation should be prepared so well that it makes you feel the goal ACHIEVED. For example: “I take huge steps towards my goals each day”.
  17. The affirmation should resonate with you. For example, I am fearless. This is a simple and common affirmation but instead of this if you use “I am motivated to study well this time”, it will help you better. In this affirmation, you know your real self and are ready to face and change it also.
  18. The affirmation should help you acknowledge your true self. It’s ok to accept your true part. When you know the truth and prepare a related affirmation, it helps more. For example, “I won’t be anxious” can make you ignore your true self. “I can manage to achieve my goals despite my fears, small failures, and anxiety” can help you better. 
  19. In affirmations, vocabulary is extremely important. For example, instead of saying “I am worthy”, you can say “I am remarkable”. The words chosen in your affirmation should make you feel good. The word chosen should not put you in any doubt or second thought. The affirmation should be motivating. For example: “I can achieve all that I set my mind to”.
  20. Your action towards achieving this goal also matters. An example given above is for a student, so explaining in the same way about the action as well. You desire good marks and affirm as well, you need to study as well. Only making positive affirmations and not taking the appropriate action will not help.

Know Some More Points Before Making Affirmation

  • Your mind is reading and repeating positive affirmations. If appropriate action is not taken in the same direction, it will get confused and results may not be expected. Along with preparing affirmation to chant, also affirm to do the action also. Study well. Studying well is an action taken while affirming this statement. Action along with affirmation will keep you positive, keep going, believe in the expected goal, and be happy as well. You won’t doubt the affirmation or Divine both.
  • Repeating affirmations but not taking related action will be of no use. Related to the above examples of a student, while chanting the affirmation you need to study as well. Only chanting will not help. The outcome also depends upon your action. Action Is The Best Way.
  • Same way, When you affirm for your health, or healthy lifestyle, take action by eating good food and doing some physical activity also.
  • When you affirm for money, work with full dedication also.
  • When you affirm for a good relationship with a person, make efforts to communicate, care, love, respect, and be true in your feelings.
  • Actions taken along with affirmations should be genuine, by heart, and not done just for the sake of doing it. Divine knows your inside more than what you do just on the outside.

Though these points are informative but still there can be a lot of other points for you to know, address and use. The affirmation prepared under the above-mentioned points will take you to your goal for sure.

Above we explained how can you prepare affirmations. But do you know that the normal simple sentences which you use in your daily life are also affirmations? Sentences that you keep repeating to yourself knowing or even unknowing are also affirmations. These repeated sentences become your reality even if you are not aware.

To explain this we give here a real-life example for you to understand what a real affirmation is: A lady didn’t know how to knead the dough and she kept repeating this sentence in her own mind and sharing this situation with her friends too. She kept saying “I don’t know how to knead the dough”. Despite many efforts, she could never knead the dough.

Unknowingly and out of sharing gossips in her life she kept repeating this information which became a reality of her life. But, as she realized that even this is an affirmation, she switched her sentence from “ I don’t know how to knead the dough” to “I will soon learn how to knead the dough.”

She slowly started to knead the dough and switched to another affirmation “wow, now I can knead the dough with perfection.” Not only she was excited to change to a better situation and a solution but she also realized that a simple unknown sentence was keeping her away from a simple task too.

Q: I want a new living situation using affirmation, but I don’t have that situation right now. How do I say an opposite affirmation? 

A: Many people feel discomfort in preparing and using an affirmation. They say that how do we choose the sentence which is opposite to the current situation. They must know that they are in step 1 of choosing an affirmation to work on. They must choose the right words and prepare a comfortable sentence to prepare an affirmation. If the situation is not what you want for now then use such words and sentences which make you hopeful and positive for the future which you want. Ways are mentioned in the article. 

It’s not that you make a conscious effort and choose an affirmation to create a new reality for yourself. But, repeating and saying all those sentences in your daily life which you are not even aware of, are also affirmations and these are making your life a reality. Choose your daily sentences wisely. Your future and creation are in your hands.

Q: Can I use all Affirmations together or do I need to keep a gap after each Affirmation?

A: If the affirmations are related to the same situation/issue, you can use the affirmation(s) together and as required. Also, try and prepare as short an affirmation as possible. If affirmations are for different issues then use them with a gap.

If sung with feeling, songs too can play the role of affirmations. Choose the right songs and the right emotion and feeling to sing. Take a conscious effort to check on what you are telling to your mind. Don’t say, sing or use such affirmations which are of no use to you or shift your energy to unwanted situations.

How Do You Know That Chosen Affirmation is Correct

Whatever makes you feel uncomfortable in saying, singing, or using should be avoided. This is a simple way to know that the sentence you chose is not correct for you.


  1. Change/alter the affirmation to what makes you comfortable in affirming.
  2. Choose the sentence as explained above.
  3. Choose each and every word of the affirmation carefully. It should make you comfortable in reciting.
  4. If there is any single doubt or second thought in selecting the word while preparing an affirmation, take a pause and hunt for the right word and then prepare and recite.
  5. Don’t finalize the affirmation until you feel complete, perfect, and comfortable.
  6. And whenever you find words like “no, never, don’t”, avoid those affirmations.

Affirmations are powerful tools for programming the subconscious mind. So, before finalizing any affirmation, you should keep in mind all the important points we have discussed above. Read The Power Of The Universe.

Affirmations or positive statements, when started saying repeatedly, sink to your subconscious mind and you start believing it, and eventually, it becomes your reality. So, as explained above, affirmations should be simple, clear, positive, and powerful enough to convert thoughts into reality easily.

And don’t miss to read these 15 points you should know before start affirming, keep these constantly in mind. Also, have a look at 25 Money Affirmations. For more articles on affirmations click here.

What are Affirmations & How to Prepare an Affirmation

Good Time to Recite Affirmation

Try to recite your affirmation twice a day – once in the morning immediately when you wake up and at night before going to bed or as many times as possible in a day. You should also visualize your goal as well along with repeating your affirmations. Make it a daily practice. Visualize or stand in front of a mirror to make it more believable.

Working of Affirmation

As time passes, you might need to check if these affirmations are working. There are possibilities to restructure your affirmations to keep going, make them more effective. When you notice them working, it may give you a new or add to your spark of keep going. It adds to your energy.

Seeing is Believing

You can add more actions to your chantings like, preparing sticky notes and keeping them in your home, in front of your study area, settings as alarm or notifications in your mobile, or as a screensaver. 

Affirmation Writing

Writing down your affirmations also helps a lot. It involves your five senses, hand, mind, eyes, and understanding in a better way. It speeds up to reach your goal. And don’t miss to read these 15 Points You Should Know Before Starting Affirming. Keep these points constantly in mind. Also, have a look at 25 Money Affirmations. For more articles on affirmations click here.

Patience With Affirmation

Sometimes, it may take time, effort, and patience to show changes. Stick to your intention and keep practicing. Make it your daily routine and tell yourself that you have the ability to keep going. This will boost your self-confidence and keep you empowered. Try not to skip your chanting. If there is a delay in results then check your deep-rooted patterns, low self-esteem, contradictory suggestions from other people, past experience, and health concerns like depression, anxiety, or mood swings.

Sign of Affirmation Working

You might get signs from the universe related to your affirmations, keep a check and take related actions, keep going till you reach your goal, hold your focus on your intention with faith. Anxious thoughts can make it a little difficult to hold and shift your intention, focus and drop your goal. Checking signs from the universe can help you keep going. Ask And Notice Signs From Universe.

Energy Circle And Affirmation

You can use affirmations in an Energy Circle also. Prepare the circle and write the name of the person(s) and your selected affirmation and activate the EC. You can activate the EC by following the rules of EC. You can add any Switchword or the most powerful switchword “GOLDEN SUNRISE” in your EC with affirmations. Please check this article for full instructions on how to do GOLDEN SUNRISE Written Wish Manifestation.

Cosmic Serums of VK And Affirmation

There are many Cosmic Serums of VK that can help you along with affirmations. For example, in an EC for Rohit (a student for better concentration) while learning for his upcoming exams, write his name “Rohit”, the Affirmation “My mind’s ability to learn and remember is increasing every day” and activate it GOLDEN SUNRISE. Along with affirmation, using your VK, you can take or give the cosmic serums to anyone according to the need. Here are some examples for a student:-

  • Using your VK, give Study Serum and Mood Up Serum together if a student has a depressed and dull mood and is always in frustration.
  • Use Bravo Serum if a student is fearful, scared, or anxious. 
  • Give Study Serum and Calm Down Serum together if a student has an irritating, impatient and angry mood.
  • Use Study Serum and Total Wealth Serum together a student studies in high school or college because this combination raises the vibration of the receiver to get ready to win the material world.
  • Give Study Serum, All Clear Serum, and Hanuman Chalisa Charged Water together when the problem arises due to the evil eyes or any Vastu defect. 
  • Use Study Serum and All Clear Serum together when the problem arises due to Vastu defects.
  • Use Study Serum, Balance Serum, and Anti Addiction Serum together when a child does not want to study due to the addition of TV, computer, mobile, etc.
  • Give Eye Serum, Perfect Serum Serum, and Study Serum together if a student feels the strain in the eyes due to a heavy workload, late-night study and if already have bad eyesight. 
  • Give Balance Serum, Study Serum, and Brain Serum for more focus and concentration.
  • Balance Serum and Study Serum of VK can be used together to balance between study, play, and screen time. Until kids play they don’t feel fresh to study. Encourage kids to play, watch screens, and study in balance. Even the body needs movement, don’t keep sitting.
  • Some parents are more troublesome than kids. They put pressure on kids to achieve good marks, compete, and excel in those areas of life which is not their choice. Some parents put pressure on their kids to be scientists, doctors, and engineers just because they could not become one. This spoils the relationship between kids and parents. Take Calm Down Serum for yourself to get out of this situation. 
  • You can charge study material once a week and every time before the exam. Change pen, pencil, notebook, book, exam sheets, exam question paper, examination hall, stationery, and any other item which is related to studies and exams.


The only requirement to work with VIBBES KADA VK is to know what you want. And if you know clearly about what you want and make a request to VK, the goals will be easier to achieve. VK works best with affirmations. VK listens to your intention and when it is used with your heart’s language and when it is used with your heart’s best affirmation, the manifestation happens super fast and for sure. Please click #here to know more about VK.

Can My VK Give Me Energy/ Effects of Affirmations

Yes, VK is powerful enough to give you the energy/ effects of any affirmation. VK has the ability to mimic the positive energy of any affirmation. Mimicking is an amazing feature of VK and it can be used in many creative ways.

How to Use VK to Get Energy/ Effects of Affirmations

With a simple request to VK, you can get all the positive effects of any affirmation and much more. Please check some methods here:

  1. If you want the energy/ effects of the affirmation of study for Rahul for his educational success, then simply hold your VK in between palms and say a request to VK like: “VK, please give the effects of affirmation of study to Rahul”, say this 3 times and keep VK aside or wear it back for the next 30 minutes. (If you want energy/ effects for you then simply say Me instead of Rahul). In these 30 minutes, VK will give all the positive effects/ energies of the affirmation of the study to Rahul. In these 30 minutes, please do not give any other request to VK until urgent.
  2. Another request could be like this: “VK, please chant the affirmation of study on behalf of Rahul“, say this 3 times and keep VK aside or wear it back for the next 30 minutes. (If you want energy/ effects for you then simply say Me instead of Rahul). In these 30 minutes, VK will chant the affirmation of the study on behalf of Rahul. In these 30 minutes, please do not give any other request to VK until urgent.
  3. Take a bottle of water, make an intention, hold VK over the water bottle and say, “affirmation of study – affirmation of study – affirmation of study“, now rotate VK slowly over the bottle for 15-20 seconds. The water is charged with the energy of affirmation of study. Anyone can drink this affirmation-charged water. Every person who drinks this charged water will receive full energy/ effects of the affirmation of study. With this method, VK is totally free to accept your next request. You can give a new request to VK or just wear it. VK is free even before 30 minutes.
  4. You can simply write the affirmation on your paper and rotate VK on it. Now leave VK for 30 minutes on the written affirmation or wear it back.

Switchwords And Affirmation 

You can use any switchword along with affirmations. Switchword likeDEDICATEcan be used by a student. We have provided the world’s biggest Switchword List. Read and use the best Switchwords for better outcomes. Must check Switchwords for Exam Success, Increase Memory & Focus. And know about Switchword For Educational Success too. 

Bach Flower Remedies And Affirmations

To keep in check the basic nature of a student and use the Bach Flower Remedies accordingly. You can add any required Bach Flower remedy with affirmations. Bach Flower Remedies Chestnut Bud, Hornbeam, Gorse, and Clematis are very good for a student.

Mantra And Affirmation

You can add mantras like 9 Saraswati Mantra for Study, Exams, Students, Focus & Vaak Siddhi with your affirmations with or without EC both. Hanuman Chalisa can be used for protection against black and evil eyes.

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Affirmations are powerful tools for programming the mind