VIBBES KADA VK Testimonial Part 7

122. However it’s a small matter but worth to share. Today my son was searching his Tab for last about 15 minutes but he was unable to find it. Without telling anybody in the home I silently gave command to VK “Find Tab” And within seconds he got his Tab. I simply gave a smile of success to my VK on this achievement as I knew that VK will definitely do its job.

123. Another wonderful experience:-One of my friend told me yesterday she was suffering from bloating stomach and pain last 3 days and yesterday she could not bear it. She could not go the doctor in night and was almost in tears with pain. I send her healing energy of Digee Serum Pain Serum and GOLDEN SUNRISE every 30 min thrice in the night. Just now she sent me a message she is fine and working normally. Thank you Cosmic Energy. Thank you VK. Thank you SHARAT Sir.

124. I offer Gratitude to Sharat Sir and VK. Yesterday small experience… I had pulling pain in my right ear… I did heal with GS and Pain care serum but didn’t stop. Vikki Ji guided to affirm to clear the ear and drink charged water with Pain Care serum, which I did and I slept well and the pain disappeared, didn’t comeback.

125. There is a huge shift in energy when children have it. My kid showed apparent change in three days. Since I being a strict mom before VK there used to be a tiff between us. Now I have melted down and her gift of VK from Sir has really aligned our energies and I am proud of my decision to gift it to her at this young age. She participate in mass healing on Saturday does GS chanting GS meditation. Now we understand love and respect each other. Now days I allow her to play the role of mother to me. Thank you sir for your support and good wishes. Bless your Son may his journey be filled with GOLDEN SUNRISE.

126. VK experience:-Went for grocery purchase bought many things out of my list. I didn’t want to overspend and asked VK for the amount intended to spend. Gave GS to my ATM Card and wow positive results only the amount I wished and intended needed to be paid. Thank you VK for the surprises you BLESS me with each day.

127. May be I am sounding little girlie but something special to share. I wanted to put extensions on my nails before karwa chauth. Had been hunting for a best place nearby my home so that I can take care of my little baby too. Just before the fast night a cousin of mine told about person who comes home and do it. He told me he was busy, couldn’t come, but requesting VK manage that situation too, he managed to attend me at my perfect time requested. I requested VK to manage HIS time NOW, as he attended me without any prior notice. The main thing was about the FAITH I held for the process to go my way.

128. I have a relative of mine who used to be very jealous and selfish… A few days back I made an EC for her with batch flowers and today morning when I talked to her I could see a change in her way of talking and thinking about others…Thank you VK. Thank you Sir for this special invention through which we can not only help ourselves but others also and thanks to you for motivating us to help others.

129. I work for Doorshan and had taken a long-awaited leave to attend the wedding of a relative with my cousins. The marriage was in a village in a remote location. On our way to reach we were walking towards our destination a small stone came from nowhere and hit my cousin on his head. He lost his balance and fell face down and hit a huge rock. He was bruised and had a lot of pain in his chest. I took my VK and rotated on the affected area. He was comforted and the pain reduced.

We reached the venue with any further misshapen. We enquired for a doctor but there was none available in the village. So wherever the pain or discomfort arose he asked me to heal him. We attended the wedding for next 3 days. His pain was in control and he relaxed. We traveled back to Delhi he carried baggage had a normal journey but the moment he landed at the station he was in great discomfort and said he had intense pain and could not tolerate. We took him to the hospital immediately. On check up of was found that he had multiple fractures in his ribs. The doctor gave him the medication and he was discharged.

I had questions on my mind and called Sir why did he experience so much pain when he reached home town? Sir explained that the healing energies of VK took care protected him till the time the medical attention was available. Hence pain occurred.

I had no words to express my gratitude to Sir. I continued his healing and the fracture which could have more than a month to heal he recovered in 15 days. It was no less than a miracle the doctor revisit charges a number of medicine bills saved an added advantage. Thank you VK thank you Sir.

130. VK Blessing…Tomorrow morning I am flying to Delhi to attend a 5 days training program at CBI Academy, Gaziabad. So me & my wife went to Crowford Market for Diwali shopping. We both got down from the taxi. A market was very rush. The taxi left us. After 2 to 3 minutes I came to know that, I left my spectacle on the back seat. I do not remember the taxi no. But I remember the face of the driver. Suddenly I remember that VK is with me. I request VK to get me my specs. I don’t know what information came to my mind. I left my wife alone on the street & moved towards the direction of the taxi.

After 5 minutes of walking, I traced the taxi which was standing on the red signal. The moment I lift the spectacle from the back seat signal becomes green. Because of VK only I got back my spectacle. I came back to my wife with a happy face. Since my wife also has VK with her, she also requested the same to VK. The cost of the spectacle is much high in rupees. Because of our joint effort with VK we could save a big amount of loss. We are really grateful to VK & also the inventor Sharat Sir. Thank you VK. Thank you Sharat Sir.

131. VK experience: Yesterday I was away from my office and I came to know that some surprise checking is going on by company head and he was asking about my work and he was very annoyed with me. Suddenly I gave request to my VK “Shield of Seven Rays for complete safety and security of my job” and I sat cool and calm thinking that everything is OK. After about three hours got a call that nothing wrong found with my work rather he was parsing my work. My job is safe.

132. VK blessings:- My dad is a normal person, never knew any ABC of healing. He knows only limited usage of VK and that too past few months just once I told him about VO healing, a little later GS and now Digee serum and carbo veg. Despite of very less knowledge about healing, he is healing problems related to digee serum and pain care He adds GS To any situation too. Yesterday his younger brother’s hand and shoulders freezed. All were panic and were about to run to doctors (where medical expense would have been appx Rs.20,000 including fees, tests, and medicines). My Dad used VK and appx. after 6 minutes of healing my uncle were able to move his hand 60%. He charged his water last night with pain care too and in the afternoon he was 100% fine.

A miracle is:-

Anyone can use VK.

Money saved much more than VK’s cost.

Healing speed is amazing.

Faith in DIVINE and Confidence of the person using VK increases.

133. Wanted to put mehndi at a reasonable price but they were charging lots. Asked dear friend VK for reasonable rate & beautiful mehndi & saved approx 600 & good mehndi. Vk rocks again. Thanks vk, sir, cosmic energies & Almighty!!! Sir after getting Vibbes kada healing has become easier. Thank you.

134. My cooking Gas was overcalled up agency they said it will be delivered only next week. A request placed to VK to somehow deliver it today and GS to the delivery boy to deliver it. Positive results. Thank you VK and Thanks to Sir.

135. VK Success story: Yesterday my brother had constant fever, as I was new to VK took time to get knack of how to use it, he wore VK, later told VK to give Dai Ko Myo (a reiki symbol) healing along with  D Fever Serum and Energy of Zapper 9 volts 10 KHz & kept VK on his photo, did this every half an hour 3-4 times, his fever lowered & did not have to take strong dose of crocin, today thought of trying on myself, kept VK on paper with names of all family members, felt so good, want to explore more, thank you VK, thank you Sharat sir, thank you Vikas, and the least thank you Vinkal who told me about VK.

136.VK works really well with any of the gadgets. Recently my phone and mac book was giving me trouble. I gave golden sunrise with VK to it and within a few hours all were working file. Really amazed to see divine power of VK. Thanks VK…Thanks Sharat Sir…

137. My daughter came from school with boils and rashes on her face. Gave her water with GS and Beauty Care Serum to wash her face and to drink. Energized her face with GOLDEN SUNRISE and intended that all boils and rashes are healed and skin has no marks. One hour all fine. Happy at the result. Panicked at first then remembered VK.

138.Another wonderful experience:-Yesterday my friend came to me with nervousness and said her brother was arrested for some domestic matter and the police were not listening to him. He didn’t have a lawyer neither relatives to reach soon to the police station. I asked his name and sent Shield of Seven Rays and GOLDEN SUNRISE to him. She again came running to me with excitement after half an hour… saying Kya kiya tune (amazing)…. The police left him in 10min and he was back home without a lawyer or relatives reaching him to rescue him from the police. I am sure this is VK. Thank you Cosmic Energy. Thank You VK. Thank you Sir.

139. I was facing difficulty in finding reliable staff for my food joint. Sharat Sir suggested me to request VK for Divine help and staff. I requested VK 3-4 times for same and in the afternoon an experienced person came and asked is there any vacancy? Thanks sir for showing me a way to solve my problem. Thanks VK. Thanks divine grace.

140. An experience to share… As its Diwali cleaning time, most of you would agree we need an extra boost of energy and skilled mind to finish the tasks at hand. From the immense blessed knowledge, I received from Sharat Sir here is a combination which I used to accomplish the task I had assigned myself.

Target day Sunday need to put at least 8 hrs of effort to meet the objective and when finished had kept a pack of coffee to rejuvenate and stretch my legs to recover from the physical ordeal Weapon in hand Vibbes Kada. Skill in hand the immense knowledge given by Sharat Sir.

Plan of action:

Drink water charged with Alkaline all day Saturday and Sunday.

GOLDEN SUNRISE and All clear serum to all the areas that needed to be cleaned.

Regularly water charged with Pain Care Serum to take care of any aches and pains.

Affirmation for efficient actions to achieve target quickly and successfully

8hrs task completed in 5 hrs.

All set targets achieved.

Extremely energetic watched a 3 hrs movie after work while drinking my coffee.

No aches and pains could accomplish more activities than planned.

So happy, all charged for days of action planned ahead.

Thank you Thank you Thank you Vibbes Kada to Sharat Sir and to the knowledge.

141. I have a wonderful experience. I had invested in redevelopment property 5 years back. The work was not starting due to uncontrollable situations. First, the development rules changed many times. Then the authorities changed. Then the main partner expired. Then a new builder took over. Then he refused and it went on and on with my heart sinking on my hard-earned money invested. 3 months back I made a wish to Intend EC. Last month the new builder stopped picking my calls. 10 days back I did a bold wish in spite of all this. I wrote a wish…work should start in Nov 2015.

Every day I started rotating VK praying to manifest my wish which I placed on the same Intend EC. And today evening I got a call that the 3rd builder did some pooja which is the beginning. I was shocked because after knowing what I went through I felt that this night has no end. Today I am feeling at top of the world.  It’s a miracle in my life. And I know it’s none other than VK. My sincere gratitude to Sharat Sir and his Invention VK. I also chanted  “VK HOME SWEET HOME SOMEHOW NOW”. I could not wait till morning to share this.

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